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All three figures attacked Grey simultaneously, not wanting to give him the chance he wanted to take them out.

The Dual Elementalist used the earth element to create a cube that vibrated, giving off a large amount of essence.

The cube was floating behind him, and Grey guessed it was some type of skill similar to what Klaus did with the ice moon to increase his strength.

The Dual Elementalist didn\'t stop there, with a wave of his hand, black tendrils shot at Grey, all made from the darkness element.

Grey would naturally not want this to hit him.

He wanted to dodge, but the two Fire Elementalists attacked at this point.

One from the left, and the other from the right.

The Dual Elementalist was attacking from the front, in a pincer attack, Grey was forced to either retreat back or take the attacks head-on.

Most people felt he would want to dodge the attack since he had the space element, but Grey had another plan.

He created a small inscription, hidden from the view of everyone.

He stood above the inscription which was inscribed on the floor of the platform.

With a smile on his face, he prepared to face the attacks head-on.

When everyone saw the decision he made, they couldn\'t help but wonder if he was normal or not.

A sensible decision would be to retreat to the back or even move forward, that way, all he had to focus on was to deal with the black tendrils coming his way.

Standing in the same spot was making things difficult for him.

Grey naturally didn\'t care what people thought of him.

Luthera was a little worried when she saw this and her hold on Klaus\' hand grew tighter, but looking at him, she gained some sort of confidence once again.

Klaus, noticing her hold turned to look at her and smiled.

He already knew what Grey wanted to do.

After watching Grey fight for so long, he knew this was the perfect time for him to use his special space element technique, switch.

As long as Grey picked the right person, then he would be able to take out another person in a short time.

And just as Klaus thought, Grey\'s figure blinked just when the attack was about to hit him, and the figure there changed to the young man who was a Fire Elementalist.

Even though Grey had used this technique once before, they still didn\'t expect it, and the young man was hit by all three attacks, luckily, his attack didn\'t do him much harm.

He was tied by the black tendrils which started to corrode his elemental essence, while the attack of the other Fire Elementalist struck him.

Just when he thought it was over, he felt a lightning bolt shoot out from the place where he was standing.

It hit him in the nether region and sent him flying into the air as he screamed in pain.

Everyone heard his horrific scream and the men in the area could help but feel a chill run down their spines.

The area Grey\'s inscription attack hit was one of the most sensitive parts in a man\'s body, so it was natural that the pain the Fire Elementalist felt at the moment was beyond words.

A burst of laughter came from the side, it was from none other than Klaus.

Seeing this, he recalled his technique that became famous in the trial land, the nutcracker.

Although this was different from it, it had almost the same effect.

This one could be said to be even more powerful since it was from an elemental attack.

When the young man crashed to the ground, he couldn\'t even move, with both hands on his crotch, he started to shake and before long, passed out with foam coming out from his mouth.

Grey had an awkward expression on his face since he never planned for something like this to happen.

Hearing Klaus\' peal of laughter made it even worse and he couldn\'t help but look down, a bit embarrassed.

The eyes of the Head of the Robertson Family twitched when he saw the condition of the Fire Elementalist.

Even for someone of his strength, that was a place he wouldn\'t want to be attacked.

Grey had taken out another person, although it was with an odd tactic, it was successful.

The other Fire Elementalist was a young lady, when she saw the condition of her companion, she looked at Grey with hateful eyes.

The Dual Elementalist on the other hand couldn\'t help but look at the ground, afraid Grey set another inscription on the floor.

What was even worse was that none of them knew when Grey created the inscription, so it made him even more fearful.

Without even thinking twice, he made pants with the earth element.

When Grey saw this, his mouth twitched slightly.

He only wanted to eliminate one of them, he never thought the Fire Elementalist would keep his legs wide open when he stood there.

And with the way Grey was previously standing, the attack would\'ve run through his leg, electrocuting him.

Klaus, seeing the Dual Elementalist making pants with the earth element couldn\'t contain his laughter and burst out laughing once again.

This time, he wasn\'t the only one who found this funny, a few people chuckled at it, but because of the fear of not wanting to offend the Robertson Family, they hid it quickly.

Grey glanced at Klaus, and all he wanted to do at the moment was to pummel him.

The Fire Elementalist who was still on the platform attacked Grey who still had an awkward expression on.

Grey turned his attention back to the fight in front of him, with a swift movement, he dodged the attack and moved closer to the young lady.

She turned around and attacked, Grey could tell that she was clearly infuriated.

He blocked her next attack with the help of a hand made from the earth element, before attacking with the fire element.

The Dual Elementalist joined in on the battle as well, with his earth pants, of course.

Everyone soon started to forget about what happened some time ago and focused on the fight, everyone except Klaus who was laughing his head off at the Dual Elementalist fighting with earth pants.


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