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I took my bath, brushed my teeth and did a couple other things before I decided on what I was gonna wear today. "If am gonna impress a guy like Luca I need to change my outfit" I said looking into my wardrobe.

"This will do" I said bringing out a pair of cream cargo pants, black turtle neck and a beanie.

when I was through dressing I looked in the mirror to see how I looked. I look to plain, I thought. I opened my drawer and brought some chains and added it on the trouser, I also wore hand chain and a neck chain. I put on dark eye liner, a little bit of blush and then deodorant.

"Now Im ready to go" I said looking at the mirror. I wore my heel boots and rode to Deans house.

when I got to his house, I open the door with the spare key that was hidden in a plant vase."Hello?" I said opening his door and walking in. "Dean are you ready yet?" I yelled looking around to find him. "Give me thirty minutes" I heard him reply in a yell.

"Thirty minutes, haven you showered yet?" I asked a little bit furious. "No" he gave a short replied.

"God, what type of boy is he?" I asked to myself as I sat on his sofa. I got bored sitting still and doing nothing so I stood up and began to look round the house seeing so many paintings and doors.

Ive been here so many times, but still know nowhere around here....For a house this big, he must have been really working hard, I thought. I toured every where except one room, and im not talking about Deans room.

Ive toured this house but never once had I come across this door. Maybe I did but never paid any attention to it, I thought staring at the door knob.

I placed my hand on the knob to open it, I felt like a force pushed me down. the impact was so great I hit my head on the floor

Momma, momma pick me up please I heard someone say, It sounded like a little girl. The voice was very familiar, but I couldn quite pin point on who the owner of the voice was or anything like that cause my head was throbbing.

Go meet your father dear, im packing up for the picnic said a woman in a yellow chiffon gown. Dadda, dadda pick me up please the girl said she running to a man.

my face traced to where she ran too.. this man was my father, but how. Dad, I said as tears started to well in my eyes.

dark brown hair, russet brown eyes, this is me 10 years ago, I thought with tears running down my eyes. Alright pumpkin he said lifting her up in the air. Twirling and played with her.

Daddy I love you, she said with a giggle. daddy loves you too pumpkin he said pinching her cheeks.

Honey, Audrey its time to go, every thing is set mom said raising a basket she held in her hand . "

Yay! little me said as she ran towards mom. Slow down pumpkin, dad said with a soft chuckle.

The scenery changed all of a sudden, now we were all eating in the park when it began to drizzle. Oh no, lets pack up before the rain hits us,mom said picking up the plates from the mat.

Already little me said sounding a bit disappointed. Don worry when we get home Ill make you your favorite dish mom said smiling. Yaaay little me jumped.

The scene changed again, the rain was really heavy, we couldn see where we were going. All of a sudden thunder stroke along with lightening and down came a tree. It landed on the road and we crashed into it. The car summersault until it laid face down on the road.

little me was crying terribly. I saw a light flashed in front of the window. A person pulled the car door open with great difficulty. when the door managed to open, he pulled me out. I couldn see who it was because it was really dark.

"Why did he save only me? What of my parents?" I asked still seeing my parents strapped to the seat. "Audrey, Audrey" I heard someone call out my name.

I gasped awake, panting really hard. "Audrey, are you alright?" Dean asked worry hint in his voice. i couldn answer because of shock, so I began to cry

"Its be-e-n over 10 y-ears since Ive had that dr-eam" I said crying really hard. "What dream?" he asked worried stroking my hair. "Dreams of my accident " I said crying a bit harder.

"Im really sorry" he said pulling me closer to him. "Don cry your spoiling your make up"

I cleaned my tears with a towel I brought out from my pocket. "Now you look like a troll" he said joked and my cheek burn red due to embarrassment. I laughed as I cleaned up the mascara that ran down my eyes. "Hurry up you be late for school" he said helping me up from the chair.

•••Deans POV•••

"Dean are you ready yet?" I heard Audrey yell. "Give me thirty minutes" I yelled back. "Thirty minutes, haven you showered yet" she asked furiously. "No" I gave a short reply.

"So haisty just because of school" I said applying soap on my hair. I finished taken my bath, applied body cream, and wearing my clothes when I heard a loud sound.

"AUDREY!" I yelled running outside my to go downstairs. I looked for her everywhere until I met her laying on the floor.

"No" I said under my breath seeing the door she laid across . "What was she doing there?" I asked rushing to her and picked her up.

I looked towards the door and it was still closed but the barrier keeping me out was broken. This hadn been open for so many years, Ive tried so many times to open the door Even touching it wasn easy. But all of a Audrey touched it and the barrier was broken.

"It can be, this door has been barricaded since HE left" I said looking at the door and looking at Audrey who laid unconscious in my arms.

"This means...?" I asked myself. "But how is that possible her hair this color?" I asked myself as I held her now ash blonde hair in my hand.

she once told me her hair was white at a young age, so how come is this colour now?. Im really lost,I thought.

I hurriedly rushed her to the sofa. "Audrey, Audrey" I called out while grabbing a book to fan her. I felt her palm and it was getting cold, and tears dropped from her closed eyes.

Her breathing became unsteady. "Audrey! Audrey!" I shook her to get her eyes open, but to know avail. " I don really want to do this, but I have no other choice", I heaved a deep sigh.

I swiped from her index and middle finger across her forehead, curved my hand to a fist placed on her chest before I swiped across her chest with my middle and index finger.

i locked my powers away with the last memories I had of my late mom, because using it reminded me of her. She was the only person who accept me for me. Her death had a great impact on me. she was the only parent I had, I had no father.

After two attempts Audrey started showing signs of waking up but tears streamed down her closed eyes until she finally open them.

"Its be-e-n over 10 y-ears since Ive h-ad that dr-eam" she said sniffling. "What dream?" I asked consoling her by stroking her hair gentle.

"Dreams of the accident" she said crying. "Im really sorry" I said pulling her closer so she could cry on my chest.

"Don cry your spoiling your make up" I said trying to make her stop. she looked up at me with her big russet brown eyes, cleaned her tears with a cloth she brought out of her pocket.

"Now you look like a troll" I said letting out a chuckle. Her face turned bright red of embarrassment, then she laughed as she cleaned up the mascara that ran down her eyes.

"Hurry up youll be late for school" I said helping her up from the chair. She got up but wasn able to walk properly cause she hit her head really hard. So I lent a hand and saw her through, then locked the door behind us.

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