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Death Her self I'll never go with you

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Still in Deans Pov

"Adrienne you can hide from the truth",he said in a calm tone. "follow me and all your miserys would be over".

"Even if its my last option I won never take it",I said standing my ground. "its in a matter of time we shall see", he said in an unbothered manner.

"why can you leave me be?",I asked folding my fist in rage. "you know nothing about me or my present life",I said turning my back at him

"How sure are you?", asked Mortem. "I know you like that girl". "which girl?", I asked partly turning to look at him.

who did he know?and how did he know her?. there are alot of girls I know, I hope it isn Audrey because I have never brought up or talk about her in his presence.

"whats her name?", he asked stroking his chin while looking up. "Ahh yes, young Audrey", he said as if it was a lost memory he just recalled.

"what!!. how do you know her?",I asked in shock as I turn to face him fully. "their is nothing you do that I don know", he said with a malicious grin.. "I see that you care for that girl".

"Don you dare touch her", I said with a cold tone anticipating whether to walk up to him or not, but he turned away from me.

"i won if you give into my demands". He began to walk away which increased my anxiety.

"what do you mean? I will never give in!", I yelled a little confused but worried. "we shall see", he spoke walking further. "come back here!", I yelled walking after him. But ignored he me. "Mortem!", I yelled, but in a blink of an eye he vanished.

" come back here!", I shouted in rage. "Mortem!", I yelled then I woke up. I checked the time ,it was 5:27am. "What did he mean?", I asked puzzled. Because I knew it wouldn mean well.

Ill figure that out later,now let me freshen up and then go over to Audreys to ride her to school, she must already be waiting, I thought.

I got of bed, took a cold shower to ease my tension, I ate my breakfast and hurried over to her house.

I arrived at her house 30 minutes after I left my house. I walked up to her before I checked my watch and it said it 6:30am. I nudged on the door but it was locked, so i got out my phone to call Audrey.

I unlocked my phone before dialing her number, it began to ring before she picked it.


D- "Yh hello Im at the door but it lock, where did you leave the spare key?", I asked looking around in possible places it could be hidden.

A-"It is under the rug".

D- "Okay". I said before I hung the call.

I stepped away from the floor mat, bent down raised the mat up and picked the key before opening the door. When I was in I went to look for Audrey.

I walked up to her room and knock on the door,"come in", she answered. I opened the door to find her already dressed, she wore a light blue knee length chiffon gown with a black belt. Her hair was tied up to a bun and adorn with silver and gold hair pins. she wore brown leather knee length boots.


e up and kitted so early, whys that?", she asked placing some other things on her hair. "im meant to drop you off at school remember, and its already 7:55", I said gesturing the watch on my wrist.

"Oh my God, why didn you tell me Im already late?", she said getting up from her dressing table and picking up her things.

"what a nerd", I mummured underneath my breath, but she heard it. she threw a pillow at me but I was able to dodged it on time. "now hurry up lets go, I have classes", she said picking up her bag dashing out of her room.

she just don seem to get enough of school, do you, i though walking out of her room. She waited for me to come, but I walked at my own pace "Dean hurry up!", she shouted. "im coming", I said rushing out her house.

I mounted the bicycle and she sat at the front of the bicycle and held on to the bicycle rode. We rode all the way to her school.

when we reached her school parking lot, i could feel a lot of gazes on me. "oh my who is that sweet stuff?". " ,"Gad his so cute". "who is he?".

"isn that Lucy over there?", I gestured were she stood. she was giving Audrey a deadly glare.


"isn that Lucy over there?", Dean asked gesturing to were she stood. The way she glared at me was livid, she looked like she was gonna rip my head off my body if she had a chance.

"Dean could you do something for me?", I asked tugging his sleeve. "let me guess its related to Lucy", he said, he gaze still fixed on Lucy.

"what is it?", he asked looking down at me. "i know this is to much but could you miss school for me today, I want to make Lucy so jealous she would burst", I said looking at him with pleading eye.

"hmmmm", he said in a low tone. "please, I owe you ", I said with pleading eyes tugging his sleeve a little harder. "fine", he agreed and parked his bicycle on the ring where other bicycle where placed.

I held onto his hand and walk into the school happily cause he agreed. "you already know were my class is so well head there first", I said walking hand in hand with Dean down the hallway when we met Luca.

"Audrey, hi how are you?", he asked looking at me before turning to Dean. "im fine", I replied with a great smile. "who is your new friend Audrey?, is he your classmates?. I haven seen him around this campus before", he said looking at Dean as if he was trying to remember if he knew him.

"No. he is not a student here, he is here for me". "Luca this is Dean, Dean this is Luca", I said gesturing my hands, in the process Dean pulled me closer to him my waist. I didn anticipate his actions, but it didn stop my cheeks from burning red.

Luca looked Dean with a puzzled look before he asked,"why did you pull so close to you?".

"I want my girlfriend next to me at all times", he said unfiltered and unfazed. All of a sudden I began to hiccup and that made him chuckle a bit.

"really!", he asked in shock looking at me. "chill bruv Im just her best friend whats it to you?", he asked in a serious tone.

"nothing just curious", Luca said with a frown. "okay i and Dean will be heading to class now, see you later", I said pulling Dean with me feeling how intense the environment had become.

"what was that all about?", I asked stopping him when we were far away from Luca. "nothing just having some fun", he said with a faint smile on his lips and that made me pout my lips. "what?!. I took a day off of school for you, I deserve a little fun", he said as the smile broaden.

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