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We both arrived at the principals office with blood all over our clothes, I with blood dripping from my head, nose, mouth and some bruises on my face and a broken nose and Lucy a broken palm, broken nose, blood dripping out it with some bruises too.

the senior stepped forward and knock on the door waiting for his reply. "come in", the principal replied.

"Holy mother of granola, what happened to both of you?" the principal asked in shock getting up from his chair. "Why are both of you covered in blood?" he asked looking at both I and lucy before his eyes went to the senior."It is nothing sir" I said as I held my mouth cause of the pain I felt.

"Sir, Ill tell you what happened" the senior said stepping forward. "I and some of my mates came to their class due to the noise we heard coming from it, we met both of them fighting" he said turning to look at us.

"When I was escorting both of them to your office, Lucy forcefully trip Audrey leaving her to fall on her face which affected her teeth and lip, thats why Audrey is bleeding from her mouth and before that she was bleeding from her head and nose with some other bruises" he explained.

"Then Audrey kicked Lucy and stepped on her palm and then kicked her face, thats why Lucy is bleeding from her nose which is currently broken and also has a fractured palm with some other bruises" he said gesturing to Lucy.

"This is a terrible act and can not be condole in my school, you are both getting a month suspension, but you still be coming to school for hard labour" he said furiously.

"And if any of you skip a day from this duty youll be added another week" he added slamming his hands on his desk. "the only reason I won expell both of you is that, I believe every child needs a second chance".

"What are your names?", he asked both I and Lucy. "Audrey Saphre" I spoke. "Lucy Caperman" she said.

"Both of you will be written in the black book till your suspension is over" he said bringing out a book. "And you both will report to my office everyday in the mornings once you come and closing hour for attendance to make sure none of you miss a day", he said opening the book to write down our names.

"What is your name?", he asked looking towards the senior. "Sir, my name is Preston Miller" he said. "Thank you for bringing both of them here" the principal said.

"No sir, its alright" Preston said his hands placed behind his back. "Both of you would be sent home, your labor starts tomorrow" he said looking back at i and Lucy again.

"Preston you stay, I need to have a word with you regarding what theyll doing" the principal said gesturing him to sit at the chair in front of his desk. I and Lucy stepped outside waiting for Preston to come out. he came out shortly after.

"Did he tell you what our labor would be?" I asked curious what our punishment would be.

"Yes" he said looking towards me. "He said he would relieve the cleaners from their duties for a month and make you two do it for that full month and many other punishments. Im to watch over you " he said before he walked away.

"See what youve done, Im gonna make you pay" Lucy said in rage and stormed off. "what I won see in this life of mine", I chuckled before heading towards the class.

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