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Sitting by the edge of the roof thinking of thousand ways to kill myself.

"I have tried walking in front of a moving bus, stabbing my self with a knife ,and many more. Am tired of living, nothing makes me happy, everyday sickens me, there is no point in anything anymore" I said with a little sob.

I stood by ledge of the building took a glass bottle and threw it. It fell so far that it broke in so many pieces. I looked down at the ground, I could see tiny pieces of broken glasses shattered on the ground. "Its now or never" I said anticipating my next action.

As I was about jumping, someone spoke."So you actually want to jump?". I turned to see a tall light skinned man, he looked in his early thirties, he had raven black hair, and metallic silver eyes. I had never seen him before.

"Aren you gonna try and stop me or something?" I asked wondering why he didn . "Naaaah what your doing is none of my business" he replied placing hands in both his pocket.

"So why are you here then?" I asked turning towards where he stood. I have never met this man neither have I seen him, and how did he know I was here. I come here so often but never had I seen him before.

"To see if youll actually jump of this building or not" he said. Interesting, I thought. I turned and looked down. I turned to ask who he was but he wasn there anymore."They is no turning back now" I said taking another step.

It felt like I wouldn reached the ground, because the building was far high up. When i did, it felt so bad, the pain was unbearable.

I opened my eyes to find my self on the ground in a pool of blood. Blood dripping from my head and hands, bruises all over my leg, I wasn able to move any of my body parts.

"Is this it? Will I finally die?", I asked myself in relief. People came rushing towards me with different facial expressions and comments.

"Oh my God, how did this happen?" someone asked. "Maybe she was pushed" another replied. "maybe it was a suicide attempt" someone added. "Is she alive?" another asked. "I don know let me check her pulse" someone said, while placing his finger on my wrist. "she is alive, she survived a fall of that height, its a miracle" someone said.

I wasn able to keep my eyes open, the pain in my body only grew,I felt so weak due to the amount of blood I lost everywhere suddenly went dark.

I woke up on a hospital bed, I was administered drip and my wounds were all attended to. The orphanage I stayed in took care of the bills. I was discharged from hospital six months after being brought in, but those months were hell.

I was scolded, insulted and tormented by the head mistress. Shed always me tell how peaceful the orphanage was before I came and how all I brought was bad luck, shed always ask why I survived the accident, I felt miserable.

When I was being discharged from the hospital, the head mistress came for her final torment before shed continue at the orphanage.

"You little delinquent" she said looking at me with disgust. "All you do is cause trouble" she continued."Youve finally been discharged to rake havoc at the orphanage once again" . "God have mercy on my poor soul",she said raising her both hands in the air. I stood up from the bed I was sitting on and walked to the door.

"Why would I ever want to go back there?, youve only treated me like a slave and also as an animal, Id rather fend for myself than die there" I said reminiscing the past.

How she would make me do all the chores while the others played. Gave me so little portion of food, or sometimes starved me. Some days she would lock me in the store room for hours if not days. No one deserves to live this way.

"Thats wonderful news, I can actually have peace of mind, a great burden being relieved" she rejoiced.

"I wish you died along side your parents in that car crash, we wouldn have to struggle the way we are struggling now" she said with hatred. I couldn take anymore of her nonsense. "Shut your mouth, you old hag", I scolded.

"Excuse me?", she asked in disbelieve. "Ive taken enough of your insults and bad mouthing, but Im fed up with you bad mouthing my parents, my parents were my pillar of happiness and they still are" I spoke remembering the goods times I had with them.

"I don want their clean name to be impure with your bad tongue, keep the stupid orphanage to your self, cause im not coming back"

The head mistress was dumfounded, because I have never raised my voice at her neither have I complained about the way she treated me.

I opened the door and slammed it as I walked out. On the way outside of the hospital, I broke down in tears.

For years Ive been grieving my parents but all she did was rub salt to my wounds, but no more. No more insults, no more torture.

"I might want to die but not through her" I said in tears walking away.

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