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28 A Second-Time Mate

Benson Waltons POV:

Even someone as insensitive as Daniel realized that the atmosphere was not right. He quickly came over to smooth things over. “Okay, okay, today is such a happy day. Lets put aside our sorrows and continue to look forward!”

Although his words didnt give any comfort, at least he gave me a chance to change the topic smoothly.

“Yes, I didnt expect Daniel to find a mate first. Remember to toast at the dinner party later, lucky boy!” I pretended to be relaxed and teased.

“Thats right. Youve won the heart of such a beautiful lady. Im so jealous. Go and show off.”

Daniel scratched his head and giggled. There seemed to be a thread connecting the couple, and they hugged each other as if no matter how dangerous the situation was, they could easily overcome it.

I moved my gaze away from the two and turned to look at the trees and flowers that flashed quickly outside the window. I couldnt give up on finding my mate just because a human had left. I should find my mate as soon as possible, so I could completely get rid of Selmas ghost.

Fortunately, we arrived at the entrance of our pack in no time. My parents and some of our packsmen came out to welcome us when they heard the news of our return. They were incredibly enthusiastic, especially when they saw Teresa, who had just joined us. I watched as the young couple was escorted away by the crowd. Tonight, we were going to hold a grand celebration for them.

After being busy for so long, Rhode and I finally had time to catch our breath. Finally, I could completely forget about these damn mate searching or Selma and other such disgraceful things and take a long, relaxed breath.

“What a lucky guy,” Rhode said with a smile. No one could see any jealousy or dissatisfaction on his face.

Then, I heard him mumble softly, “If only Selma were here too. She loves these kinds of lively events...”

There she was again! Since I rejected her, she kept appearing in my life! She was too incompetent, but now she wanted me to bear this load.

“Are you going back” I pretended not to hear his sigh and casually changed the topic.

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Rhode shook his head. “Im going to my parents place.”

After becoming my Beta, he moved out to live alone because we always worked late. He didnt want to affect his parents, and only very rarely did he take some time to go back.

“Whats wrong Go back and tell them you didnt find a mate.”

“They... Are not in a good mood. I hope I can try my best to make them feel better... “Rhode said in a low voice.

The smile on my face froze. When would I be able to remove this name from my life

“I thought they had already moved on”

“I thought so too. Later, I discovered they were always staring at Selmas photo. I even heard my mother crying in the middle of the night. They never locked the door at night, hoping Selma would suddenly find her way home one day.”

Rhode looked in the direction of Selmas fall. “My parents have been hiding their pain. They dont want others to worry about them.”

I thought that they had completely let it go. She was just an ordinary human, and there was nothing worth reminiscing about. However, their wounds had never healed, and it tortured this kind family with new pain and blood daily.

God, I groaned in my heart. If I could return to the day they found that human, I would throw her far away.

“Take care, Brother.” I hugged Rhode and watched him leave.

After saying goodbye to him, I walked straight to the library. I must find my second mate. No matter what, no matter what means I use, I must get rid of Selma. She thought she could threaten me with death. So I must use a new relationship to forget all these unpleasant things.

The library was empty, and only the librarian was reading with his head lowered. This was normal. All the knowledge we needed was learned in school. Even if there were questions that we didnt understand, we could ask the elders at home or fight with them.

However, the question I wanted to ask was a secret that belonged to me alone, so I could only come to the library alone to find the answer.

Fortunately, few books could answer my questions, so I quickly picked a few. I sat by the window and opened one of them. It described in detail how vital a werewolfs mate was to them. Unfortunately, not much was said about the second or replacement mate.

I didnt give up and continued to flip through the other books, but I found nothing.

Damn it! Was I cursed With such a troublesome mate, yet I couldnt even find any information

The administrator saw my books and thought I was studying about mates. So he recommended another book, and I finally found a detailed record of getting a second mate.

“After a werewolfs mate dies in an accident, it is difficult to get a second mate.”

Did this mean that I would never find a mate after that human


I had never hated Selma so much!



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