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Villainous Scientist (1)



Song Xu Yi woke up feeling very sick.


She was lying on the floor in a mess of clothes, almost naked, and her body was so hot that it felt like a fire had built up in her body that could not be vented, making her irritable.


Song Xu Yi was sweating all over her body and the strangest thing was a funny sensation at the back of her neck, numb and itchy as if something sticky and greasy was left along her neck with a rich and sweet citrus scent lingering in wisps around her, Song Xu Yi was in a trance and even had the impression that she had turned into a giant orange.




The heat in her body almost drove her crazy.

Song Xu Yi licked her dry lips, straining to get up and subconsciously touching the back of her neck——


A small packet bulged at the back of her neck, and Song Xu Yi touched it with a hand full of wet and sticky liquid, and tingling pain and pleasure spread densely down her tailbone, and Song Xu Yi's arms and legs went sore and weak, and she fell to the ground once again before she could get up——


What's going on


Song Xu Yi frowned.


She remembers that her name is Song Xu Yi and she is a tasker with no memory of her own.

She just completed a task in a world not long ago, perhaps because of the memory extraction and storage, but when she looks back on that world, she has lost her sense of immersion as if she was reading someone else's story.




Song Xu Yi bit her lower lip and clenched the stinging pain to barely suppress the body's abnormalities and called the  system


"I'm sorry Xu Yi..."


It took about three minutes for the system's voice to rang out.



I was delayed by something...

I didn't expect that you would arrive five years later than planned due to another unknown attack when you were transported to this world..."


Song Xu Yi received a plot summary of this world:


In the post-interstellar era, ravaged by insects and contaminated by radiation, humans have developed a gland in their necks over their original male and female traits and have differentiated into three forms: Alpha, Beta and Omega.


The Alpha, whose glands release pheromones to deter opponents and attract Omegas, is the most powerful and intelligent of all, living at the top of the world, with internal ranks based on their overall qualities, and is the elite fighting force against the Insects.

But perhaps the gods feared that a combination of Alpha was so superior that AA unions made the rest of their sexual traits extinct and that marriage between AAs could not produce children.


Beta's glands do not release pheromones and they do not smell pheromones, the equivalent of a post-astronomical commoner.

This group is the most numerous but less fertile, and the vast majority of children born to Alpha and Beta or between two Betas are Beta.

Most children born from a union between an Alpha and a Beta, or between two Betas, are Beta, with only a one percent chance of producing an Alpha and an Omega.


Omega's glands are also capable of releasing pheromones and this species is the least numerous human in the post-interstellar era.

Omega maintains Beta sexual traits until adulthood and does not differentiate until after the age of sixteen.

Once differentiation begins, the Omega's physical capabilities become progressively softer and they begin to emit the pheromones that are so deadly to the Alpha.

It is theorised that an Alpha and an Omega have a high probability of producing a top Alpha of the highest calibre.


In such a world, Omegas are the most precious of humans, and countless Alpha's are thinking of marrying an Omega to change their family's genes.


The female lead of this world, Zhao Man, is a top Alpha and the male lead, Zhou Sui, is an Omega.


Zhou Sui's parents died in the mouth of the insects.

He was determined to avenge his parents' death and did not want to marry an Alpha and become a vase for his wife and children among a harem, so he forcibly took suppressants and entered the military camp disguised as a Beta, working his way up to become the adjutant of Zhao Man, the Second Imperial Princess of the Empire.


During a battle, Zhao Man was in danger and Zhou Sui gave up his life to save them.

They were stranded on a deserted island and he had lost his suppressants and was forcibly marked by Zhao Man, not wanting to be a part of Zhao Man's harem, Zhou Sui escaped after he had knocked Zhao Man out, from then on he experienced a series of twists and turns...


The two were about to head towards the great ending set by the gods when the villain once again messed up the world line:


The villain Jiang Qian Yu has developed a drug that transforms an Alpha into an Omega, and is determined to overthrow the Alpha's supremacy, devising a plan to take over the Imperial Palace and kill Zhao Man's father.

In the process of taking revenge on Jiang Qian Yu, Zhao Man dies in battle...


So once again, the Lord God went back in time to a time when everything had not yet happened and sent Song Xu Yi.


Originally, Song Xu Yi would have gone back to the time before the villain Jiang Qian Yu started messing around and had plenty of time to deal with the situation, however, because of the unknown attack that the system is talking about, the timeline has been pushed forward by five years...


As for Song Xu Yi's body...


The Lord God still seems to have adhered to the principle that high status is good for business, and has once again given Song Xu Yi a prominent status.


Song Xu Yi, whose body is still called Song Xu Yi, is the youngest Marshal in the history of the Empire, the top S-class Alpha, and has never lost a battle over the years.


"So I'm in an Alpha's rut"


Song Xu Yi hurriedly glanced at the plot summary, and the strange burning in her body came up again, Song Xu Yi frowned: "Didn't they say that when the Alpha is in rut, they will be incredibly wild and even more powerful than ever before, why am I now weak in my limbs and sore in my arms and legs..."


"I'm not sure about that," the system stammered, its voice sounding a bit vague: "In case there's a problem, you should accept the body’s memory as soon as possible!"


Song Xu Yi received the body’s memory, and then completely froze in place.


She knew she might be in a rut, however she didn't realize she was not in an Alpha’s rut at this time, but an Omega’s heat!


It all started six months ago.


The original, as a Marshal, had previously been an uncompromising combat fanatic who had never considered personal relationships with her children, and the Emperor had given her several male Alpha's which she had returned.


However, half a year ago, when going to the Starfield to clear out the bandits the original owner ran into a woman.


That woman was just too beautiful! The original owner immediately froze in place, her heart fluttering violently, especially the faint pheromone scent of peach emanating from that woman's body, which simply seduced the original owner like the finest of chun pills!


Even though the woman had used suppressants to mask her pheromones, the original owner smelled it: the woman was an Omega.


The original owner was undercover in disguise at the time and could only watch as the woman entered the bandit den.

Fearing that the woman would be marked by the evil star bandits, the original owner launched an early attack to exterminate the nest of the star bandits, yet searched the entire planet without finding any trace of the woman...


The original owner had thought that the woman had been fated to die and was secretly down for a long time, only to have the Emperor give her another Omega when she returned to the court.


The original owner knew that the Emperor was afraid of her, as she was a powerful person and had some of the royal blood in her.

The Emperor had given her a series of Omega's because he wanted her to have offspring with an Omega as soon as possible.

After all, even a top Alpha will lose strength when she becomes pregnant, and the Emperor will then be able to divide her power logically.


Accompanying the Emperor is like accompanying a tiger, the original owner has been instilled with the concept of being loyal to the Emperor since childhood, having refused several times before, the original owner now has no more reason to refuse the beauty given by the Emperor and can only accept the Omega sent over by the Emperor.


The Omega was delivered in a huge box, and the original owner opened it with disinterest, not expecting to see in it the woman she had been looking for for so long!


The original owner guessed that perhaps a mistake had been made on the Emperor's side in sending the male Omega as a female, but she did not correct the mistake.

She kept the woman in her backyard, thinking that her wealth and status would make the woman fall for her, yet the woman was like a stone that could not be warmed up and remained unmoved, refusing to even reveal her name to the original owner.


She had been a proud child since birth, so she had never been treated with such contempt.

If a woman is unwilling, she will try to force herself on her.

If a woman is unwilling, she will try to forcefully mark her!


It was originally tonight that the original owner plotted to mark the woman, yet no one expected that the original owner would have an accident at that moment, and she found herself suddenly transformed into an Omega, and Song Xu Yi came into this world at that very moment——




Song Xu Yi's entire body went numb after she inherited the memories.


No wonder the plot summary stated that the original owner did not show up during the villain's attack on the palace, which led to the villain's successful attack.

Now Song Xu Yi understood: the original body was already in a difficult position to protect herself, so how could she still protect the Emperor


And the burst of heat in her body continued...


Song Xu Yi remembered the suppressant that the original body had put in the cupboard, pinched herself hard and stood up with difficulty, and managed to walk to the cupboard at the head of the bed, when there was a fierce sound of footsteps outside and someone stopped at the door——


"Marshal, we've brought the woman here!"


Song Xu Yi was startled before she remembered that the original owner had sent someone to bring the woman to the bedroom earlier.


Song Xu Yi gritted her teeth, leaned her head back against the quilt to cover the glands at the back of her neck to prevent the pheromones from continuing to radiate, forcibly suppressing the tingling pleasure and pain caused by contact with the glands, and spoke in a husky voice: "You guys go first, just leave her alone by the door.”


The original owner was so strong and demanding of its subordinates that Song Xu Yi opened her mouth in this way and soon the sound of footsteps leaving rang out from the door.


Song Xu Yi breathed a sigh of relief and was about to continue standing up when there was a soft 'creak' by the door and the woman pushed her way in.


A strong scent of peach spread around with the woman's entry, blending with the rich citrus scent around her, and Song Xu Yi only felt her mind getting more and more dizzy...


She breathed heavily and looked at the approaching woman with a red face: the woman was slow on her feet, her skin had a sickly pallor, and a small red mole at the end of her eye was the finishing touch, making the woman as beautiful as a doll...


Even though she knew the woman's true nature, Song Xu Yi's heartbeat involuntarily pounded another beat faster.


The woman's pretty face carried just the right amount of shock as she 'worriedly' squatted down in front of Song Xu Yi, looking at her from above, her pale hand touching Song Xu Yi's forehead, the first time she had touched Song Xu Yi in so long.


"Marshal, what's wrong with you Why is your face so red..."


The woman's tone was concerned, but Song Xu Yi did not ignore the dark light in her eyes that looked at her as if she were a satisfactory test piece...


The original owner did not know, but Song Xu Yi understood beyond doubt that all the changes in her body today came from this sick and beautiful woman in front of her:


——The villain, Jiang Qian Yu.


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