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School had finally resumed, I normally go to school early as 6 am just to place my head on my table, enjoying the cold and silence of the class. Lesson starts by 7am, I got to school by 6:35 today. They were a few people who had already come. I walked to my table, sat down and placed my head on the desk. I was taken away by sleep.

I woke up to some noise that my class mates were making. "Settle down all of you" the teacher said when she walked into the class.

"So how was your holiday", she asked arranging somethings on her desk. "It was fine Mrs Evelyn" the class replied. "Lucy this is new session and you

e late" the teacher acknowledge her as she walked in to the classroom . "Im sorry, I had to make an important stop at an important place" she said adjusting the bag at her back.

"Ok, take your seat, Ill be leaving to do something", the teacher said as she opened the door and walked out.

Couple hours later the bell rung for lunch, so I went out to my locker.

"You always have important stops" I said while lifting my head away from my locker. "Mind your business you freak" Lucy spat walking over to me.

"Why am I not surprised, new session, new problems and attitude" I said while wiping my eyes. "Watch it or youll be sorry", she threatened slamming my locker door.

I was really grateful to God I got my hands out on time, because with the way she slammed it I would have been left with no fingers.

"oh, am scared" I said sarcastically and gave a yawn before walking class. "You little-" she snarled as walked after me. she turned me round and gave me a tight slapped me across the face.

"Oh wow" I said holding my face before giving her a hard punch on her stomach. The impact was great that she fell to the ground, a fight broke out.

As she got up from the floor, I gave her a tight slap across the face with the back of my hand. I was about walking away, when she tripped me by holding my legs.

She got on me, sat on my stomach and started punching me in the face. I used my hand to shield my face cause thats where she was aiming for. I got her off me with great difficulty before getting up really quick and kicked her stomach.

The fight was so loud it attracted the whole classes in the block and also the college students across the other side of school.

The only reason teachers weren around was because they had a meeting in the auditorium. And it was sound proof to avoid the noise of the students affecting the meeting.

"LUCY LUCY LUCY!! AUDREY AUDREY AUDREY!!" people chanted cheering both our names.

I was about to exit, when Lucy stood up grabbing my hair. She rammed my head to the teachers desk with great force leaving both my nose and my head bleeding.

I felt so dizzy but I got grip of myself lifting myself up, I wasn going to loose to a fight. I elbowed her stomach, as she bent down in pain I kneed her in face.

Thats when a college student came in. It was a guy that came to settle the conflict. "Ooh my God, isn he handsome?" a voice coming from the back . "Hes so cute" another said. "I know right" another answered. But he didn pay any attention.

"So whats the cause of the fight?" he asked placing both his hands in his trouser pocket. I looked up to see a dark haired guy, his long brown hair covered part of his dark brown eyes, light peach colored skin, he was really tall and kinda muscular.

"It was nothing" I said wiping the blood of my nose. "Look at both of you covered in blood" he said gesturing both of us. "We could hear the fight and chanting of the students from the other side of school" he added pointing across the window.

"She was being a brat and wasn minding her business" Lucy said in a calm voice, irritation clear in her voice.

"Says the girl who slapped me right across the face for speaking the truth" I said wiping the blood that came in contact with my lashes. "Excuse me?", Lucy asked turning to me. "You punched my stomach" she said shouting clenching her fist.

"I know and it felt nice" I said and Lucy slapped me again, I lifted my head and spat the blood that was in my mouth and smiled looking up at her.

I held Lucys face in my hands and nodded her nose really hard. She move back and tears ran down her eyes.

"Look at what youve done, you broke my nose" she said while sobbing her hands on her bleeding nose. "Oh Stop whining, I didn hit it that hard" I answered her putting one hand on my waist.

She got up and we were about to attack each other when two college boys held both our hands, because the girls were afraid to do so.

"Thats enough, both of you are going to the principals office", he said our hands still being held. I shrugged my hand out of their hold and they didn bother holding i.

"Hes in a meeting" I said as I walking out of class. "The meeting have been over by now" he said walking after me.

As we walked our way to the principal office, Lucy shoved me and I fell to the ground. I looked at her with a chuckle and stood up from the floor.

As we were walking to the principals office Lucy set her leg to Trip me by kicking my legs backwards. I didn expect that so I could save my face literally, I fell on my face and I hit my mouth.

Lucy started to laugh hysterically, while the senior picked me up but I just shoved his hands away. he didn bother to say anything, he just walked away. Blood was gushing out of my mouth. the impact made my teeth collided with my mouth giving me a deep cut.

I spat the blood that was in my mouth before calling out for Lucy. she paused for a while before turning back to look at me.

Giving me a great opening to take my revenge,I kicked her so hard in between her legs. When she was down on ground, I stepped on her palm so hard that I heard a sound. she screamed on the top of her lungs making the senior to turn back again. I kicked her face really hard. The senior rushed to where I was cause he saw I was about step on Lucys face.

"Thats enough, your not gonna kill any body today...or at all" he said taking me away from Lucy. He saw I was the brutal one so her lifted Lucy up on his shoulder, while he held the both of my hands, I struggled but to no avail, he was too strong. I could see lucy blushing at the other end, and it made me want to vomit.

"Your a very brutal creature", he said thinking of what I was about to do to lucy if he hadn stopped me. "Ill take that as a compliment" I answered looking at Lucy with a wild grin across my face as we walked.

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