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Chapter 96 Battle Royale, Raging Inferno Storm

A terrifying raging inferno storm brewed when Lu Yu appeared.

Lu Yus claws were covered with bright flames.

The flames danced, and their high temperature caused the surrounding air to distort!

The next moment, a flaming tornado formed from the flames spread out in all directions, with Lu Yu as the center!

The heat instantly enveloped the surroundings as the flaming tornado raged toward the hundreds of people fighting.

The flames washed over their bodies and caused continuous fire damage!

“Why is it suddenly so hot Whats the situation”

“Wait, my body is on fire!”

“My body is on fire too.

Whats the situation Quickly, put out the fire!”

“Where did the fire come from Fuck!”

Everyone looked up and was dumbfounded when they saw the towering flaming tornado.

“Where did this flaming tornado come from”

“Such a wide range elemental skill must be casted by a fire elementalist, right”

“Who is it Who did it I wont forgive him!”

“Look, theres a figure in the center of the flaming tornado!”

Everyone stopped fighting and looked at the center of the fire tornado.

When they saw Lu Yus figure, they were all shocked.

“Its Lu Yu.

When did he escape”

“Isnt he a warrior-type How did he create such a large-scale elemental attack”

“His fire elemental control is terrifying.”

“I knew it from the elemental trial, but I didnt expect it to be so terrifying…”

Everyone began to dispel the burning effect on their bodies.

Otherwise, they would need to keep drinking recovery potions as they constantly lose health.

Seeing this, the followers of Lu Yu, surrounded by the rest of the students, began to cheer.

“Brother Yu, youre awesome! Youve helped us break through their encirclement!”

“Theres hope, brothers! Lets charge! Well definitely win!”

“They are burning.

Lets make use of this opportunity to charge!”

At that moment, more than 50 members of Liu Xiaos team had already been affected by the burning effect.

Under the assault of Lu Yus followers, yet another chaotic battle began, and the situation was looking bleak for Liu Xiaos team.

When the three of them saw the fire tornado Lu Yu had created, they got anxious.

If this continued, even with their many subordinates, they might not be his match!

“Zhao Kai, Xu Mao, do you have a way to stop that skill”

Zhao Kai shook his head slightly, “Im a fire elementalist.

Im afraid theres no way for me to do so.”

Xu Mao shook his head as well, “Im a swordsman.

I dont have a way to stop his skill.”

Liu Xiao sighed helplessly, “Could it be that we have to do it ourselves and interrupt his skill casting”

Xu Mao suggested, “Let them do it.

The three of us will continue to wait and see.

When hes exhausted, well attack, and by then, well be able to take him down easily.”

When Liu Xiao heard this, he expressed his agreement.

“This is a good idea!”

Therefore, he looked at his underlings and said, “Attack Lu Yu! Cripple him for me, and I will give you all the money.

I will give you all an endless amount of money!”

Liu Xiaos loud claim made them excited.

They ignored the pain caused by the burns on their bodies and rushed toward Lu Yu!

The encirclement of more than a hundred people was instantly reduced by one-third as most of them rushed at Lu Yu.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing, surrounded in the middle, got worried when they saw this.

While Yun Zirou used a fireball to attack the enemies, Su Qing used her recovery skills on their teammates.

They were worried when they saw so many people rushing toward Lu Yu.

Yun Zirou frowned and said, “They all went to attack Lu Yu.

If Lu Yu cant hold on, hell be done for!”

Su Qing was not as worried as she was.

After all, she had personally witnessed the power of Lu Yus Dragon Fist.

“Zirou, dont worry.

Lu Yu wont lose.

You havent seen his true strength yet.”

Yun Zirou was stunned for a moment.

“True strength… are you sure he can handle it”

Su Qing nodded.

“Of course, well just focus on the enemy in front of us.”

With Su Qings words, Yun Zirou did not say anything more.

She retracted her worried gaze from Lu Yu and focused on the enemy in front of them.

With one-third fewer people surrounding them, it was much easier to hold on to their defenses.

However, more than 30 people charged Lu Yu, which was quite a number.

Moreover, these people were not weak as they were not ordinary fighters.

Seeing this, Lu Yu began to withdraw his Raging Inferno Storm and release his Flaming Claws!

Over 30 people surrounded Lu Yu, brandishing their weapons and slashing at Lu Yu.

Liu Xiao and the other two saw this and sighed in relief.

Lu Yu had withdrawn his Raging Inferno Storm, and it would be easier for them to fight him.

However, Lu Yus claws were now covered in those concentrated flames, making them even more powerful!

His sharp claws became bright red, like freshly forged steel!

The muscles in Lu Yus arms swelled up, and his arms grew in size.

Lu Yus strength was increased by a crazy amount with the strengthening of his Dragon Muscles!

The Dragon Scales were also covering his arm, and those thick scales would give anyone a sense of security just by looking at them!

Everyone rushed toward Lu Yu.

They knew Lu Yus speed was extremely fast, so they wanted to pounce on him together to control his movement firmly.

Right at this moment, Lu Yu suddenly swung his claws!


Lu Yu swung his claws, and the sound of the air being torn apart could be heard.

He swung his claws from the inside out, and the claws that were accompanied by the flames exploded!

Bright flames exploded in the air and struck the surrounding people pouncing at him, accompanied by sharp slashes!


A loud sound rang out, and the flames exploded.

The sharp blades tore through everyones armor, creating a massive splash of fresh, red blood.

The burning effect followed, causing everyone severe pain.

The surrounding freshmen were all sent flying by Lu Yus Flaming Claw attack.

The bloody wounds on their bodies and the damage caused by the burning rendered them in crippling pain.


Their painful wails resounded in the surroundings, and the other freshmen didnt dare to continue charging forward.

Everyone looked at Lu Yu as if they were looking at a god of war.

No one dared make a move.

Lu Yu glanced around and asked, “What Are you afraid now”

Everyone gulped.

They didnt dare say anything, and they slowly retreated.

Seeing this scene, Liu Xiao clenched his fists in anger.

“You bunch of good-for-nothings, why dont you rush up while his skills are on cooldown What are you afraid of Dont you want money”

“If any of you can take down Lu Yu, you can come directly to work for the Liu Financial Group in the future.

You will be rewarded with wealth beyond your imagination!”

The moment Liu Xiaos words left his mouth, the freshmen charged again toward Lu Yu as if everyone had been injected with stimulants.

Lu Yus Flaming Claw was indeed on cooldown at that moment, and it wouldnt be easy for him to deal with so many people at the same time.

Perhaps he could still use his Split Claw, but since Lu Yu obtained the Flaming Claw, he hadnt upgraded Split Claw.


Then Lu Yu only had one AOE skill left, Dragon Fist!



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