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Chapter 213: Dark Elf Coming! Was he very strong Powerful Dwarves! Little sister is very beautiful~.

Next to the Rebirth Pool, the Eighteen-Winged Heavenly Material Statue emanated a gentle Holy Light that enveloped the six-winged Angel, Katherine.

Her heart became calm and peaceful.

It would not be disturbed by the outside world, nor would it be affected by the internal fluctuations.

A moment later, the [Advanced Military Evolution Plan] disappeared from her hands.

Then, it turned into a dense golden light that wrapped around her, forming a bright ball of light.

Katherine’s perfect figure was faintly visible from the beginning but eventually became completely invisible and was completely enveloped by the light ball.

“I hope Katherine can succeed once!” Lin Yi thought.

There were only four evolution blueprints.

One high-ranked evolution blueprint and three low-ranked evolution blueprints.

If Katherine succeeded immediately after using the high-ranked evolution blueprint, the remaining three low-ranked evolution blueprints could be given to the Angel of Death.

Perhaps it was the end.

Both of them could achieve bloodline evolution.

Of course, this was the most ideal situation and what Lin Yi expected the most.

No matter how bad it was, one person had to succeed.

If Katherine, the Six-Winged Angel, failed to use four evolution blueprints, Lin Yi would probably vomit blood.

“Advanced Evolution~,”

“Special effects have a chance of achieving super evolution!”

Lin Yi wanted to know what this super evolution was.

“If nothing unexpected happens, this should be the super evolution!”

“What a pity…”

“The probability of achieving super evolution is extremely low.”

Lin Yi shook his head.

There was only one advanced evolution blueprint, and the probability was extremely low.

If Katherine had been lucky enough to achieve a super-evolution, Lin Yi would laugh out loud.

Just as Lin Yi was waiting for Katherine to finish her evolution.

He sensed a message from his friend.

It was Zhong Yao from the underground world.

She said, “Sister elf has come to my castle again! The Elf sister was very happy to hear that we were willing to make an equipment deal with her.”

The Dark Elf

Lin Yi looked up at the sky.

The Blood Moon was in mid-air, and the earth was shrouded in darkness.

Could it be that Dark Elves like to appear at night

However, he shook his head again.

What was he thinking about Was there night and day in the underground world

Lin Yi asked, “Did that Dark Elf agree to our conditions”


She said, “Sister Elf said that they can trade energy stones and crystals.

Although they don’t have a lot of energy stones and crystals, they will think of a way.”

“If the quantity is not enough, they can only exchange wood, stone, and iron for our equipment.”

“Lin Yi, Sister Elf said that she would guarantee the fairness of the transaction.”

“We won’t suffer!”

Fair and just

Lin Yi could not help but laugh.

Dark Elves are one of the most famous evil races in the underground world.

Their popularity was even higher than the Human-Faced Arachnid, Cyclops, Evil Eye, and other dark and evil forces.

In the surface world, the Dark Elves were notorious.

Beautiful appearance, enchanting figure.

However, it did not affect the local forces in the surface world to blacklist them.

Lin Yi said, “As for the specific transaction, let the Old Dwarf who is in charge of the Dwarves palace talk to the Dark Elf.

Don’t interfere; otherwise, the Dark Elf will scam you.”

Zhong Yao said, “Alright.”

Lin Yi: “Did you say anything about the dragon corpse The Dark Elves are not interested”

Zhong Yao said, “I asked.

The Elf sister said that they are not interested in the dragon corpse, but they could help contact a necromancer who lives in the underground world.”

Lin Yi: “What rank is that necromancer”

Zhong Yao said, “Oh, Sister Elf didn’t say anything.

She just told me that the necromancer is a human empire from the surface world, very powerful!”

Lin Yi fell silent.

Undead Magisters, such ‘creatures’ were not easy to deal with.

In terms of evil, even the Dark Elves could not compare to the necromancers.

They had always been good at dealing with corpses, undead, darkness, and evil creatures.

If the necromancer involved were to target Zhong Yao’s Gray Dwarf Castle, Lin Yi would be equivalent to harming her.

Lin Yi: “What did the Old Dwarf say about the necromancer”

“Wait a minute, let me ask the Dwarf Grandpa…”

After a while, she sent a message.

“The Old Dwarf said that I don’t have to worry about that necromancer unless they become a demigod witch.

Otherwise, he would be very polite.”

Lin Yi was a little confused.

This Old Dwarf, the little cow is flying!

He directly raised the enemy that he could face to the rank of a Demigod witch.

“Is the Old Dwarf a Demigod”

“I don’t think so.

She said before that the Dwarf Xavier addressed the Old Dwarf as a saint.

A sage, a Saint-ranked domain powerhouse! This means that the Old Dwarf is a Saint.”

“From the looks of it…”

“The specific rank of the Old Dwarf should be peak Saint Rank.”

“If the Old Dwarf isn’t bragging, then he must be one of the most powerful people at the peak of Saint rank.

That’s why he ignored the other Saint-ranked powerhouses and only paid attention to demigods!”

“In that case…”

“Don’t worry too much!”

Lin Yi sent a message, “I also have a holy weapon, a long sword for the undead.

If the Dark Elf or the necromancer is interested, you can sell it to them.”

“Yes, sister Elf is still in the castle. I’ll tell her! She’s far too powerful.

She even has Divine Equipment.

Admiration, Little Star (expression)!”

Lin Yi replied, “She killed a Saint-ranked Skeleton King.”


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