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Monday reached sooner than expected. Ive taken my bath, and gotten prepared for school. I stepped out of the apartment and lock the door behind me, I went to were my bicycle was placed and adjusted it, then I hopped on the bicycle and rode off with it. On the way to school I met Dean on his bicycle too.

"Dean where are you going to so early?" I asked stopping the bicycle. "im going to school, just like you" he replied pressing the brakes on his bicycle as well.

"You didn tell me you got admission to a university" I said trying to remember if he did tell me about applying for a uni. "I didn ? I must have forgotten" he said with a small grin on his face.

"You little-" I said angrily about to grab him. "Im sorry" he said dodging with a light chuckle. "So which university did you apply for?" I asked curiously. "Ive been in the university long before you got in" he replied.

"Wow, really?" I asked getting of the bicycle to look at him. honestly I thought doesn school, because in away he looked like a bad boy who would stab classes. "Yes" he said doing the same. "What is the name?" I asked with excitement.

"UA", he replied. "Isn it close to mine?" I asked calculating the distance. "hmm", he answered using his hand to comb his hair. "So we could actually ride to school together" I said excited. "Sure we can, everyday" he said looking at my expression.

"Can we get going now, Ill be late on my first day of session" I said getting back on my bicycle. He as well got on his bicycle and we rode off.

Deans school is before mine, its like a five minutes ride to his school from my school.

We reached his first. "Well meet by that tree over there" I said pointing over to a oak big tree. "Sure" he replied shortly. I waved him goodbye and began to ride. I reached school before the teacher arrived.

"Good day class, I know some of you are new here, I hope you enjoy it here at Camry university" she said acknowledging the whole class.

"My name is Mrs Smith and im your class teacher, so please be well behaved, Ill be in my staff room if you need me" she added and left the classroom.

I waited for her to conclude the introduction before I would pull out my things. I placed my bag on the desk, was about pulling out a book when someone bang on the top of the desk.

"We meet again" a girl spoke. The voice sounded so familiar, I looked up to see a light skinned girl with black hair, she wore a pink crop top with a blue mini skirt.

it took me time to realize who this person was because of the heavy makeup she wore. when I looked a little closer I realized it was lucy.

"What do you want this time?" I asked my gaze still on her. "For you to mind your business and stick on your lane. this is a new place, I don want you annoying or angering me" she said in an aggressive tone. "I haven done anything yet" I said wondering whats her beef.

"You haven ,but I know you will" she said throwing my bag to the floor and walked away laughing. "Such stupidity, I can see its overwhelming, I wonder how she got to high institution with that brain of hers"I said picking my bag and the things that fell out of it.

Usually the university has dorms for students to stay in, but since my house isn that far from here, I can ride my bicycle through and frow.

I left the class room to stroll round the school premises a little. on my way I ran into someone or lets just say he ran into me, cause technically he did. I got a little glimpse of who he was, he was tall, a little bit Lean, he had light peach skin, with blonde hair that covered his brown eyes.

We both fell, but he stood up quickly and ran away before I could say sorry. it seemed he was in a hurry to get somewhere or was he running away from someone.

My Lectures today started really smoothly, I understood everything that was taught. Classes were over and it was time for me to head home. I was walking towards the exit of the school while looking at a book in my hands, when I collided with someone again.

how many people will I bump into today, I thought. luckily I didn fall this time, but I can say so for my books. I looked up to see who I bumped into to apologize. it was that guy, the guy of earlier that was running somewhere.

"Im so sorry" he apologized before he went on his heels helping with my books and bag. "No its my fault, I wasn watching were I was going" I said joining him, when he was through he handed me my bag.

"may I ask why you were running earlier?", I asked a little bit curious. "Running?. oh! I overslept and was late to class", he said scratching the back of his head.

"You wouldn mind if I knew your name, right?" he asked with a warm smile. "not at all, Im Audrey" I answered with a faint smile.

"Im Luca, nice to meet you Audrey" he said extending his left arm. "Nice to meet you too" I said giving him my right arm.

"Im sorry but I have to go hope to bump into you next time" I jokingly said releasing my hand from his and walking away. "Bye" I said waving away. I walked to were I parked my bic got on it and rode to the tree I was meant to meet Dean.

I found him sitting under the tree looking at something on his phone. "Took you long enough" he said getting up and putting his phone in his pocket. "Im sorry I got caught up in alot of things" I said nothing wanting to tell him how I bumped into someone twice.

"So how was school?" I asked trying to kill the silence around us. "It was okay" he said with a slight yawn. "Yours?" He asked walking up to the place he kept his bicycle. "Fine" I replied. "Let start heading home before it gets dark" Dean said mounting his bicycle. "Ok" I said as I led way.

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