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Death Her self Made my first friend

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Two years had past since I left the orphanage, I was able to acquire two paying jobs so I could pay for all my expenses, It wasn easy.

I had to balance school and work. After a month of search I was finally able to secure a job at a 5star cafe that pays double the payment of both my jobs.

I called the cafe and was asked to meet them in two days time. I prepared everything I needed for that day. Luckily it was on a Saturday, I didn have to worry about school.

The day of the interview finally reached. I woke up as early as 5am, to do what ever I had to do before I left. It was due by 7am.

I took my bath, wore not to casual clothes and rode my bicycle to the place I needed to be. I got there before 7:00.

I walked in the cafe to meet a tall light skinned guy, he had light brown hair with red highlights, that covered his hazel. He wasn to lean but he was slim and a little bit muscular. He looked in his early teens.

I sat on the chair opposite him. We both waited for the manager to come. Due to the awkward silence I thought of starting a conversation.

"Hey Im Audrey", I said with an honest smile. "Yh I see that", He replied cold and dry. "excuse me?" I asked confused and pissed. He saw my facial expression and broke into laughter

"Was just joking around" he said still laughing. "haha so funny", I said sarcastically. He chuckled then said "Im Dean nice to meet you" Extending his hand. I looked at him palm before I took his hand and shook it .

"So why is a child like looking a job?", He asked. I was taken back by his question."Who are you calling a child?.. Im 14 years old", i said annoyed.

"How old are you anyways that your calling me a child?" I asked wondering why he called a grown girl like me a child.

"Im 17 years old" he said proudly. "Your just 3years older than I am", I said folding my arms around my chest. "3 years isn just", he spoke.

"So Why do you need a job?, don your parents feed you or something?", He asked looking at me curiously. When he asked that question my mood changed and he noticed it.

"Whats with the down mood?.. did I say something I wasn supposed to?", He asked worry hint in his voice.

"No is just that..", I said before I paused. "Is just what ?"he asked curiously. "You don have to tell me if you don want to", he said.

I let out a great sigh then said" Ill tell you". "Speaking about them tears me up" I said tears at the brim of my eyes. "Why?" he asked with concern.

"Cause there are no longer with me" I said as tears streamed out of my eyes non stop."They are dead" I said and burst into tears. Dean came closer and embraced me


"Im really sorry, I know what your going through" he said patting my head. I seized my sobbing to hear what he was saying.

"I don have parents either" he said sadly. "I never knew who my dad was, my mom died when I was very Little, my relatives are complicated", he said letting out a smile.

"Im really sorry" I said. "Ive been fending for my self longer than I can remember" he said patting my head. he is really taller than me, my face is at the lower part of his chest. "Im sorry if I opened up old wounds" I said apologetically. "Its alright" he said with a faint smile.

"Do you need a hug?" I asked with a meek smile. "Yes" he laughed and we both hugged.

Ever since, we have been closer than ever. Dean is now my best friend and we share all our problems together no matter what it is.

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