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25 Looking For A Mate

Benson Waltons POV:

Late at night, I was sitting in the office dealing with the documents that I couldnt finish in time during the day. Even my Beta, Rhode, couldnt help but fall asleep. I told him to go back and have a good rest. I did work a little too much during this period, and even he had to train the soldiers during the day. At night, I had to deal with these long-winded and boring documents. I was very happy to have chosen Rhode as my Beta because you couldnt find anyone more loyal than him.

In the high-intensity repetition day after day, everyone was whining. Only he was like a machine, perfectly repeating the monotonous daily routine with a set program. Although I was the same, I felt my motivation came from my sense of responsibility and desire to protect our pack. This was my pack, and no one else could protect it except me.

But at the same time, problems gradually surfaced. My feelings were getting weaker and weaker, and there was nothing that could move me or make me feel satisfied for even a minute. I was becoming more and more like a set robot, and in exchange, I was getting more stable packs and stronger warriors. This was a good deal, and I was continuously fulfilling my promise.

But we couldnt relax yet. There would always be enemies eyeing us, pack. Our wonderful life was like a dream, and someone could break it anytime. Only by becoming stronger could we protect everyone.

Protecting our pack would require a lifetime of effort, but destroying it would only require a little effort. We couldnt afford to relax for even a moment.

At that moment, I heard someone walk in.

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I didnt raise my head. To be honest, I was a little impatient. I hated people disturbing me when I was working, especially when the people disturbing me were my parents.

“I didnt expect my son to become a workaholic.” My mother stood before my desk and sighed.

“Its still early, Mom. Ill be home in a while.” I didnt even look up as I focused on the long, annoying paperwork.

“Its already midnight. Youll be able to see the sun tomorrow soon,” my father said. “I know you want our pack to become better, but it takes a little time, doesnt it Dont give yourself so much pressure.”

I looked at the small mountain of documents and information before in disbelief. I didnt do anything today; time had passed in the blink of an eye. All my efforts were useless; it was not enough even if I worked late into the night every day. I would never be able to become an excellent Alpha like my father.

I sighed. “I should have finished dealing with these things today, but theres still so much left. I didnt do anything at all!”

My father placed his hand on my shoulder. “You need to rest. Work will never be finished. If you keep giving yourself so much pressure, youll break down one day.”

“Your father is right. Im really worried about your health. Child, youve already worked hard enough.” My mother massaged my stiff shoulders and neck, which made me feel much more comfortable.

I didnt know how my father did it so well-one thing after another, with all kinds of loopholes. When I was training, even soldiers complained that I was under too much pressure and intensity. They didnt have the determination to fight for our pack.

I also heard some people secretly saying that I was not as good as my father, that my means and abilities were inferior.

I was very depressed. The more I wanted to prove that I wasnt that bad, the more I acted like a young kid. I had to admit that it was quite stressful to bear the entire pack alone. I didnt know how my father could lead our pack so calmly and without making a single mistake. I had never seen him so tired and depressed in the face of such things.

“Father, I might never be able to compare to you. How could you have handled everything so perfectly” I held my head and felt like a loser trying to find an excuse for himself.

“Child, youre already good enough. Theres no need to compare yourself to anyone. Youve always been our pride.” My father smiled gently at me. “I used to be this busy. Fortunately, I met your mother. She helped me a lot. You may need to find your mate to help you.”

“I hope youve already met your mate. It seems we need to look for one in other packs.”

I was already exhausted, but when I heard this, I suddenly quivered.

My parents were talking about how I hadnt met my mate at my age. The Moon Goddess didnt care about me.

Mentioning my mate at this particular moment always made me feel that my secret was about to be exposed. However, only two people know about that nights incident. Now that the other person had left this world, I was the only one left who knew.

He was also the only victim.

Since that nights incident, Selmas name had become a ghost. However, people would mention it from time to time, making me feel a wave of coldness and break out in a cold sweat.



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