Are Independent Schools Really Better?

There can be a plethora of different reasons why more and more families choose an independent school for their children’s education.

Most of the time, despite the fact that independent schools usually cost money, these families see an independent and privately operated school as a big advantage compared to public schools.

What are the differences between independent schools and public schools?

One of the most obvious differences with independent schools is when it comes to the quality of their education as compared to public schools. With the public school system in the United Kingdom notoriously suffering from underfunding, independent schools don’t have these problems. Very real, this often means better qualified teachers, more modern and up-to-date learning materials and resources, and more options for example when it comes to educational trips and excursions that public schools more often than not simply cannot afford.

One other major advantage of independent schools is that the student per teacher ratio is lower, which means that teachers can better dedicate to those children that requires some help. This is something that by and large is not possible in public schools where the size of classes can easily exceed 30 if not more students.

With the overall education quality in independent schools often much better as compared to public schools, this means nothing more or less that students can on average obtain better grades. And better grades will in all likelihood also mean a better, well paying job in the future.

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Can Alcohol Fit Into A balanced Lifestyle?

Most will likely agree that alcohol and a healthy lifestyle are not exactly a perfect match, but this doesn’t mean that you would have to entirely give up alcohol to lead a balanced lifestyle.

But where is the golden middle ground? Can you make booze work for you? How about drinking if you want to get fitter?

This article about how to fit alcohol into your balanced lifestyle can give you some answers!

More Time for Your Lifestyle If You Own a Business

For business owners, time is usually everything.

Or, let’s be more exact, the proper management of your time.

Quite often, a lot of time and other resources are wasted due to poor planning, inefficient procedures and other mistakes.

Sometimes it can be simple changes in your daily business operations that can make for huge, positive changes that would result in a better and more effective use of your time, leaving you more room for your own lifestyle. One of these things that you should look into should you happen to be a business owner can be electronic invoicing.

What is electronic invoicing?

The invoicing process, for the average business, can be a time-consuming and error prone process. There are still thousands of businesses operating these days where countless hours are being spent on having to go through paperwork, transcribing invoice data, mailing invoices and other related tasks.

With electronic invoices, this entire process can be as easy and straightforward as using email. One of the most obvious benefits of electronic invoicing is that a business is able to do their whole invoice process without paperwork. Invoices are sent and received online, using the safe and secure PEPPOL protocol. The entire process will only take seconds, as compared to the lengthy time it would need to send and receive invoices using conventional mail.

More mobility and flexibility with electronic invoicing

For many types of professions, a high level of mobility can be crucial. Electronic invoicing means that your can do your invoices any time and literally everywhere, from your phone or mobile computer. For professions where mobility is key, this is a significant advantage. In many cases, electronic invoicing can do away with the requirement for having to operate an office altogether. For many modern professionals, this fact alone can open up whole new levels of possibilities.

The beauty of electronic invoicing isn’t just that it can help you find more free time for your lifestyle. It is also very affordable and simple and straightforward to implement, regardless of the type of your business.