Are Independent Schools Really Better?

There can be a plethora of different reasons why more and more families choose an independent school for their children’s education.

Most of the time, despite the fact that independent schools usually cost money, these families see an independent and privately operated school as a big advantage compared to public schools.

What are the differences between independent schools and public schools?

One of the most obvious differences with independent schools is when it comes to the quality of their education as compared to public schools. With the public school system in the United Kingdom notoriously suffering from underfunding, independent schools don’t have these problems. Very real, this often means better qualified teachers, more modern and up-to-date learning materials and resources, and more options for example when it comes to educational trips and excursions that public schools more often than not simply cannot afford.

One other major advantage of independent schools is that the student per teacher ratio is lower, which means that teachers can better dedicate to those children that requires some help. This is something that by and large is not possible in public schools where the size of classes can easily exceed 30 if not more students.

With the overall education quality in independent schools often much better as compared to public schools, this means nothing more or less that students can on average obtain better grades. And better grades will in all likelihood also mean a better, well paying job in the future.

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