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C22— Cast Benefits

Posted on March 17, 2022by UntamedS

  The custom in B City was to go to relatives on the first day of the New Year, Lu Wenxing was awakened by the sound of the alarm at less than 7:30, he moved from the bed groggily.



    After he turned off the troublemaking ‘little rooster’, Xie Chengfei opened the door to his room with messy hair, apparently he, like Lu Wenxing, was suffering from the ‘little rooster’ poison.



    “I’m too stupid, really.”



Xie Chengfei rubbed his eyes with a sad expression.

“I thought since I had a holiday, I could sleep till I woke up naturally.”




Lu sat calmly in the dining room, after hearing the door open, she knew that the two were up, so she shouted towards them.



    “You two, breakfast is in ten minutes, get ready.”



    Lu Wenxing and Xie Chengfei looked at each other, they turned around and began to run to the bathroom, the two people frantically pulled and tugged at each other to get to the bathroom first.



    Ten minutes later.



The two sat at the dinner table, and the family of four remained motionless until Lu Xiaofei said, “Let’s eat.”



    Xie Nian served them peanut soup.

Lu Xiaofei gave them fried dough sticks and sesame balls.



    “There are still more dumplings in the pot.”



    “Later, Mr.

Xie will stay home to greet the guests, and Xingxing and Chengcheng will go with me to visit some people.”



    “Okay, Mrs.




    “Okay, Mrs.



    Xie Chengfei raised his hand and bumped Lu Wenxing, who put down the chopsticks in his hand and responded half-heartedly.



    “Okay, Mrs.




    A lot of people in the small town of B-City travelled for work and only went home during the New Year holidays, usually the middle-aged and elderly were the majority, and the New Year was the liveliest time in the town every year.



    “I really didn’t expect that Lu Xiaofei’s life would be so good, she married a husband with little ability, but I didn’t expect her son to become a big star.”



    “Really, do you remember how poor Lu Xiaofei’s family was before They lived in a small ramshackle house, they now own a small house, that adopted son has ability.”



    “Xie Nian fished the child out of the river, he was five or six years old, when he brought him home, he was dumb, he didn’t answer when people spoke to him.

There were people who advised Lu Xiaofei to send him to the orphanage, they told them that taking care of him would be troublesome.

Lu Xiaofei is too kind-hearted, so she couldn’t bear to leave him behind.”



    “Where I heard that the kid refused to leave their house.

It’s better now, before Lu Xiaofei had to take him to the hospital every time, then they started working, he ended up taking care of Xie Chengfei.”



    “Did Lu Xiaofei adopt a child She got a free nanny.”



    “When I used to go to my boy’s parent-teacher conference, I would always see Lu Wenxing standing in for Xie Chengfei in the parent-teacher conference, and he himself was a child,  he was like a small adult sitting in the class.”



    “The adopted son was a nanny, but now he has become a big star, and must be held up by the whole family.”



  Lu Xiaofei stood at the gate of the courtyard with a dark expression.

She just came out from the courtyard next door.

She was walking to the gate of the courtyard when she heard these people talking.

If it weren’t for her good temper, she would have rushed up to swear at them.



    Lu Wenxing pulled Lu Xiaofei, “Mom, it’s the New Year, why do you care about them”



    “They’re older, their children aren’t around, except gossiping, they have nothing else to do.” Xie Chengfei continued.

“They just can’t get used to seeing our family’s lives getting better and better, they’re just jealous.”



    “Go, go, let’s go to the next family.”



    On this point, Xie Chengfei and Lu Wenxing reached a consensus, “The dog is barking at you, must you bark back at the dog”



    Lu Wenxing didn’t quite agree with this analogy, “What’s wrong with dogs Dogs are so cute.”



    “Exactly.” Lu Xiaofei nodded indignantly, “When your little uncle’s dog has pups after the year, I’ll take two of them back to raise.”



    Lu Wenxing and Xie Chengfei only wanted to pull Lu Xiaofei away, no matter what Lu Xiaofei said, they agreed with her, “Don’t be angry, let’s go to Aunt Hua’s house.”



    Before entering the courtyard door, they heard the lively laughter inside, people visiting relatives crashed together, a large group of people stood in the courtyard, the owner of the courtyard was moving chairs.



     “Xiao Fei is here, come in.”



    “Happy New Year!”



    “Happy New Year!”



    “Ah! It’s really Lu Wenxing!!!”



    “F*ck! I can’t believe I’m paying a New Year’s visit with Lu Wenxing”



    “I was reluctant when my mom told me to go out in the morning, thanks to my mom for not giving up on waking me up and pushing me to put on makeup.”



    “Wenxing, Wenxing.”



    As soon as Lu Wenxing entered, several girls who came with their parents to pay their respects crowded them, “Happy New Year, auntie!”



    Lu Xiaofei smiled, “Happy New Year.”



    The girls then turned to Xie Chengfei, “Happy New Year, brother!”



    “Happy New Year!” Xie Chengfei replied pleasantly, but he was thinking ‘who is your brother’.



    “Wenxing, ah ah ah ah ah!” The girl excitedly covered her mouth, “I didn’t expect you to look better in person than on TV! Your skin is good! Can I get an autograph What kind of skin care products do you usually use”



    Lu Wenxing almost couldn’t resist this enthusiastic attack, “Yes, Happy New Year!”



    The girl turned to her companion, “Wenxing gave me a New Year’s greeting in person And face to face.

This is even better than my parents giving me New Year’s money!”



    “I, I don’t have any paper or pen with me, can you wait for me to go back and get it, Wenxing”



    “We have them at home!”



    The host saw several girls all gathered around Lu Wenxing, and smiled  from ear to ear, “This New Year’s Eve is so lively.”



    Meanwhile, the threshold of the Xie family was almost stepped on.



    Xie Nian never thought that there would be so many people coming to their door to pay respect this year, or dragging their families, there was barely a seat in the courtyard.



    “Xie Nian, is your eldest son here”



    “Yes, yes! My daughter is his fan, she didn’t make it home for New Year’s Eve this year, I want to mail her a signed photo for her as a New Year’s gift.”



    “No, he’s not home, he went out to pay his respects.”



    “What” The person who heard this directly froze, and then asked, “When did he go out”



    “He went out at eight o’clock.” Xie Nian smilingly replied.



    “Wait! Calculating the time, at this point he may be walking past my house now So!!! Wenxing is going to my house to pay me a visit”


    “Cr*p! There is such a good thing!”



    “Why are you still standing here Let’s go home and wait for Wenxing!”



    “Happy New Year, Uncle! Bye uncle.”



  Several girls quickly paid their respects, all of them rushed to their homes in a flash, afraid that they would miss the opportunity to get up close and personal with Lu Wenxing.



    “Hey! Those children…”



A girl’s mother pointed to the direction of several girls running away, and laughed to the the point of tears.


    “Just let them go.”



    “If I wasn’t worried about being laughed at, I’d want to go see him too.”






    After the Spring Festival, there were still two weeks before school started, but as a senior, Xie Chengfei had to go back to school early to make up for it, and Lu Wenxing naturally went back to C City with him.



    While he wasn’t busy during this time, Lu Wenxing wanted to check out the house first.



    His savings wasn’t much, and the house prices in C city were high, with an existing house down payment of 30%, Lu Wenxing weighed the pros and cons, he planned to buy a term house.



    There were subsidies and concessions for college students to buy a house, and the down payment for a house was only 20 percent.



    After seven or eight consecutive trips to the sales office, Lu Wenxing wanted to vomit when he saw a sandbox model or a model house.

Finally, after a week of tossing and turning, he found his favorite home, and immediately made a down payment.



    After letting the agent help rent a small two-room near the high school Xie Chengfei studied, he intended to wait for the start of Xie Chengfei’s school year for them to move, to create a more quiet learning environment for him.



    After a busy day of running around, Lu Wenxing didn’t have time to relax until 7pm.



    He received a WeChat from Gu Yanshen and Song Jiajia.



    【.] Today “Hundred Ghosts” starts.



    With a photo taken at the opening.



    [Song minus minus] Wenxing, when did you audition for “Hundred Ghosts” Why didn’t you tell me



    [Song Minus Minus] Huh! If Ah Shen hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known.


    [ET] I wanted to surprise Sister Jiajia.



    [ET] Cat probe.jpg



[Song Minus Minus] You’re too good at sweet talking.



    After Lu Wenxing retplied to Song Jiajia’s message, he replied to Gu Yanshen.



    [ET] Director Wang informed me that the time to enter the group is next week.



    [.] Well, the airport is far from the film city, you can have one of the workers pick you up



 [ET] Okay, thank you Mr.



    [ET] Cat-like thanks.jpg



Lu Wenxing thought that this was the end of the conversation, but after an hour or so, Gu Yanshen sent him a message.



    [ET] You like cats a lot



    [ET] My dream is to have both cats and dogs



    […] Then why don’t you have them



    [ET] The school doesn’t allow pets



    Then Gu Yanshen didn’t respond, but Lu Wenxing didn’t care, he just thought he was busy.



    There were still three days before Lu Wenxing entered the group, he had finished signing the contract for the new rental house, while there was still time, he found a housekeeper to help to clean the house.



    The next day, he moved his things from the dormitory to the new home, and took another key to give Xie Chengfei.



    To spend the rest of his time, Lu Wenxing read the original novel of the drama once.

He even read the script repeatedly, not only did he memorize the lines, he also included the mood and emotion.

Recently every night before going to bed, he would take out the script and look through it.



    His time these days was basically spent on specialising in the script and character biographies.

He pulled out the character biographies he wrote when he was reading the novel before and compared them, and after rereading them a few times, he made new discoveries, information that was previously left out and not discovered.



    He had to make sure his progress was smooth, first because he didn’t want to slow down the crew, and second because he had to finish his part by the time the variety show ended.



What Lu Wenxing didn’t expect was that the day before he entered the group, he ended up on the hot search list.



    When he saw this hot search, Lu Wenxing guessed that it wasn’t good news, so he clicked in and his guess was correct.



    A blogger named [Soul of Gossip] sent out a long Weibo post, revealing between the lines that Lu Wenxing had joined the group with money, and also revealing that Le Hanfei and Lu Wenxing were auditioning for the cast of “Hundred Ghosts”, with several pictures to show that the source of the information was accurate.




    After that, the blogger analyzed Le Hanfei’s progress and efforts over the past few years, praised Le Hanfei’s acting skills, and took out the awards that Le Hanfei had won, first praising him, and then being indignant about Le Hanfei losing the role.



    Then, he pulled Lu Wenxing out as a comparison, directly pointing out that Lu Wenxing hadn’t had any outstanding works for several years, saying that his acting skills were unknown, he was a newcomer who hadn’t received any roles.



    After the two comparisons, the picture of Lu Wenxing on the luxury car was put out, implicitly expressing that Lu Wenxing might be backed by someone.



    The blogger’s words didn’t belittle or directly belittle Lu Wenxing, but the words revealed this meaning.



    The comment section was also flooded with a large wave of water army disguised as fans of Lu Wenxing, performing a large embarrassing scene.




    [Thought the brother was refreshing, I didn’t think he was so disgusting, I’m no longer his fan.] 



[F*uck, his fake persona has collapsed]




[ I also thought that Lu Wenxing was different from those small 18 tier stars who relied on scandals to rise to the top, but it turns out that he’s the same] 



[What good birds can there be in the entertainment industry! It’s all just to show-off.]



    [The day of the audition, Lu Wenxing got off from the passenger side, I don’t know which old man was sitting in the driver’s seat]



 [I don’t judge people who have backers and use them to get roles, but replacing an actor that has been set is really disgusting].



 However, the strange thing was.



Weibo was dancing wildly, but the fans of Le Hanfei weren’t aware.

They flocked to Weibo and asked what was going on.



    Things got worse, and there were already netizens diving into Lu Wenxing’s Weibo, hurling insults under his page which hadn’t been updated in a long time, as well as telling Lu Wenxing to get out of the entertainment industry.



    The fans of Lu Wenxing also didn’t go down to fight, fan group administrators advised the fans to be sensible and urged the fans to believe him.



   [ Why didn’t the fans of Le Hanfei and Lu Wenxing show up when the topic came out Why do I feel something is not right]



 [I also think something isn’t right, the two main people didn’t appear, it can’t be that someone is telling false stories, right]



 [Lu Wenxing is too timid to come out, right]




【 Lu Wenxing’s Weibo page is like a zombie, and it hasn’t been updated very much.

It is estimated that he doesn’t know about it at all 】



【 Most of all, if he doesn’t know, his agent should come out to clarify for him.

Does the company not do public relations 】 



【 It’s true he brought money into the group, and it’s true he replaced the actor.

Lu Wenxing was hammered to death by a big boss 】 



Some netizens formed a team to flood into the official blog of Mang Cheng Entertainment, accusing its artist of behaving badly and disgusting, and asking them to force him to get out of the entertainment circle, and even scolded Mang Cheng Entertainment.



        The official blog of the company issued a clarification at eleven o’clock that night.



[Mang Cheng Official Blog V] In January this year, our company peacefully terminated the contract with Mr.

Lu Wenxing, and any behaviour of Mr.

Lu Wenxing has nothing to do with our company.

If you continue to slander our company’s remarks, the public relations department will receive the certificate and report it.]



    Attached was the termination statement and contract settlement.



    This was the fastest statement issued by Mang Cheng Entertainment!


[ Does it mean that Lu Wenxing started to work more after the cancellation of the contract 】 




【 Also, Lu Wenxing joined the variety show after the cancellation of the contract! 】



       [Blind student, you have found the main point! Lu Wenxing definitely used money to enter the group, the program team received money before shoving Lu Wenxing to Gu Yanshan]



 [Crazy The team begged for Emperor Gu to be on the show, how dare they give him someone to take care of]



 [Did you not notice that other artists called him Teacher Gu, but only Lu Wenxing called him Mr Gu.

Did Emperor Gu refuse to let Lu Wenxing call him that]




[Who knows! Lu Wenxing is really two faced, one in front of the camera is indisputable, and the top angle is made outside the camera.]




As Lu Wenxing read the filthy comments of Weibo, he thought about quitting.



    He hesitated and clicked into the cast group chat, even if he didn’t care about this, he was afraid that he would affect the drama’s reputation.



Lu Wenxing constantly wrote and deleted his texts, then he received a friend request before he could send it.



—— From Le Hanfei.



Lu Wenxing was a little surprised.

After agreeing, Le Hanfei;s message appeared.



[Happiness is not Lei] Hello, Wenxing.



[Happiness is not Lei] Don’t reply even if you feel wronged about the online affairs.

My agent is already contacting the public relations department.

When we find the person who spread this news and bought the water army, we will clarify it together here.]



 [Happiness Is Not Lei] It seems to be aimed at you, but it should be for me, causing you to be dragged down.

I’m sorry.



 [ET] It doesn’t matter.



    Lu Wenxing didn’t expect that Le Hanfei would try to explain himself to him, but this matter was certainly not related to the crew because ……



    The new role Le Hanfei got was much more than Mo Xu’s.

He could follow the group throughout the whole process, unlike Lu Wenxing, who would enter the group later.



    The role was Mo Xu’s senior brother, a very powerful and mysterious role, plus with the brother roe, it would be easy for Le Hanfei to get more fans and attention.



    Whether it was sister fans or girlfriend fans, they couldn’t resist the brother who was cold to others but gentle to them alone.



    Of course.



    Le Hanfei’s PR department was investigating and making a post to clarify, but it didn’t mean others couldn’t.



As the crowd was still staring at this huge scandal, the movie emperor Gu Yanshen made a post,



  Gu Yanshen V: The car is mine.



The added picture showed the luxury car that was being photographed.



   There were only four words, and the first to notice were Gu Yanshen’s fans.



    [Brother Shen finally posted something!!! Tears of joy!]



    [Although there are only four words, although I don’t know what Brother Shen is talking about, Brother Shen said it is his, so it is his, the whole world belongs to Brother Shen, including me.]



 [The car is Brother Shen’s, Brother Shen owns it]



    [Draw your sword!]



Then, the passersby got wind of the post.



【 What does Emperor Gu Yansheng mean 】



[Sh*it, look carefully! ! Is this the car that Lu Wenxing came out from 】



 【Oh my God! What is this … 】



    [Lu Wenxing’s backer is Gu Yanshen D*amn, what kind of magic is this! I don’t believe it] 



[I don’t believe it either, with Gu Yanshen’s value, does he need to keep someone I’m willing to pay him to keep me! I am willing to pay.




 [Is it a relationship]



    [The world of some people is really black or white.

Must they be lovers to ride in the same car Can’t friends ride in each other’s cars]



The rumour that Lu Wenxing had a backer was temporarily forgotten, including the fact that an actor was replaced, now the netizens’ curiosity fell on the relationship between Gu Yanshuang and Lu Wenxing.



   Lu Wenxing didn’t know whether this was a good or a bad thing, but the scandal was temporarily suppressed, and Le Hanfei would definitely come out and make a statement, so it was only a matter of time before clarification.



    After such a busy day, Lu Wenxing wasn’t in the mood to continue to pay attention, and went to bed after logging out of Weibo.



    The next day.


    Lu Wenxing got up early in the morning to catch the plane, he had to enter the group today, because it was a fantasy costume drama, filming was in the ancient city, C city only had modern shooting sites, so the fixed point was in E city.



    Lu Wenxing got off the plane and received a message from the crew member, who came to pick him up and take him to the hotel.



    He didn’t need to act today, but he didn’t rest after putting his luggage in the hotel, he intended to visit the crew first.



    Lu Wenxing was inexperienced, so he wanted to go to the set in advance to feel the atmosphere of the set, he had to adapt first, after all, the audition and live shooting was still very different.



    Auditing with acting skills was possible, but the scenes needed more than acting skills, there were actors to cooperate with during the scene, the shooting position and the camera and other aspects.



    Lu Wenxing entered the set and saw astaff handing out small gift boxes.



    “Wenxing, here.”



    Song Jiajia was the first to see Lu Wenxing and waved at him.



    “Sister Jiajia, this is for you.”



    The female staff held a dozen bags of gift boxes in her hand, and she handed one to Song Jiajia.



    Several staff members present also took the gift bags and handed them out one by one.



    “Take one for Wenxing.”



    Lu Wenxing didn’t know why he was suddenly given a gift box, and worried that it was prepackaged for the amount of people that were meant to be here today, someone would miss it if he took one, so he waved his hand, “I don’t need it.”



    “It’s from the director.” Song Jiajia explained, “It’s impossible to prepare things to the exact number, so there’s more than enough.”



    Song Jiajia had been in many dramas, she had received a lot of welfare or the gifts the crew prepared as a small gift of thoughtfulness, she had long become accustomed to it.



    “It’s chocolate.”



   Lu Wenxing looked at the small gift bag that was stuffed into his hand with confusion, “Why not a healthy snack”



    Xie Chengfei liked to play basketball, senior physical education class was often occupied by the teachers of various subjects, in order to play basketball for a while, when other students went to eat, he’d eat a health snack bar instead of lunch.



    For Xie Chengfei, he could be hungry, but he couldn’t not play basketball.



    Lu Wenxing knew this habit of his, knowing he wouldn’t listen, he could only give him more snack bars, bread and high calorie drinks.



    In the crew, it was also the same, filming often passed meal time, in order to allow the staff or actors to complete the upcoming shots, they would prepare small snacks for the staff to fight hunger.




    Song Jiajia took a look at his expression and knew that Lu Wenxing didn’t know.



    “Wenxing, have you never been in love”



    “What does this have to do with being in love” Lu Wenxing was at a loss.



    Gu Yanshen walked over and picked up from where Song Jiajia stopped.



    “Because …… today is Valentine’s Day.”



    Song Jiajia nodded and added, “Chocolates and roses are standard for Valentine’s Day.”



    Lu Wenxing opened the gift box, which contained a delicate rose as well as a heart-shaped gift box of wine heart chocolates.



    “Cast benefits”



    Song Jiajia: “Yes.

Everyone gets one.”



    Gu Yanshen just finished a scene.

The lady saw him coming and gave him a box of the chocolates in her hand.



    But Gu Yanshen didn’t like to eat sweets, especially chocolate, which was known as the representative of sweet food.



    But since each person got one, he didn’t refuse it.



    “I love chocolate, but my sweet tooth tends to make me get fat.

After eating this box of chocolates, I will definitely be called by my manager to run laps, and I hate running laps.”



 Song Jiajia looked distressed.



    “You boys shouldn’t have this kind of trouble, as far as I know boys don’t like to eat sweets.”



    Lu Wenxing smiled, “I like spicy and sweet food.”



    As soon as the words left his mouth, a slender hand reached in front of Lu Wenxing and handed him the gift bag.



    Lu Wenxing:



    Gu Yanshen: “I don’t like sweets.”



    Lu Wenxing hesitated for a few seconds, before taking it, ”Thank you, Teacher Gu.”



    Song Jiajia was a little greedy, she looked at the gift bag with bated breath, “I also love sweets, why didn’t you give it to me”



    Gu Yanshen’s expression was bland, his voice was calm as if he was stating a fact.



    “You are afraid of getting fat, and you also hate running laps.”



    Song Jiajia: “……”


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