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8 The Heir Of The Lycan King

Selma Paynes POV:

“What Who is so blind as to reject my daughter” My father snorted.

My mother hugged me gently. I felt safe and warm in her arms.

“Its okay, baby. Youre free now. You can choose the person you like. ”

This made me feel better. I rudely wiped away my tears and stiffly changed the topic.” Are you busy today”

“We have to deal with some urgent matters, but its already done. You must learn how to deal with these things in the future.”

I leaned into my mothers arms, completely relaxed. Bensons rejection still hurt me when I thought about it. However, if it werent for his rejection, I might not have been able to find my biological parents. I had very good adoptive parents, my brother, and very good friends.

I shouldnt be too greedy.

“But why am I a human”

My father smiled and helped me tuck my loose hair behind my ears. “This is one of our characteristics. Before we turn into wolves, we are no different from humans. Its also because of this that we couldnt find you.”

“Yes, it was raining heavily that day. The smell on your body was very faint, and we just couldnt find you ...”

My mother started to cry as she spoke. I immediately diverted her attention and asked, “Then, how did I go missing”

“Theres a damned b*stard who wants to become the Lycan King, but he couldnt do it himself. So, he kidnapped you to threaten us.”

“The moment you went missing, I found that person and beat him until he was half dead. He told me he had hidden you in that forest, but we searched many times and still found nothing. So we had always thought that he had killed you cruelly.”

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Wow, I didnt expect to have such a cool background. This also explained why a human would suddenly appear in the werewolves territory.

“But Im still a human. When can I become a powerful werewolf like you” I couldnt wait to ask. Id had enough of being weak for more than ten years.

“It wont take long, sweetheart. The transformation of Lycan werewolves is a gradual process. It will start from the age of eighteen until youre nineteen. Youll fully awaken your wolf by then.”

This made my eyes light up. I really wanted to have a wolf of my own, even in my dreams. That feeling must be great!

“I want to become a werewolf!”

My mother smiled and patted my head. “Sweetheart, this is not something that can be done in a hurry. After you get your wolf, we will officially start training you. You will become an outstanding person like your father.”

“Yes, baby. Youll be the heir to the Lycan throne. Youll be the best ever.”

I looked at my fathers gentle yet determined black eyes and asked in disbelief, “Me Do you think I can do it”

“Of course, baby. Youre the only baby your mother and I have. You can do whatever you want.”

“But I have a small request,” I whispered to my father.

“Speak, baby. I can fulfill any wish you have.”

My fathers firm promise made me feel very carefree. So this was how it felt like to find your biological parents. I could also willfully make strange requests to my father, lean into my mothers arms, and act coquettishly. This was something that I had never done in the past ten years.

“I want to see your wolf. Ive never seen it before!”

“Of course, of course, but you have to wait until youve fully recovered.” My father rubbed my head and showed me a row of white teeth.

“Your adoptive parents... where did they find you”

I roughly showed them the location of the forest. I was really lucky to have met my adoptive parents, who loved me, and also to have found my biological parents.

My mother was stunned. She muttered, “I went there to look for you. I went to the forest and looked for you, but I still couldnt find you ...”

“Its okay. Its all in the past now.” I hugged my mother and gently wiped her tears away. “Our hearts will always be together. We will never be apart again.”

“You have met very good adoptive parents. You should be happy. We must repay them in the future. Without them, you would never have been able to reunite with us.”

“Alright, baby, you should sleep for a while. Youre really badly injured. Then, when youre better, you can start training.”

After my father and mother tugged me in, they turned around to leave. Just as my father was about to leave, I stopped him. He turned around to look at me, a little confused.

“Father, do you really think I can be the Queen Regent”

He chuckled and told me with certainty, “Of course! Youll be the greatest of all the rulers.”

Sleepiness slowly swept through my brain. I no longer resisted this feeling and closed my eyes. I didnt expect such a wonderful thing to happen in my life. I must protect it at all costs.



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