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I was a bit late to school but I made it on time for lectures. My head still aches really bad, it hurt so bad that i slept through my whole lecture.

It turned out it wasn the whole lecture but the whole day. I woke up after a good nap to find no one in class.

"where is everyone?", I asked letting out a great yawn. No one was left in the school campus and it was turning dark. I left my class, walked round the whole building but no single person was around, I was alone.

"Oh no Dean must be waiting for me", I said looking the watch I had on my wrist. I hurried out of the class, running towards the buildings exit but it was locked.

I called out but no one answered. I checked my cellphone but there weren any bars to make any calls.

"Shoot! How did I get myself into this mess?" I asked shaking my phone. "Guess Im destined to have bad luck all my life" I said rolling my eyes.

"Come on, come on" I said jumping up and down just to get a single bar. I went back into the classroom but they still weren any bars.

"I don get, but they were bars this morning" I said searching for signals. I looked through the window and saw the sky beginning to darken.

"Rain seriously, how cursed am I?!" I asked myself facepalming. I stood on the teachers table to find signal, and I was able to get three. "Finally signal" I said dialing Deans number.

A - Hello, Dean?

I said as he answered the call.

D - Where are you? Ive been waiting for you to show up and its about to rain

He asked sounding a bit worried and a little annoyed.

A - Im locked in school and no ones around

D - How did that happen?

A - Long story, just come help me and hurry, please

D - Okay, Im coming

He replied and ended the call.

I looked at the phone screen where Deans name was shown. when I was through looking I place my phone back in my pocket as was about climbing down when I heard the loud sound of thunder and I fell off.

The table was kinda high and I fell on my left leg spraining my ankle badly.

"Aaaaah!!, whyyyyyyy!!" I screamed clenching the top part of my leg. I used the little strength I had to stand up, limped towards the class exit.

it took all my strength to limp all the way to the buildings exit waiting for Dean to come. I couldn take the pain anymore so I sat on the floor. I looked and saw him coming on his bicycle.

"Dean" I said with joy in my heart that the fact that Ill be going home finally. "Took you long enough" I added still feeling the pain on my leg.

"It started raining already on the other side" he said parking his bicycle. "And why are you on the floor?" he asked scrutinizing my appearance and sitting position.

"Sprained my ankle...badly and I can walk" I said looking at my leg. "Wow" he said pulling out somethings from his pocket. He went to where the lock was and started doing somethings, I wasn able see what was doing. In the process of opening the lock it began to rain and it kept increasing.

"And there...No skill is a waste", he said proudly as he unlocked the lock and opened the door.

"it seems nice seeing on the ground" he chuckled . "Ha-Ha very funny, please just pick me up" I said stretching my hands up to him.

"such attitude, where is your magic", he asked with a fake surprised look. "please", I said letting out a big sigh.

Ill get you for this, I said in my mind. he carried me up cradled me in his hands and walked towards a classroom.

"We won be able to leave right now, the rain is too heavy" he said placing me on one of the chairs.

"Let me have a look at that" he said squatting bending towards my feet. He picked my leg up and straightened it. "Aaaaaaah" I yelled because of the pain I felt.

"are you trying to kill me", I asked giving him a hard glare. "Oh sorry does it hurt" he asked placing my leg down.

"No, it just feels like dozens of cotton candy bunnies are nibbling on my feet and I screamed just now cause its very sweet" I said sarcasm clear in my voice.

"I guess well be here for a quite while" he said standing up dusting his hands. "I don want to stay here with you" I said still angry with the way he treated my leg.

"Your welcome to leave" he said smiling gesturing the exit. "Or till the storm passes out" he added.

"Stuck in a classroom with such an annoying person" I scoffed rubbing my leg gently. "Annoying?" he asked turning back to look at me. "Nothing", I gave a short reply.

"Weve been best friends for three years and you call me annoying? Is it that bad being stuck here with me?" he asked folding his arms.

" im in pain right now" I said clenching my fist. "So what do you want me to do?" he asked releasing his hands.

"Can you please get me down from this chair?" I asked calmly. "Then where should I place you?" he asked walking up to me.

"By the board over there" I said pointing at the stairs by the teachers desk. "On the floor?" he asked looking at where I pointed. "Yeah" I replied stretching my hands forward. "Okay then, if you say so?" he said while picking me up and placing me by the stairs.

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