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Death Her self My first kiss

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Thunder stroke, lightening flashed. It was still raining heavy. "so what are we gonna do?",I asked looking up at Dean.

"we could play a game", Dean suggested looking at something in his phone. "no. not in the mood", I said looking away.

"ok, then when your in the mood Ill be over here", he said walking to the window side putting his phone in his pocket.

I would have kept my self busy with my phone, but It was out of bar.

"your school is nice",he said looking at the environment through the window. "yeah I know",I said remembering the tour I had with Luca.

"well Ill take a stroll",he said leaving from where he stood. "are you gonna leave me here?", I asked not wanting to be alone in the classroom.

who knows what could be lurking around, waiting to strike at any moment.

"i can bring you along with me your hurt",he said gesturing my injured leg. "oh",I gave a short reply. "i forgot I was injured", I said looking down disappointed.

"how could you forget your injured?", he asked. "i don know, the pain just subsided", I said moving my leg slightly.

"i have a suggestion",he said walking up to me. "and whats that?",I asked. He came closer to me and squatted down,"get on my back".

"but why?", I asked wondering what he wanted to do. "to carry you, with me", he said. "oh.. but is that necessary?",I asked shyly.

"You don have to if you don want to", he said about standing up. "No wait", I said pulling him back down. I got on his back reluctantly because I have never done this before and he lifted me up with ease.

we left the class we were in, both exploring everywhere until we got tired. "let rest for a while", Dean said squatting by a wall outside a class. "ok that would be nice",I said as I got off his back.

I looked at Dean and noticed something off with his hair, the beginning of the hair were white.

"why is your hair growing white?", I asked point at his over which was slightly covered with his hoody. "it is?!", Dean asked as he tried cover his hair with his hood.

"you know you can tell me anything", I said reassuringly. "weve been friends for three years, so you can trust me". "Say the girl who didn want to be in class with me", he said seating right next to me.

"I was in pain. but Im sorry", I said placing my hand on his lap. "But you can really trust me".

"i was born that way", he said letting out a big sigh. "ive been dying it for years". "wow", I said a little bit suprised. "i know am a freak right?", he asked covering his face with his hands.

"No. im just surprised", I said pulling his hands from his face. "why?",he asked. "because I too was born with white hair", I said remembering those days.

I still remember those days when my hair was white as snow both my eyelashes and brow. "what?!", Dean asked in shock.

"but your hair is dark brown", he said lifting up a strand of my hair. "yeah I know", I said let out a dry laugh. "Five years after I was born my hair grew brown".

"how is that possible?", he asked looking at me, I could his sense his was really surprised. "infact my eyes were baby blue, till when I was two years old and I could still see", I said.

"thats amazing", Dean said looking at me. "im also a freak too", I said covering my face with my hands. "No your not", he said with disappoinment.

the way he said it I could sense the regret that it held.

"ive been the freak", he said placing his back against the wall. "you grew out of your condition, only my eyes darkened up", he said closing his eyes.

"ive been bullied, tortured. and tormented my whole life", he said with pain hint in his voice. "i have never found peace".

"in primary school my class mate would bully me and pour paint on my hair, and If I went to report the teachers would ignore me", he said, I could tell he was reliving the pain.

"i was treated like a freak, so I decided to dye my hair" he said. "they was a girl I like, I approached her and told her how I felt,but she poured the drink she held on her hand on my head and laughed".

"then she said i would never even in my dreams date a freak like you , and thats when I decided never to trust, or try to fit in,I succumb to my bad fate", he said with hatred and lost.

"ive been treated badly my whole life", he said as he almost broke into tears. "Im sorry ",I said pulling him close to me.

he buried his head on my shoulder. I could hear him sniffling. I couldn do a thing to stop his tears and that hurt me.

"i know how you feel", I said as tears ran down my eyes, i couldn hold myself back.

we aren different, our pass seemed similar. The bullying, the maltreatment. so many things we all went through.

"Im a sorry, good for nothing, worthless being", I said clenching on to his hoody. "I wish i died along side my parents, then I wouldn be feeling this pain, or be a big burden to people".

"Im an ugly mistake", I said looking away crying terribly. "your not a mistake", Dean said turning my face. "your a beautiful gift sent to me from God and I can be much greatful", he said wiping my tears as they streamed down.

"your just saying that", I said. "Im not, I mean every word", he said still cleaning my tears. "Im very lucky to have a best friend like you", he said looking into my eyes and then he leaned in for a kiss.

I was lost in daze, my heart had never skipped a beat before, this feelings were knew to me. when I realized what was going on i backed away immediately.

"Im sorry... im crossing my boundaries", he said moving back when I held his face with both my hands. "no your not", I said as I kissed him back.

he lifted me up and took me into one other class rooms. I was shivering terribly and sneezing badly. "haachew, haachew", I kept on sneezing nonstop. Dean pulled off his sweater and handed it over to me.

"no its alright I don need it", I said pushing it back to him. But he still didn listen, he wore the sweater on me. After a while he began to shiver,but he didn care.

"i have a better idea", I said removing his sweater. I gave him to wear and went under his arms as he embraced me with the warmth of his cloth and body. And I fell asleep with out any care in the world.

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