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Preston gave me a lift and dropped me at my apartment. " thank you so much, I truly appreciate.. I will forever remember this" I said whole heartedly.

I step out of the car walking up to my apartment door. I looked back at him in the car before waving him goodbye. He waved back before he drove off.

I brought out the key from my pocket, opened the door before I stepped in.

For two years Ive been struggling with house rent, school fees, food and clothing but Now I have this apartment all to myself, one mill. in my account and a another house in stakelake city. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought someone could do something like this for me. Ill forever be grateful to God and Preston.


Two years had passed since that incident. I got admission to the university of Camry, the acceptance rate of this school was little. But I got in, I had to prepare my things for school, cause lectures fully starts on Monday.

I arranged the books I needed in my bag and pressed my clothes for Monday. My apartment is far from the school, so I decided Ill ride my bike .

I stopped to think "if school has extra hours of lesson, how will I cope with work"...."Well...time shall tell" I said as I arranged my freshly pressed clothes in the drawer and headed off to work. I reached my work earlier than usual today.

"Audrey you came early and it isn your shift yet" the manager said not expecting me. "Yes sir I did, I had nothing to do, so I thought of helping out" I answered honestly.

"Thats great, since Kylie isn here yet you can help brew coffee for the lady sitting on the chair" he said gesturing to where the woman sat. "Ok sir, right away" I said as I got a teacup from side counter and headed to the coffee machine.

"Drey you came early today, whys that?", Dean asked not expecting me to be here. He as well wasn supposed to be here. our shift were due at the same time. I guess because we applied together.

"I didn have anything else to do at home and why are you here our shift hasn started yet?" I asked wandering why he was here as well.

"I was less busy", he answered cleaning the counter. "So why are you pestering me?", I asked a little bit irritated. "nothing, just find annoying you pleasing" he said with a light chuckle. I just let out a great sigh.

"Finish making her coffee?" he asked putting the towel on his shoulder. "Im done already" I said as I walked over to hand the coffee. "Maam heres your coffee" I said with a smile. "Thank you" she said recieving her coffee returning the smile. "Your welcome miss" I replied. Kylie then walked in.

"What took you so long?" I asked Wondering what stopped her. Before she could say anything, she just broke down in tears falling on her knees.

"My dad is in a coma" she said crying. "What happened" Ryley asked rushing to her. Dean went over to were Kylie knelt. "How did it happen?" he asked worry hint in his voice.

"He was in an accident" she said in-between sobs. "He was fighting for his life in the hospital, then he went into coma" she said crying much louder.

I was by the counter cause I couldn handle the information, for 9 years I haven heard about anything related to comma or death, actually I have but not related to a father and not up close. Seeing Kylie crying reminded me of my sleepless night crying for the loss of my parents.

"Dad" I said losing my balance. My head started to hurt really badly, my vision became a blur, my body became heavy.

"Audrey", Dean called out as he rushed to me. I lost my balance and fell back, but he caught me on time, he looked really worried. I wanted to tell him I was alright when everything went dark.

"Audrey wake up" someone said. "Dad is that you?" I asked expecting him. This is the only place I can talk to my parents. I still don know how and I didn want to question why.

"pumpkin you need to wake up, you need to be strong" dad said walking towards me. "But I want to be with you and I am strong" I said in a sad tone putting my head down. when I raised It up he was here anymore. I looked left I looked left and right but still didn see him. "NO!" I yelled. "DAD!" I screamed and woke up.

"Audrey your alright, your awake", Dean said with a worried look on his face. "Mr strong boy, why are they tears in your eyes? I just fainted why are you worried" I asked with a light chuckle cause I haven seen him in this in a long time.

"firstly there aren tears in my eyes, something just went in not to long", he Said cleaning his eyes. "And why shouldn I worry?, youve been out for a whole day" he said placing his hand on my head.

"A whole day ,what day is it?", I asked. wondering why I was out for a day. "Sunday" he said worry still hint on his face.

" WHAT! I have classes tomorrow" I said sitting up immediately. "Are you insane? How can you be talking about class in this condition?" he asked suprised.

"Im used to it already, this isn the first time" I said removing the drip in my hand. "what are you doing?" he asked looking at me removing my drip but didn bother to stop me "Going home" I replied ripping off any other attachments.

My hand was bleeding but I didn care. I lost my balance when I came down from the bed but Dean caught me on time.

"Im fine" I said in Deans arms. "If you really want to go, have fun but not too much fun, but I won be there to catch you when you faint" he said and I chuckled.

"Youve been a great friend, I wish to never lose you" I said as I wore my shoes and raced out of the hospital.

•••Deans POV•••

"Audrey" I yelled as I rushed to hold her. Her body felt light, like she was being drained. She went cold, like literally her body was cold and part of her hair was fading.

"Is this what I think it Is", I asked myself worried. Quickly I picked her up and rushed her to the hospital. I reached the hospital on time and searched for a doctor.

"Doctor" I called out. "Whats seems to be the problem" he asked looking at Audrey in my arm. I showed him Audrey and he felt her temperature, it dropped. "Nurse, take this patient for medical check up" he said ushering a near by nurse. "Yes sir" the nurses said as they brought a stretcher with them.

I waited for a while. "I have ran some scans" the doctor said as he met me outside the ward. "Whats the diagnosis?" I asked frantically worried cause Audrey hadn fainted like this before. "She has weak immune system, shes over stressed and has lack of proper rest" he said looking at the paper he held in his hands.

"What made her lose consciousness, if I may ask?" the doctor asked. "Im not sure, one of my friends at work talked about her father being in a coma after being in a serious accident, the next thing I know she fainted" I narrated

"Where are her parents?" the doctor asked not seeing any elderly person come for her. "They are both late" I Said with hesitant. "How did they die?" the doctor asked curiously.

"They were involved in a car accident, she too was in the car but she managed to survive" I said remembering what she had told me. "She is a strong girl to have survived that" the doctor said in her praises. I nodded to his word.

"You are close to the patient right?" the doctor asked. "Please take good care of her she shouldn get herself involved in any stressful activities or anything thatd stress her out" the doctor said handing me. the paper. "Ok" I replied recieving it.

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