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it was already the next day,I reached school early just like I always did in highschool. "I didn get to finish my tour of the school yesterday" I said writing something in my note book.

Since they aren any teachers around and im free till 11th period, so why not take this chance, I thought closing the book on my desk. I stood up placed all my things in my bag and headed out.

I was a few walks away from the building when I paused"how and where will I start touring from?. this school is big".

I continued walking looking at the buildings and so many other things, when I met Luca. "hey. Audrey right?" he asked as if he was recalling my name. "Yes. Luca?" I answered remembering his name as well.

"So where you of to so early?" he asked curiously. "oh me. I just wanted to tour the school, but I don know where to start from. The school is so big" I said playing with the strap on my bag. "oh. Im very vast with the school, I could accompany you and give a tour" he said with a calm smile. "If you don mind" he gave a dry laugh.

"sure. why not, I would have gotten lost" I said with a dry laugh as well.

We both walked together and he showed me alot of places I never knew. who knew the school had a small lake, I mean he knew but wow.

He was the only one talking so I thought why not ask some questions to keep the tour lively.

"hey. Are you a senior?. because I haven seen you in my class", I asked while we walked. "yeah I am. Im art based you?", he asked while he paused waiting for my reply.

"Im commercial based. things related to business and stuff", I said swaying my body left and right. we continue walking and came up with so many other things to talk about. He is really nice and also funny and he is really calm.

So much time had gone by that I didn even realize it was was just 10 mins to the eleventh period.

"Thank you so much. if it wasn for you Ill still be thinking of where to start from. I have classes now Ill be off" I said with a big smile and started walking the other way.

"no prob. Id love we do this sometime again" he said waving me away.

a few steps before Id reach the class someone shoved me to the ground. I sat on my knees and looked up to see who it was. it was lucy chewing a pink gum, why aren I suprised, I thought. "I see you lost your sanity over the years" I said picking myself off the ground.

"Why are you always a torn in my path?" she asked in rage blowing a bubble. "What have I done this time?" I asked Wondering what I did to get her on my neck.

what irritated me the most was the way she chewed her come, they was no difference between her and a goat.

"what were you doing with luca, I saw you flirting with him. lucah is my catch" she said furiously clenching her fist.

I took me time to reason this whole scenerio,"so you shoved me over a boy?". it got me thinking how many sense did this girl look. I on my own minding my own business and she just shoved me because of a boy. wow, I thought dusting my clothes

"I don want to see with him. I saw him first" she spoke as if she owned him. "And what makes you think you can tell me this?" I asked raising an eyebrow up.

"I don care who you think, just want you to stay away from him" she said pulling out the gum in her mouth bringing out a paper and placed it in it.

"all this fuss over a guy. fine" I said rolling my eyes.

"I don want your middle class nature rubbing off on him" she spoke under her breath pulling out a gum from her mini purse.

"Excuse me?" I asked in a shocked tone

"Sorry I meant middle class mentality" she said opening the gum and putting it in her mouth. "whats the difference?. you know I really wanted to walk away from this but I guess Ill make him my catch", I said with a grin visible on my face.

"better luck next time, his not in your league", she said in a proudful manner. "says the girl who can even walk up to him", I laughed.

"ill make him fall for me just for fun", I said with a chuckle because Lucy look like steam would come out through her ears.

"you little-", she said coming after me, but I moved and she fell flat on her stomach.

"tsk tsk tsk not in uni too, I left my childish ways in highschool, Ill advise you do too", I said laughing as I walked away.

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