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15 The End Of Training

Selma Paynes POV:

I panted heavily and held my knees. I felt like I was going to die here.

Although I didnt want to admit it, Aldrich was a good trainer. He knew where my limits were, and his heart of stone pushed me to the limit without caring about my life or death. During this training period, I felt like I would die every minute, but my exhausted body still forced me to stand.

“Youre too weak.” He crossed his arms and looked at me. I didnt deny his evaluation.

Yes, I was physically unfit. When I trained with my companions in the past, they would carefully reduce my training volume. As long as there was a problem, they would make me watch on the sidelines and not participate in their cruel and exciting training. My body had been raised in such a pampered environment for too long. My muscles and bones were rusty, and my willpower was also eroded.

“Im fine. Lets continue.” I picked up the dumbbells, and he did the same, but it didnt look as strenuous to him. He looked much more relaxed.

Although this man usually looked unreliable, he was very good at training. Most importantly, he would never stop the training because of my whining. I felt that my physical endurance had improved greatly during this short training period. I could easily do many things that I couldnt do in the past today. Perhaps part of it was due to my gradually awakening werewolf physique.

“You can rest now, beautiful lady.” Here it came again. Every time I thought he was not bad, he always had a way of making me want to complain.

I rolled my eyes and walked away. I took the water bottle and sat on the steps next to me. I was so tired that I couldnt drag my body back to the palace. I needed to sit for a while. After Aldrich finished my training, he was still training. His strength made me change my opinion of his frivolous behavior.

I didnt expect him to be unexpectedly serious and responsible under his frivolous appearance. Instead, he made a very detailed plan for me and taught me to feel my body and every reaction from it during my training. This allowed me to improve very quickly. In the past, when I faced difficulties, I always told myself that it was okay to give up, but now I could feel it in my body that I could do it.

The feeling of being able to do something calmly was really great. It made me prouder than anything else.

He stopped in front of me. I could tell he was trying to show off his charm to me, but I could only silently slap myself in the face for thinking he wasnt bad. I overthought. He was just a muscular playboy.

“You did a good job today.”

He seemed to hold magic that made everything seem annoying. Even the praises from his mouth did not sound good.

“Thank you for your guidance today.” I needed to constantly remind myself to be a person with a conscience to express my gratitude properly.

“When did you return, Miss Selma” His gray eyes were filled with curiosity. I could understand. Everyone was curious.

“I just came back a few days ago. Im eighteen years old. You know that.”

He nodded excitedly. “Your werewolf is about to wake up Thats great! My werewolf only awakened four years ago, and it felt amazing! Congratulations, Miss Selma.”

Aldrich spoke with an excited smile. He was still handsome when he did not deliberately try to show off his handsomeness, but he was too good at breaking a conversation.

I took a deep breath and suggested, “You can call me Selma. Ill also call you Aldrich. Is that okay”

The smile on his face disappeared again. He stared at me for a moment and asked, “May I”

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“Of course, you dont have to be so formal. You dont have to keep staring at me like that.”

I would like to take back what I said about him being cute. He only looked silly now, not cute.

“If you didnt keep staring at me, you wouldnt have noticed that I was staring at you.” He smiled proudly. “Just admit it. You think Im attractive.”

I could feel my head hurting. I patted him on the back. “I think whoever is charming will never find you charming!”

His smile disappeared, and he blinked at me. He looked a little pitiful but also a little cute.

I turned around and walked away. I could not help but mentally slap myself.Wake up, Selma. Dont be deceived by his appearance!

Before I could walk away, he caught up to me and drawled, “Oh, my dear Selma. Are you leaving without waiting for me You really make me sad. ”

I suddenly stopped and raised my hand in an attempt to hit him, but the approaching figures of my father and mother made me stop. Aldrichs expression also became serious and cold. We stood straight, pretending nothing had happened, like an army waiting for my parents to inspect.

It felt ridiculous.



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