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10 Succession Of The Alpha

Benson Waltons POV:

Mrs. Paynes sobs showed no signs of stopping.

“My poor Selma. Yesterday, she was still happily telling me that she would appear in her best-looking clothes at the party today. Why is she ...”

“Stop talking, Lucy. Its all in the past. We cant be trapped in the past forever.” Mr. Payne comforted her softly.

A muffled cry escaped her throat. “I just... Want to know why she would suddenly choose to leave us on such a happy day without any warning.”

“Mother!” Rhode emerged from the shadows of the forest. His hair was a mess, and his body was wet. It seemed that he had just come out of the water.

Mrs. Payne hugged him and said in a low voice, “Rhode, I beg you. Please dont leave me. I cant bear this anymore.”

“I wont, Mom. Ill always be by your side.” Rhode held her hand.

Mr. Paynes eyes were also filled with tears. He suppressed his sadness and said, “Lets go, Lucy. You need to rest. Dont cause any more trouble for the children. ”

My father sent Mr. And Mrs. Payne back, and before he left, he gave me a look.

I knew what my father wanted me to do. Rhode and Selma had such a good relationship, and he was far from being as calm as he appeared.

Even though I didnt understand the point of crying for a weak human, and she isnt even related to us by blood, Rhode was my good friend, and he had always supported me when I was sad.

“Hey, bro, how are you feeling” We walked side by side on the riverbank, and a few werewolves were walking toward the house.

“I wish I hadnt been so drunk today. I should have been with her. I had waited for her every year. I should have understood when she told me that she would be a little late.”

I put my hand on his shoulder and hesitantly said, “She wont blame you. Youve already done enough.”

I heard Rhode sobbing softly. “Ive been protecting Selma. You know, its not easy for a human to live here, but shes doing great. She was going to bake cookies for me tomorrow. She just learned how from Aunt Susan.”

I responded to him in silence. My brother. All he needed now was someone to lend an ear.

“She looked forward to today so much. She bought a beautiful dress and new shoes, but she hasnt even shown them to me yet. How could this suddenly turn out like this Something must have happened!”

My heart was beating fast. I didnt dare look into Rhodes angry eyes for fear that he would find some clues.

“How is that possible Youre overthinking it. We dont have such a person in the pack.”

“Shes always been under a lot of pressure. Its not easy to live in a world of werewolves. A long time ago, she tried to leave the pack, but I stopped her. I promised Id always be with her.”

Rhode stopped and looked at me. “She has been very happy recently. Even if she encountered something sad, it wouldnt be to the point of jumping off the cliff. Someone must have hurt her or said something they shouldnt have said. If I know who that person is, I wont let them off!”

Facing Rhodes anger made me shiver. He was serious. He was really going to do this for that human.

“However, I also told myself in my heart that this was nothing. Unless Selma was resurrected, no one would know that I had spoken to Selma about that.

When we reached the house, my father was waiting for me. He looked like a silent statue.

“Benson, I think the ceremony might have to be delayed for a few days. The Payne family is currently experiencing unprecedented grief. The entire pack is experiencing the grief of losing Selma.”

I looked at the depressed Rhode and whispered, “Yes, Father, I think so too.”

Father left after saying that. I could tell that this had really hit him hard. We hadnt lost a companion in a long time.

“Hey, you know you dont have to do this for me,” Rhode whispered to me on the way back.

“Were bros, arent we I hope you can become my Beta and protect our pack with me. ”

Roald looked at me in disbelief. “Me Are you sure”

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“Of course, I need your help, bro.”

“I accept that. Thank you for your hard work for our family today. Selma is really very important to me.”

We gave each other a big hug, and I watched him go home.

My Alpha succession ceremony was held in three days as scheduled, and the whole pack attended, including the Payne family.

My parents and I stood in the middle of the circle. He solemnly handed me a dagger. When the moon reached its peak, I cut my hand, and the blood left on the blade was the blood of generations of Alpha.

After the ritual, I turned into a black wolf and howled at the moon. The entire pack howled with me.

I was the Alpha of this pack. I would do everything I could to protect it!



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