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Minutes after, Tobi regained consciousness. He found out he was being tied to a tree. He made efforts to force himself loose but he couldn . He wasn strong enough to. He looked around and screamed hoping to get some help. To his shock, opposite to him was his sister. She was hanged to a tree and almost lifeless. She was dying and gasping for breath. Three people who were their attackers stayed at a close distance. They were in a blue cloak. The cloak has a gold crow symbol on both its front and back section. The symbol lies in the back center and covered eighty per cent of the front part.

"Big brother, help me," Bola called out under her breath. She was beginning to reach her limits.

"Bola!!, who did this? Why is this happening?," Tobi shouted as he struggled to loose the ropes he was tied with.

"Hahaha, is the son of the famed Gbobi? Screaming like a coward! Hahaha," One of the attackers said facing Tobi with an evil smirk written on his face.

"Please, I am begging you. Let my sister go. You can do what you want with me," Tobi scared to the bones pleaded with the attackers. He knew very well that there was nothing more he could do. "Please, please, ok. What do you want? Money? Food? Whatever you want. My father will provide them all for you. Just name it.," Tobi continued to plead.

The attackers smirk changed to a frown in a matter of seconds. He approached Tobi and grab his jaw with a force that made Tobi grinned. "Do you really think what we want or need is money and food? Do we look poor to you?!," The attacker shouted which scared Tobi the more

"I am sorry. Forgive me but please...spare my sister," Tobi pleaded with every single part of his body shaking in fear. He was too scared to think of an escape. All he could do was beg.

The attacker not paying any attention to Tobis word turned to his colleagues. "Sokube, are you ready?," The attacker asked his colleague.


e the one delaying this mission. Remember, I still have a casino to hit this night," Sokube retorted.

"You still have stopped gambling? What do you gain from it?," Another attack asked? She was a female in her mid twenties. The only female within the trio.

"Enough of the chitchat. Sokube, Do it now!," Attacker 1 commanded.

Tobi who was unsure of what was going to happen screamed and fought against the rope that tied him down. "What are you trying to do? Please, let her go. Take me instead," This time tears flowing down his cheeks. He couldn take it anymore. All this while Bola was slowly losing her breath, she was closer to death than she was before. "Help me, brother," the voice was very timid. Even Tobi could not hear her.


At Home, Soroyi was panting and walking to and fro the parlour worried about the safety of her kids. It has already been minutes past moonlight and they are not yet back. "This is strange. Where are Tobi and Bola? Are they safe? And I warned them to return early, what is wrong with these children?,"

"I heard today was the melon festival. Maybe thats they are not back yet," Gbobi who seemed unbothered by the situation. He was rather calm which did not sit right with Soroyi. "Are you even concerned about the safety of your kids? You are taking it too casually," Soroyi said with a concerned look well written on her face.

"Will your worrying and panting around do any better? Calm yourself down, my dear," Gbobi started with a calm, assertive look. "I wonder how you can stay this way," She said this and walked out of the parlour still worried and scared of what might be happening.


Sokube moved towards the position where Bola was hanged. Stretching his hand forward, he activated a technique. "Ice style: Ice sword,". An ice in the form of a sword formed in Sokubes palm and muttered some words. "This is where fate draws the line,". Then, he stabbed Bola in the chest. Sokube removed the Ice Sword which created a hole in Bolas chest. The hole was left open and dry because the blood was solidified quickly by the ice stab.

Tobi seeing his sister stabbed screamed at the top of his voice. "Bolaaaa!! Bolaa! No, No, Bola! Why not me? Why not me?!!!," He could not accept what has happened. His mind began to be flooded by the memories of times he spent with Bola. He was emotionally destabilized. He was experiencing an influx of emotions-sadness, regret, pain, anger and…rage. He was angry. He wanted revenge. The influx of these emotions all at once caused the Core with his energy system to brim with a bright red flames. His eye changed from the normal brown coloured eye to the Shirin Clans dojutsu. The Supiringan- a variety of the Shingan. The Supiringan is a rare normal grade shingan. It is red and circular with a black stroke. Inside the red circle are two inner circles. The innermost circle is black and connects with the black stroked inner circle with three adjacent curved lines. The outer body was covered in red flames. His body was flowing with immense energy. He wants pay back.

"I will kill you! I will kill you!," He said with a menacing look. The look sent cold sensations to the attackers and they could not believe their eyes. The weak boy has totally changed in just a matter of minutes.

Wasting no time, Sokube proceeded to fight him activating another of his technique. "Ice Style: Ic-,,

"Die!," Tobi intercepted him with a direct punch to his face before he could finish activating the technique. The punch sent him flying backwards colliding with the ground five times. "Hes fast. I could not see him at all. How did he become so strong? Was it his sisters death?," Sokube thought to himself as he stood up and wiped off the blood drooling from his nostrils.

"Are you alright, Sokube?!," Attacker 1 asked seeing the heavy blow that was landed on Sokube. "Earth Style: Storm of Boulders!,". This attack creates numerous boulders which home in on the target at an amazing speed. "What? Impossible! How could he dodge all of them without getting hit?," The Attackers were shocked at the speed with which Tobi is moving.

"Impossible! Has he become this fast in a short time? Is this the power of a shirin?," Attacker 2 said with a frown.

"Kill! Kill! I will kill you all," Tobi restated. This time emitting twice as much aura as he did before.

"Watch out. Dust Style: Explode," Attacker 2 created an explosion of dust covering a 15-metre radius impaling the vision of everyone in the area. Not even a rock as large as an average human head could be seen. "This is Arayas technique," Attacker 1 and Sokube said under their voice.

Using the Supiringan fire ability, Tobi raised his hands and created a wild and big ball of fire about 25m in radius. He shot the fireball at the dust explosion. The force and the air generated by the sheer force of the fireball blew away the effect of the dust and the resulting attack set one-third of the forest on fire. "Such firepower to cancel out my technique. This is insane,,

Whilst the others were thinking, Attacker 1 had already activated his stealth mode during the dust explosion. He had snuck to the back of Tobi and was ready to launch a surprise attack. Pushing himself forward by manipulating the under his feet, he rushed towards Tobi wanting to land an attack from his blind spot. "This is the end," he thought to himself.

As he was about to land the attack, Tobi turned to face with a ball in his hand. The fireball was shot at Attacker 1. "Earth Shield!," Attacker 1 reacted fast enough to block Tobis fireball but he was pushed back. The Earth Shield was blasted into pieces while Attacker 1 was pushed back by the shockwave of the fireball colliding with the Shield.

Meanwhile, the memories of Bola and the scene of her death kept flooding Tobis mind. This resulted in a steady increase in the influx of emotions. It has increased to point that his killing intent and rage can be felt heavily by the attackers. This intent caused the unlocking of a special grade Shingan- Yosumigan. The Yosumigan is red and circular with two inner circles. The innermost circle is red and lies at the centre of the inner circle. In between the inner circle and the outer circle is three adjacent black trapeziums making it look like a VR game wheel. The Yosumigan grants the wielder great strength and speed hundred times over.

With the Yosumigan activated, Tobi sped towards Sokube. "Ice Shell! This should be enough," Sokube said. "What?! He bla-," Tobi punched Sokube in the belly that sent him flying about 30metres backwards. He fell face flat bleeding from his mouth and nostrils. Araya knew she was next and activated a technique. "Don make me laugh! Dust Technique: Flood!," Araya shouted. She had created an actual flood of dust. "Slow," was all Tobi said before landing a heavy blow on Arayas face. She was sent to the ground screaming.

Attacker 1 deducing the situation decided to make a run for it. "I can take him on now. His strength and speed are off the charts," He made to run but what he met was a series of blows to his face and jaw before he finally fell to the ground. "I. couldn . see. a. thing.," he muttered.

They were only bleeding but there was no single scratch on their body. They stood up, took their stances and ready to strike back. Suddenly, they felt a sudden sting come from their bowels. It was hot and burning. Their internal organs were getting burnt. Fire was burning from within them. They groaned, screamed and wailed in pain until the fire engulfed their whole body.

Tobi had instinctively activated the Yugami- a technique accessible to only the Special grade Shingans. Even after killing his sisters murderer, he still couldn stop the influx of his emotions. He wasn in control. He was never in control.

Then, a man dressed in a black cloak, all black inner dress and a belt that reveals a signet. The signet had a number on it. It was 2. He was armed with two swords and aimed for Tobi. Tobi instinctively shot a fireball at the man. The man sliced the ball into bits with much ease. The man closed in on Tobi in a blink but before anything could happen, Tobi collapsed.

The man stood and looked around. "What a mess. I guess the master was right after all,"

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