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26 Daniels Mate

Benson Waltons POV:

An Alphas mate being a weak human. There was nothing more humiliating than this. If I accepted her, a weak human, our pack would become a laughing stock.

“Alright, child. Go and rest,” my mother urged.

I continued to read the documents. This was the part I hated the most in the past. It still was.

“Ill leave after Im done reading these,” I mumbled.

My fathers face turned solemn, and as before, he firmly ordered, “Get up, go to sleep, and then go to the nearby pack tomorrow to find your mate.”


My mother giggled. “Son, you have to go out and relax. This is what your father and I discussed. You can go find your mate. Remember to bring Rhode with you since... Forget it. One of you can always bring back a girl.”

“No,” I retorted sternly. “I still have many things to deal with. So how can I go out and have fun”

“Im begging you. Youre like a boring robot that only knows how to work. When you open your eyes, youre working, working, and working. Being too serious wont make everything better. You have to learn to relax sometimes.”

I might have to rest, as my mother said, but it was definitely not now. I still had a bunch of unfinished things to deal with. How could I be like a bored child skipping school to head out without saying a word

“I said, I still have work to do!” I couldnt help but say irascibly.

My mother pouted. “See, I told you he only knows how to work. I cant believe my son has turned out like this.”

“Benson, mind your tone.” My father stared into my eyes. “This is not a discussion. Get out of the pack and relax for a few days. These few days, the soldiers have complained to me that the training intensity is too high and that one string cant be constantly stretched. So go out to other packs and learn something.”


“No buts. You and Rhode will leave tomorrow morning. Ive already told him that your mother and I will manage the pack. Ive already contacted the Silver Moon pack, and they will take good care of you two.”

Things were quickly confirmed just like that. I didnt even have a chance to resist. My parents sent me to the car to leave our pack the following day.

This time, in addition to Rhode, we also brought the packs head guard, a very good young man called Daniel. He hadnt found his mate yet, so he could take care of protecting me and finding his mate this time.

I sat in the car and watched my parents gradually become smaller. They would never know that I had already found my mate, a fragile human. Of course, if I knowingly rejected her, they might be disappointed.

But I thought any rational Alpha would be smart enough to reject a human Luna. She could do too little for the pack. I needed help, not a burden, an existence that needed my protection.

I couldnt get used to it. After becoming an Alpha, I rarely had such free time, I felt like I was wasting time, but I needed to find a good Luna for our pack. We had no choice. Soon, we reached the Silver Moon Pack.

Our arrival was warmly welcomed, perhaps because my father had informed them in advance. The Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack and his Luna both welcomed us and held a welcome party. In addition, they told us that all girls without a mate would attend the banquet, which meant that we would have many opportunities to meet the one we loved.

This was very good. The sooner I found my mate, the sooner I could return to our pack. I had always found it challenging to give up my responsibility.

The banquet had just started when I heard Daniels low growl. The strange sound he made meant one thing. He had met his mate. I followed his gaze and saw a smiling girl walking into the banquet, surrounded by people.

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To be honest, that girl was really beautiful. Her beautiful brown eyes were shining under the light. What surprised me even more was that she was the daughter of an Alpha, and at the same time, she was also the most powerful warrior in this pack. I was so jealous of Daniel. If only my mate were such a powerful person, we would make our pack the most powerful.

I met many people tonight, but none of them gave me the familiar throbbing feeling. I didnt smell anything special either. Fortunately, Rhode didnt find his mate either. At least I was not alone.

Rhode and I drank with our arms around each other. We watched as Daniel was mesmerized by the girl. He was in a daze, and the girl looked at him in surprise. They quickly left amidst everyones cheers.

Love always made people beasts. Daniels action was especially obvious. I hoped I wouldnt be so air-headed when I found my mate.



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