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 Villainous Movie Queen (3)



"Xu Yi, I know you like her a lot," Song father patted Song Xu Yi's shoulder: "She's really good, she's motivated and hardworking and she's a good person, and now I'm very happy to see that you're getting better and better by following stars...



As the head of the Song family, Song father had read countless people in his life, and his comment to Zhao Qingyu was already an extremely high praise.

He originally disliked Song Xu Yi's pursuit of stars, fearing that Song Xu Yi would be dazzled by the chaotic nature of the entertainment industry and ruin her character.

It was only after Song Xu Yi had recently changed her ways and become active and progressive, while investigation revealed that Zhao Qingyu was peaceful and clean in the production set, that Song father decided to continue to let the two get in touch.


Hearing Song father's comment on Zhao Qingyu, Song Xu Yi did not know how to react: even Song father, who had read countless people, had misjudged her, and could only say that Zhao Qingyu was really good at disguising herself.


Now that Zhao Qingyu had arrived here, even though Song Xu Yi was not at all prepared to make contact with Zhao Qingyu, she could only greet her with a stiff smile...


"Long time no see, Qingyu."


Song Xu Yi really couldn't make the obsessed expression that the original body had when seeing Zhao Qingyu, so she could only try to put on a surprised look as she looked up at Zhao Qingyu, "I didn't expect dad to invite you over..."


"It wouldn't be a surprise if you guessed it." Zhao Qingyu curled her lips, her smile warm.


Even though she knew that this woman was not a good person, Song Xu Yi could not help but blush once again when she saw Zhao Qingyu's smile.


"This child," Song father looked with dismay at the little quail-like Song Xu Yi, "just now in the living room she looked quite composed, but as soon as she gets in front of someone, she's shy..."


"Take your time," Song father pushed Song Xu Yi towards the front and turned around to go back to the living room in a considerate manner, "You've managed to get a good result in the exams, why don't you go and report the good news to your little idol"


Song Xu Yi: …


As soon as Song father left, there was a naked silence around.


Apart from the driver in the car and the security guards in the distance, only Song Xu Yi and Zhao Qingyu were left outside.


The street lamps poured out a soft orange light, the sky twinkled with stars, and along with Song Xu Yi's increasingly rapid heartbeat, Zhao Qingyu approached step by step——


Song Xu Yi pursed her lips and tried to look away, but her eyes seemed to be out of control.

She stared blankly at Zhao Qingyu and realized in a trance: when a person is good to the extreme, it is like a natural magnet that can attract everyone's attention...


Song Xu Yi bit her lower lip, a little ashamed at her 'lustfulness'.


Zhao Qingyu shook her head and suddenly thought of a little kitten she once had.


Zhao Qingyu had to admit: this pampered, brainless little princess of the Song family looked...

kind of cute after she took off her heavy make-up.


In just three months, she had changed her appearance and was like a new person, so much so that Zhao Qingyu almost didn't recognise her at first sight...


And the way Song Xu Yi looked over——


Zhao Qingyu narrowed her eyes and curled her lips playfully: the look in Song Xu Yi's eyes had faded from the obsessive fervor it once had, and even took on a vague note of caution and wariness...


Is she onto something




Song Xu Yi didn't know what it was, probably because she knew Zhao Qingyu's intelligent and almost demonic true nature, which made her look extraordinarily flustered when facing Zhao Qingyu, and it wasn't until Zhao Qingyu was almost in front of her that she took over Song father's words and spoke in a mosquito-like voice, "I...

I got into X University Medical School..."


As soon as the words left her mouth Song Xu Yi hung her head in regret, her face almost red up to the tips of her ears: this elementary school student's tone of voice begging for praise was just too humiliating!




As expected, Zhao Qingyu above her head burst out laughing, she seemed to be not expecting Song Xu Yi to talk like that, and only after a moment did she interject, "That Xu Yi is really great..."


If Song Xu Yi did not know the true nature of this person, she might have thought that she was praising her, but now that she listened to these words, Song Xu Yi just felt that there was something wrong.


"Xu Yi, is she...

complimenting you or mocking you" A puzzled System on the sidelines spoke up, "She's still looking at you and smiling, do you want to lift your head and look"


After the system had become familiar with Song Xu Yi during this period of time, its address to Song Xu Yi changed from 'Tasker' to 'Xu Yi'.


Song Xu Yi pursed her lips, she didn't dare to look at Zhao Qingyu's mesmerizing face, but she also understood that she couldn't avoid it any longer: if she didn't even have the courage to talk to Zhao Qingyu now, how could she get closer to her later and find out the secret behind her


Song Xu Yi took a deep breath, bit her lower lip, slowly straightened her spine and raised her eyes as if she were dying——


A white, slender hand, like a drooping jade hairpin flower, gently landed on Song Xu Yi's head.


——Zhao Qingyu rubbed Song Xu Yi's head with a natural expression.


Only then did Song Xu Yi realize that Zhao Qingyu was half a head taller than herself, and her expression and movements were very natural as she rubbed her head, and there was even a bit of laughter in her eyes, as if stars were mixed in with her eyes...


Song Xu Yi froze in place, and the heat that had so easily subsided began to spread across her cheeks again——


In the original body's memory, Zhao Qingyu had never actively touched her.




When Song Xu Yi tried to avoid it, Zhao Qing Yu moved faster than Song Xu Yi, and by the time Song Xu Yi looked over, Zhao Qing Yu had already retracted her hand with a natural look on her face and turned to look down the hall, "Won't Xu Yi invite me to have something to eat"


Song Xu Yi clenched her fists.


Being touched on the head by her idol, if the original was here, she would probably go crazy with joy.


But Song Xu Yi is not the original.


She felt a sense of total frustration and defeat, she seemed powerless in the face of Zhao Qingyu, and Zhao Qingyu's attitude was seamless, seemingly intimate in gesture, and in fact pinpointing manners, she could not find anything to blame...


"The villain is full of tricks," the system once again uttered indignantly, "Xu Yi, don't fall for her beauty tricks!"


"The first rule of the tasker’s code is that you can't fall in love in the small world——"


It was the first time Song Xu Yi heard this rule, and she froze for a moment, not taking it to heart.

But the system's words still gave Song Xu Yi a wake-up call, and she reflected deeply on her face-control problem, and once again, her fighting spirit was raised and she followed behind Zhao Qingyu.


"Sister Qingyu," Song Xu Yi took two steps to catch up with Zhao Qingyu, seeing Zhao Qingyu looking over with raised eyebrows, probably because she had already adapted to Zhao Qingyu's beauty attack, Song Xu Yi found herself not blushing this time, she was sure in her heart and decided to make a move, looking up at Zhao Qingyu, "I've already turned eighteen, you can't——"


However, before she could finish the words "touch my head like a child again", there was a warmth on her arm - Zhao Qingyu grabbed Song Xu Yi's arm and looked at her with a smile, "Little Xu Yi, can sister take your arm then Can I"




Song Xu Yi's first instinct was to try and shake it off.


However, something suddenly flickered in her mind, and Song Xu Yi suddenly reacted: Zhao Qingyu was probably testing her!


——Zhao Qingyu had never been this close to the original before.

Previously, the original had actually wanted to invite Zhao Qingyu over on her 18th birthday, but at that time, Zhao Qingyu had refused the invitation on the grounds that she had to train, but now not only had she come to her own party, she was also this intimate with her...


"I'm almost silly with joy," Song Xu Yi felt a chill down her back the more she thought about it, and stiffened her body and held onto Zhao Qingyu's arm, "It feels like a dream, why is Sister Qingyu so kind to me all of a sudden"


Where exactly did she made a mistake


"Because little Xu Yi is cute!" Zhao Qingyu looked at Song Xu Yi's drying smile, the laughter under her eyes deepened, but her voice sounded extremely sincere and soft, "A cute and hardworking little girl, who wouldn't like that..."


The flustered look of a young girl awkwardly hiding her true thoughts was a delightful sight...


Song Xu Yi felt a headache.


Zhao Qing Yu was like a slippery loach, Song Xu Yi used all her strengths but could not get any useful information out of her, and had to be on guard against Zhao Qingyu getting information from her instead, while their conversation became a testimony to their excellent relationship in the eyes of outsiders.


Therefore, when Song Xu Yi was called by Song mother to meet some elders and Zhao Qingyu was alone with a glass of wine at the bar, no one approached Zhao Qingyu even though there were occasional glances from people.


After all, most of the people who are qualified to enter this party are those who have a clear mind, the Song family's young princess, Song Xu Yi, has a volatile temper and the Song family favors this young daughter, this Zhao Qingyu is the person she has brought with her, if one rashly talks to Song Xu Yi and displeases her, then their future in the Song family will be over...


Zhao Qingyu looked around as though she didn't see all the different kinds of eyes around her.

Without the slightest hint of nervousness of being in the midst of a crowd of strangers, she seems to be looking at the people in the hall with some curiosity, and no one knows it: her gaze settles on a middle-aged woman in a cheongsam for a moment, and then moves away as if nothing has happened.


The hall is spacious enough to accommodate a hundred people, the murals on all four walls are intricate and gorgeous, the venue is decorated with all kinds of food and famous wines, the clothes are fragrant, the conversations are lively, and the glazed hanging lamps overhead reflect the gorgeous light——Such a banquet reflects only the tip of the iceberg of the century-old Song family.


It is no wonder that some people are desperate to squeeze into the Song family...


And Song Jun was not at the banquet.


Zhao Qingyu slowly narrowed her eyes.


It seems that Song Jun has indeed gone abroad as the rumors say.


But what is going on abroad


The glimmer of joy she felt because of Song Xu Yi disappeared completely after seeing that cheongsam woman, and the familiar hatred gradually spread to her whole heart, Zhao Qingyu sneered in her heart, her red lips curled up, and she hung her head to take a slow sip of the red wine in her glass.


There will come a time when they will have to pay their debts.


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