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Death Her self love at first sight

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****Lucas POV.

"an early morning stroll can do alot", I said working on the field breathing in the fresh air. I wonder who was the girl I ran into yesterday, she seem pretty, I thought taking a deep breath.

when I released it my eyes fell on her. speak of the devil and he appears, I phrased in my mind.

"hey. Audrey right?",i asked remembering her name. how could I forget the name of the most beautiful girl I ever saw.

"yes, Lucah"she answered recalling my name as well. "so were you of to so early?",i asked trying to start up a conversation.

"So where you of to so early?" i asked curiously. "oh me. I just wanted to tour the school, but I don know where to start from. The school is so big" she said playing with the strap on my bag.

"oh. Im very vast with the school, I could accompany you and give a tour" i said with a calm smile.

this could be my opportunity to get to know her better, I thought. "If you don mind" i gave a dry laugh.

"sure. why not, I would have gotten lost"she said with a dry laugh to and it became a little awkward.

We both walked together and I showed her alot of places, like the field, the lake on the other side of the school. the library and so many others. I explained alot of things as we walked.

"hey. Are you a senior?. because I haven seen you in my class", she asked and it got my attention. "yeah I am. Im art based you?", i asked.

"Im commercial based. things related to business and stuff", she said swaying her body and it made her look cute.

we continue walking and I came up with so many other things to talk about. she is really lively and any time she giggled it gave me butterflies .

I was lost in thought when she spoke"Thank you so much. if it wasn for you Ill still be thinking of where to start from. I have classes now Ill be off".

she gave me a big warm smile and started walking away. I felt blood rushing to my head. "no prob. Id love we do this sometime again" i waving her away.

" what a day", I whispered underneath my breath still watching her walk away.

I met up with my friends in the hostel, but still lost in my dreams. "earth to man earth to man",he spoke waving his hand in front of my face.

Daniel, Nate and Will are my hostel mates. when I first got into Camry we all were assigned to the dorm.

"sorry", I said with smile and chuckle. "what were you day dreaming about?", Nate asked shaking me because I still couldn stop the look I had on my face.

"theys a pretty girl I ran into yesterday, and I still met her on the way today", I said in way it felt like I was levetating.

"oh my. someones on thin ice"Daniel joked dropping the book he held in his hand to hear more. "give us more details im liking were this is going", Will said as he smiled knowing smile.

"i was running to class and I bumped into her,but I didn see her clearly because I was in a rush, same that day her books collided with me", I said while imagining everything .

"we both bent down to pick it, when I found the most beautiful pair of russet brown eyes in the midst of her long eyelashes, when she looked at me I could see the suns reflection in those eyes and when she smiled. o-h-h l-or-r-d!"I spoke with so much lust.

"wake up Romeo", Daniel said as he laughed. "yeah. your oppressing us", Nate laughed with Daniel.

"she has long curly brown hair, when she stood , I could see her curves through the clothes she wore", I said analysing her figure in my mind

"when she smiled I could only see a dimple on her left cheek, and she has dull red lips", I added remembering those lips of hers.

"this your analysis is very wonderful", Will said they all broke into laughter. I laughed as well cause I never knew I could analyze a person as well as that.

"we would love to see the girl who captured your heart", Daniel laughing standing up from where he sat.

Nate and Daniel walked out off the room, but I didn notice cause I was still day dreaming of her. " hey Romeo lectures are about to start", Will called out as he laughed out of the room. I broke away from my daze got up and locked the door behind me.

***Audreys POV.

School was over and I and Dean headed over to the cafe. I and Dean were talking all about how school went and were laughing over it. "would you believe Lucy shove me over a boy", I said still recalling everything

"yes I would, but why did she?", he asked laughing. " his a senior, and she likes him", I said pulling out some plastic cups. "he gave me a tour round the school"

"is that so", he said pulling up the container fill with tea to place it on the counter

"she said she doesn want me to rub my middle class nature on him and he wasn in my league. could you believe that?", I asked cleaning inside the plastic cups. Did she think I would simp for a boy like him I have class,I thought.

"wow then what did you do?", he asked as if wanting to here more. "i told her I wasn interested in him before, but now am gonna win him over for fun", I said putting the towel over my shoulder.

"whoa whoa, why do you want to toy with the poor guys emotions?", he asked feeling sorry for the poor guy. "im not playing with his emotions, just wanna get back at Lucy", I said creating a motive in my head.

"but using him as a pawn for your game is toying with him", he explained it cleaning the top of the container. "mmmmmm I thinking it through", I said pouting my lips and folding my arms.

"nevermind", he said placing his towel over his shoulder. "theys a girl pestering me at school", he added.

"whys that?", I asked smiling sheepishly. "i dunno. maybe she likes me", he said with a light chuckle. "wow, I can believe a girl could fall for an ugly guy like you", I joked letting out laugh. "haha as if your any prettier", he said before laughing over it.

"I am too", I said with a giggle. "nope your like a baby pig", he joked trying to hide his laugh. "haha so funny", I said sarcastically while pulling out my towel wanting to wipe him with. That made him laugh more. We chatted until our shift were over and we rode home.

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