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Chapter 28: Break Off The Engagement With Aloy Now!

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Looking at the dying Silver Lightning Tiger in front of him, Li Yuan felt a sense of humiliation.

One day, Shen Fei will pay for this humiliation, with interest!

He clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles cracked. It was particularly audible in the silent training ground.

“Do you still have any spirit beasts to challenge me with If not, Ill take my leave.”

Shen Fei calmly kept the two spirit beasts beside him and turned around to leave.

The silence was instantly broken.

Everyone turned their heads in unison to watch Shen Fei.

“Where are you going Im not done with you yet!” Li Yuan looked at Shen Fei with resentment.

“You beat up my spirit beast like this, do you really think you can escape unscathed I dont have any more spirit beasts, but I still have my subordinates! Today, I wont let you off so easily!”

Shen Fei silently rolled his eyes at Li Yuan.

Li Yuan had taken the initiative to come up the stage to challenge him. And just now, he even dared to let his Lightning Tiger directly attack Shen Fei instead of his Flame Owl.

He naturally knew what the bootlicker was thinking: Now that he had suffered a loss, he could not accept it. He was simply a mad dog.

“I said...”

Shen Fei looked at Li Yuan in exasperation and held his palm to his forehead.

Originally, he had wanted to end the engagement in the afternoon. With this delay, it would be evening soon.

How much longer do we have to do this for

“You guys, did you forget something”

Li Yuan froze on the spot. “Huh”

The audience, after being reminded by Shen Fei, were stunned as well.

“What did I forget...” Li Yuan kept repeating this sentence.

After a few minutes, he suddenly remembered!

“Yeah! You were supposed to break off your engagement with the goddess today!”

His words woke him up from his own trance.

At this moment, everyone present finally remembered the reason why they were here!

It was because they were unhappy that Shen Fei took the initiative to break off the engagement with the goddess, that was why they arranged to fight Shen Fei!

In the end, they had forgotten the most important thing!

Shen Fei looked at the people who had suddenly recalled their motives.

With this IQ level, it would be difficult for them to even function as a normal person, let alone be a lackey. What do they usually do

However, it was precisely because this group of people had caused a huge ruckus that Aloy had personally come here today.

Shen Fei silently glanced at Aloy who was in the stands.

It was just as well. This saved him the trouble of making a trip to the mayors mansion.

It was much more convenient to communicate directly with the person in question, and it could save him the trouble of announcing himself to the butler.

Shen Fei simply jumped off the stage and walked toward the stands. Everyones eyes immediately focused on him.

“Hes really going to break off the engagement”

“No way! I thought he was joking. I didnt expect him to be serious.”

“I dont know why hes willing to break off the engagement with the goddess. If it were me, I would definitely bite the bullet and not break off the engagement no matter what.”

“Get back, hurry up and get back. I was waiting to see this!”

In just a few seconds, Shen Fei had arrived in front of Aloy.

“Ms. Aloy, I have something to tell you.”

Shen Fei raised his head and looked at Aloy with a complicated expression.

Memories of the past kept flashing in his mind.

Ever since Shen Feis family fell from grace, the relationship between the Gelin family and the Shen family had plummeted. Not only did they completely cut off all business dealings, they also stopped sending gifts during festivals. After that, the number of times Shen Fei saw either the mayor or Aloy could be counted on one hand.

This engagement only existed in name only.

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As for why he had kept it until now... Shen Fei pondered it for a long time. This was probably the last bit of face the mayor granted his family for the sake of his grandfather. Unfortunately, not only did it not have any effect, it even brought him a lot of trouble over time.

Shen Feis eyes were stern. From the beginning to the end, their family had not gained anything from this engagement! He had lost interest in it long ago!

“I want to cancel our engagement, effective immediately!”

Aloys expression changed, and she clenched her fist.

This sonorous and powerful voice caused many of the bootlickers present to heave a long sigh of relief. They all looked at Shen Fei with a sense of superiority.

So what if Shen Fei is strong When it comes to the goddess, hes just like us now!

Looking at the extremely serious Shen Fei, Aloys lips curled up and she smiled.

If it was in her previous life, Aloy would naturally ask Shen Fei to get out of her sight immediately. She would even leave him whatever little face he had by not wasting time scolding the F-class trash.

However, the Shen Fei of this life not only showed great potential, but he could even affect the fate of the people he came into contact with.

Break off the engagement Aloy scowled.Over my dead body!

“I, Aloy Gelin, do not agree to your request!”

Before Shen Fei and the others could react, Aloy immediately left, taking Anna with her. She did not even give him a chance to refute.

At the scene, a group of dumbfounded bootlickers were staring at each other. They had originally come to watch Shen Fei make a fool of himself. But they did not expect that now, they themselves were the fools!

The lackeys all looked at Shen Fei with hatred.

Even Shen Fei could not help but be stunned.

This direction doesnt seem right. Shouldnt the next step be to successfully break off the engagement

Based on the number of times the two of them had communicated, they rarely even saw each other. Furthermore, Aloy had always looked down on him. It was almost a certainty that he would be rejected by Aloy.

Shen Fei scratched his head in confusion.

This is bad... Could it be because my performance just now was so good that she changed her mind Shen Feis broke out into a cold sweat.It cant be...

No matter how high the rank of the spirit beast was, as far as the public was aware, Shen Feis talent was still F-class Strength Enhancement. Besides, Aloy had her own pride, and she was not the kind of person who would admire the strong.

However, this was the only way to explain it. It seemed that this marriage contract would not be canceled for a while.

Shen Fei sighed.

Forget it, I cant do it now. Ill find another chance in the future.

In any case, he did not want to be bound to a woman he did not know for the rest of his life because of a marriage agreement.

Seeing Shen Fei leave, the surrounding crowd also left the scene. The entire training ground soon became quiet.


Li Yuan stared at Shen Feis back with resentment and clenched his fist. He had planned for so long and wasted so much time. He even paid those who wanted to challenge Shen Fei.

In the end, not only did he fail to have that trash separated from the goddess, his contracted spirit beast was even grievously wounded!

“Hmph, Shen Fei, just you wait!” Li Yuan turned around unwillingly.

I, Li Yuan, will definitely find an opportunity to take revenge for todays humiliation!




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