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Chapter 1090 Planet Annihilation Cannon.

The Dawn Of Destruction! (1)

“A small price!”

The destruction of an entire city was just a small price!

The people on Earth were enraged, their faces turning red uncontrollably.

The leaders of the nations clenched their fists tightly.

They were gritting their teeth so tightly that their gums almost bled.

Especially the commander and head of the White Eagle Nation.

Pain and sorrow pierced into their hearts and bones when they saw a city in their country being leveled.

Their eyes bloodshot, they roared in anger like a wild beast in despair.

The leader of martial arts felt the same way.

City Shan from Country Xia was destroyed too.

The lives in a city got taken away right in front of their eyes.

Yet, to these alien invaders, this was just a small price they had to pay.

How apathetic were they toward lives such that they could make this decision

The Wang family was in a mess too.

Grandpa Wang suddenly vomited blood due to anger, and his face turned as pale as paper.

It frightened the Wang family.

After all, Grandpa Wang wasnt young anymore.

“Father!” Wang Shengguo and his siblings quickly held onto Grandpa Wang and shouted agitatedly.

Kloet stood some distance away.

He sneered.

“Weaklings like you are so fragile.”

The Wang family was furious.


Kloets gaze turned sharp.

An immense aura swarmed out of his body and landed on the Wang family.

“Ill dig out your eyeballs if you continue staring at me.”

The Wang family turned pale under the massive pressure.

Their bodies trembled involuntarily.

They felt exasperated and fearful.

This was the natural fear of a weakling towards someone more powerful than him.

Especially the ladies and the youngsters.

They were used to leading a life of luxury and had never faced such threats.

They were petrified.

“Cough… Im fine.” Grandpa Wang straightened his back after coughing out some blood.

He waved his hands.

His voice attracted the other family members attention and stopped the Wang family from confronting Kloet.

They were the weaker party.

They would gain nothing from confronting the other party.

Instead, they had everything to lose and suffer.

In the sky, the cosmos-stage martial warriors looked down at the Wang family with no sympathy.

They stared at them in contempt, mocking them for thinking too highly of themselves.

Did they think that they could escape them

So what if they hid Any resistance was useless.

In the end, they still walked out obediently and fell in their hands.

“Seize them and bring them away.” President Sheng Luos calm voice echoed in the sky.

“Yes!” Kloet blinked and hurriedly bowed as he received the order.

With a wave of his hand, a few planetary-stage martial warriors from the Olant Federation went forward to handcuff the Wang family.

They were treated like prisoners.

“Be obedient!” a martial warrior shouted.

The entire world was watching this scene.

No one hated the Wang family.

There was only sorrow and boundless hatred for the alien invaders left in their hearts.

These alien invaders wreaked havoc in their home and destroyed two cities ruthlessly.

They even captured Wang Tengs family to force him to listen to them.

Wang Teng was the last hope of Earth!

These alien invaders wanted to kill their last glimmer of hope in the crib.

They were despicable and heartless!

The leader of martial arts, the three great commanders, and Dan Taixuan could only watch the Wang family getting taken away.

There was nothing they could do.

Helplessness corroded their hearts.

They were full of regret because they couldnt protect the Wang family.

The Wang family was sent into the sky by the planetary-stage martial warriors.

They flew towards the battlecraft that looked like a battle fortress.

Everyone stared at them as if they would never return after leaving.

“Destroy this planet!”

President Sheng Luos voice was heard once again without any warning.

The cosmos-stage martial warriors from the Olant Federation were stunned.

They didnt think that their president would still want to destroy this planet after capturing the Wang family.

He spared no one!

Actually, a life planet was a good asset.

Turning all Earthlings into slaves was much more profitable.

However, Saint Star Pagoda wanted an answer.

They wanted to use Earth as a warning to others and let them know that no one could provoke them, much less a remote planet like Earth.


All the leaders widened their eyes in anger as they stared at Sheng Luo in disbelief and fear.

He wanted to exterminate their planet!

This was crazy!

They turned pale in shock, feeling a chill creeping up their spine, all the way to their heads.

They were numb.

A huge commotion erupted on Earth! “Oh my god, the alien invaders want to destroy our planet!

“Bastards, they must be beasts.

Theyre not humans!”

“Since death is the only option, lets fight with them! Theres nothing to be scared of


“This is outrageous.

Even if we die, we must cut a piece of meat from these aliens.

Lets fight for our lives!”

“Were civilians of Earth.

We will not die without a fight.

Everyone, take out your weapons.

This is a life-or-death battle!”

“Continue fighting! Kill!”


The despair in everyones hearts ignited their fighting spirit and unyielding attitude.

All the martial warriors howled in anger and stood up.

They raised their weapons and charged toward the battlecraft in the sky, wanting to pull the alien invaders down to hell with them.

The martial warriors from the Olant Federation stared at them with disdain.

They felt that these Earthlings were overestimating themselves.

They werent their match at all.

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