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21 Being Loved

Selma Paynes POV:

I had a perfect day; the person I spent it with was Aldrich. Fate changed, and we became very good friends. Not long after, I began to miss my new friend. Being with him was much more interesting than watching my parents deal with government affairs in the palace, but I had no choice but to follow them obediently and help them do some small tasks that were within my power. At the same time, I also learned how to deal with these things that made people bang their heads against the wall.

As the future Queen, this was a responsibility that I couldnt avoid. Every regent had to pay a sacrifice that others couldnt imagine to be able to carry this golden crown. If I had this ability, I would have to bear all of it.

The morning passed by quickly with my full concentration. I wanted to go out with Aldrich like yesterday, but he also had things to deal with. I was a little disappointed that I missed training with him. I think the support and understanding between good friends were the most important.

No matter what, I managed to get myself a beautiful and intricate dress after a whole morning of hard work. The neckline of the dress was connected with a very smooth curve. The top was dark green velvet, and the chiffon dress was white with a hint of gray. The length was just a little above my knees. It was layered and soft like a cloud. I could already imagine how beautiful this dress was even before I put it on.

This was the dress I had to wear when I went to the academy. Although it was a dress with nothing but beauty, Id be injured if I wore it in battle. It was not its fault for being beautiful.

“Dont worry, darling. Youll wear sports attire during training. There wont be any training today. After all, its only the first day. I think youll need some time to get used to it.” My mother seemed to have seen through my worry and winked at me playfully.

I couldnt believe Id canceled my training with Aldrich when there was no training at school. This might be the only time we could be free these few days, but... Oh, god! It was too late to say anything now.

“I thought I could train today... “I pouted in frustration.

“Dont worry, sweetheart. You can start training tomorrow.”

“Im not worried about that!” I blurted out.

“Oh” My mother laughed. “Are you talking about Aldrich”

“I wasnt!”

My mother ignored my weak explanation. “Someone was so reluctant to go to training a few days ago. So why is she crying and begging to go now”

“I misunderstood him before. Hes really super nice!”

“You can try going on a date with him. Your father and I are very open-minded.” My mothers rotten suggestion made my face turn red. Although he was a good person, he already had his mate, although I didnt know why they couldnt be together.

This reminded me of Benson. I didnt know why his face would suddenly appear in my mind at such an ordinary moment. It was probably because of his rejection. Id tried my best not to think about that painful night, his rejection, the bonfire, and the cold water. Perhaps I didnt like Benson that much, but I was really in pain because of his rejection.

What caused this It was as if fate had naturally given him the power to look down on everything from above. As for me, I was like a pitiful little girl, constantly panicking at the possibility of being rejected by others.

Would I be alone forever This sounded terrible and miserable.

My mother noticed the change in my mood, but she didnt say anything. Instead, she quietly hugged me and waited for me to take the initiative.

“Mom, what if no one loves me for the rest of my life”

“My father and I will always love you.” My mother smiled and touched my cheek. “Darling, you need love, and it does not necessarily have to be romantic.”

My mothers gentleness made me less anxious. I asked timidly, “But I was ruthlessly rejected. Am I not worthy of this love”

“Youre the smartest and cutest child Ive ever met. Everyone will like you.” My mother looked into my eyes. “Besides, you were not born to be loved. I gave birth to you in the hope that you can start your own life bravely, smile, explore, open a great chapter, and not wait in fear for an imaginary person to love you.”

I nodded. No one had ever told me this. Although the pain from Bensons rejection was still there, I believed I would be able to forget everything one day.

“Mom, do you need a mate to be a Queen I think I can handle all of this by myself,” I muttered.

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My mother smiled and tidied up my scattered hair. “If you meet the right person, youll want to be with him all the time. So dont be in a hurry, sweetheart. We can take our time.”

I kissed my mothers forehead and sighed. “I used to wonder what my parents would be like. Im so happy to find you.”

“Likewise.” My mothers eyes were glistening with tears. “Alright, go get changed. Theres a surprise waiting for you!”



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