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13 Watch And Learn

Selma Paynes POV:

He didnt immediately answer, nor did he refuse.

My father didnt speak and just stared at him. I didnt know what was going on, so my eyes moved between the two of them.

Sir Aldrich was like a completely different person. He was a lively, lovely big boy who tried to flirt with me. Now his lips were tightly pursed, and he looked at my father without fear. He finally made me feel that he was a brave warrior.

My father was also very scary now. His eyes are full of nobility, seriousness, and many other things I couldnt describe. Although he was usually very kind and liked to joke with me, I couldnt look him in the eye at the moment. I didnt have the courage.

Just as I thought the atmosphere had reached a stalemate, Aldrich took a step back.

“This is my honor, Your Majesty.”

He had a beautiful but hollow smile that didnt quite reach his eyes. I didnt know what made him change so much, but it made him a completely different person. I started to wonder which one was the real him.

Although I was about to become his student, he didnt turn his head to look at me. He didnt even spend the slightest bit of attention on me. This was very frustrating, especially when that person was trying to invite me on a date just a second ago.

He bowed to my father elegantly and said, “Please allow me to take my leave.”

My father nodded silently and allowed him to leave. The atmosphere was finally less depressing.

Before he left, he finally looked up at me. There was a judgmental look in his eyes as he carefully observed me.

“Its a pleasure to meet you, Sir.” I controlled the expression on my face so it wouldnt be too ugly. Perhaps my father and Aldrich werent the only ones who could pretend to be serious. Ha, this might be the first step to becoming the heir to the throne.

He didnt expect me to suddenly speak and replied with a straight face, “Im also very happy to meet you. I look forward to having a good time learning with you tomorrow.”

I didnt know why, but every serious word he said with a cold face made me want to roll my eyes. This feeling reached its peak when he winked at me playfully before leaving.

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“Father, do you think I can change my teacher”

My father didnt react immediately but eventually turned to look at me.

“Why, darling” My mother asked me gently, which made me feel a little better. Maybe I still have a chance not to learn from this playboy.

“Hes not too ...”

“You think hes too frivolous” Then, with a faint smile, my mother said, “My dear, you must see the essence of things. He is the best warrior here. When you start learning, the height of your starting point is very important. So I hope you can accept the guidance from the best people.”

The essence of the matter In essence, he was a pervert ready to flirt with others at any time.

“Im serious! Arent you afraid hell want to take me out on dates daily”

My father finally understood what I was worried about. He looked up and laughed as if he had heard a funny joke.

“Baby, youre all grown up now. You can go out and date him anytime. Youre as beautiful as your mother, so be more confident in yourself.”

That was enough! I couldnt help but want to facepalm. All the men in the world were this annoying, be my father or not.

“Oh, Victor, youre still as sweet as before.” My mother snuggled up in my fathers arms.

Seeing that they were about to kiss each other in front of me, I covered my face and ran away.

They were too unreserved! Please, I was still there! What if it traumatized me Why were people nowadays so shameless

My father and mother laughed behind me as if I was still a three or four-year-old child.

I ran back to my room. My parents were holding hands behind me. They were so clingy.

“Hey, baby, are you ready for class” My mother pushed the door open, and I was sitting on the bed in a daze.

“Maybe ...” I pouted.

“Good girl. Promise me youll give him a chance. Hes an excellent warrior, better than anyone youve seen before. Youll grow very quickly.”

“Alright, but can I change him to someone else if Im not satisfied” I was unwilling to negotiate with my mother.

“If you think that you two are not suitable ...” My mother patted my head. “But you have to be sure you are not facing him with prejudice.”

“But hes detestable. He was so glib with his words. I somehow feel he has bad intentions toward me.”

My mother smiled, and there were fine wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. “Youre a beautiful and outstanding lady. Anyone would be interested in you. He might ask you who you are and tell him were relatives. This way, therell be an explanation for the similarities in our looks. Sorry, honey. Ive been hiding you. ”

I hugged my mother and said softly, “Its okay. I know that you all love me very much. Its just that Im still too weak to protect myself.”



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