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Death Her self In his embrace

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I woke up in the warm embrace of Dean, still found him sleeping. Deans heart beat is so peaceful, I thought.

I looked at my watch and saw it was already 12:00am. I gently released myself from Dean, got up from where I laid to looked outside. It had stopped raining"thank God the rain has finally stop", I said my gaze fixed outside.

"Dean, Dean", I called while shaking him trying to wake him up. "i won go anywhere", Dean said in his sleep.

"i will never be like you, and I will never go with you", he said in his steering left and right. "what is he talking about?",I asked still shaking him.

"Dean, Dean get up we need to leave" I said still shaking him,Still not getting an answer I shouted his name"Dean!".

"Im up", he said as he sat up quickly. "the rain has stopped",I said pointing outside. "oh yeah", he said with sleep still hint in his eyes.

"Dean", I called. "hmmm", he answered wiping away the sleep left in his eyes. "who were you talking too in your sleep?",I asked.

"huh?",he asked with a yawn. "you were muttering something in your sleep about not following someone", I said sitting back down. "it was just bad a dream", he said standing up.

"nevermind that let get out of here", he added. "ok lets go", I said standing up. But immediately I stood up I lost balance and fell due to the felt pain on my leg. "How could I forget about my injured leg?" I asked with so much pain.

"Drey be careful", Dean said holding on to me. "let me help you", Dean said lifting me up. "ill help you home".

He picked my bag and his and carried me to the buildings exit. "what of my bicycle ?..how will I get to school tomorrow?", I asked wondering how I would get to school tomorrow.

"don worry Ill give you a ride to school tomorrow",he said walking up to his bicycle.

He kept me at the front and he hung both our bags for on his shoulder. I held on to iron of the bicycle to avoid falling off while he rode.

The scenery was very beautiful, the way the stars twinkled in the night sky, the way the cold breeze blew in my hair but most especially Dean.

I have never noticed how handsome Dean looked before, his hazel eyes sparkled in the moon light. The way the wind blew through his hair was just amazing. I have never felt this way about anyone in my life, all I ever felt were pain and misery, so the way Im feeling right now is new.

We reached my house 30 minutes after we left the school. He picked me up from the bicycle and walked with me to the front door. I pulled out my house key from my bag, then unlocked the door. He carried me to my room opened the door, put on the light and placed me on the bed.

I felt really sleepy, struggling to keep my eyes open. He pulled the sheets over me tucking me in. "good night Drey", he said as he got of the bed, put off the light and exited the room.


I haven slept like this in a very long time. I don know if it is because of Audreys present, or because my body was worn out.

"Adrienne", I heard someone call my name. I was to lazy to seat up and didn pay attention to it. "Adrienne".

"what!,what do you want!!", I snapped hearing the name Adrienne. "and Ive told you so many times, my name isn Adrienne it is Dean", I said irritated looking at a tall figure who stood far away from me. I couldn see his face properly, but I could see his baby blue eyes. He wore a black cloak over his head, the cloak covered his whole body.

"a habit", he spoke, but I knew he didn care. "what are you doing here?", I asked irritated. "Im hear for you", he spoke with a smile.

I could see his sharp features. the lighting of the environment wasn clear but I could see his face. He has a point nose, with a well constructed jaw line. He had a full beard with thick eyebrows brows.

"i have nothing to do with you so leave me alone", I said turning away. "i won stop until I have you on my side, until you follow me", he said stepping forward.

"i won go anywhere", I said in rage. "you have a whole kingdom to rule, a lot a soul to take", he said with still walking forward, but it made me move backwards.

"i will never be like you, and I will never go with you",i said I said still moving backwards. "you can change your destiny, and you can hide from faith", he said.

"Dean, Dean get up we need to leave" someone called my name. "you can hide your true nature", he said with a wide grin.

"Dean!"..."im up",I said as i sat up quickly. "the rain has stopped",Audrey said pointing outside. "oh? yeah",I said sitting up properly.

"Dean", she called. "hmmm", i answered trying to wipe away the sleep left in my eyes. "who were you talking too in your sleep?",she asked curiously. she wants answers to questions I don know.

"huh?", I asked wiping my eye with my hand. "you were muttering something in your sleep about not following someone",she said confused. "it was just a bad dream", i said.

"nevermind that let get out of here",I said standing up. "ok lets go", she said standing up, she fell in pain, but I was able to catch her, even i too forgot about her injured leg.

"Drey be careful", i said holding her. "let me help you",i said lifting her off the ground. "ill help you home".

I picked up her bag and mine and carried her out of the classroom and towards the buildings exit. "wait, what of my bicycle?..how will I get to school tomorrow?", she asked looking at me.

"don worry Ill give you a ride to school",i said walking to were I parked my bicycle. I kept her at the front of my bicycle and hung both my bag and hers around my shoulders, and began to ride.

When the ride began she held on to bicycle steering tightly. The scene was very beautiful, the way the star twinkled in the sky, the way the cold wind blew in my hair was nice it felt refreshing. I could feel a pair of russet brown eyes staring me. Her gaze were filled with love and amusement.

We reached her house safely. I walk with her in my arm up to her door. she brought out her house key from her bag and open the door for us to enter. I opened her room door, put the lights on and placed her on the bed.

I guessed she was still tired because she quickly fell asleep. I pulled the sheets over her and tucked her in. "good night Drey", I said getting off her bed, put off the light and exited the room.

I left her house, made sure her doors were locked and rode home. Immediately i reached my house, i went straight to my bed. I didn even bother taking off my shoes.

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