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We were both instructed to be in school very early. We started our day by weeding the fields and leveling the grasses. And during school closures we will clean the entire school premises. We both finished cleaning the inside of the school, it was time for the outside. We had already started when Lucy dropped the broom and was heading into the school.

"We aren done yet you know" I said looking at her direction. "Yes I know Im not dumb" Lucy said still walking to the school. "What a weird human being" I said under my breath as I continued sweeping.

I swept the corner of the wall, close to the windows of the classrooms and all of a sudden something hit my head really hard, "Aah" I squeaked while rubbing my head, blood was rushing out none stop. The pain was intense and I couldn keep myself up so I fell to the ground. Luckily they were still people around, and they rushed towards me...I think.

It was hard to keep my eyes open. I felt pressure on the top side of my head, thats where I was bleeding. I felt someone lift me up, I was able to catch a glimpse of who was carrying me before I was consumed by darkness, it was Preston.

•••Lucys POV•••

"Now is the right time to execute my plan" I said in my head. I started walking towards the high school building. "We aren done yet you know" Audrey said and her voice just irritates me.

"Oh God, this girl is just a nuisance" I murmured to myself. "Yes I know Im not dumb", I said still walking towards the building.

I walked to the schools roof top and waited for Audrey to be in the right spot. Finally she stood exactly where I wanted her to stand, then I dropped a plant vase right on her head.

I quickly rushed down from the roof to avoid any suspicion. Audrey was on the floor, blood sipping from her head everywhere. I saw people rushing to her aid and Preston was part of them.

He removed his shirt and placed it on Audreys head to reduce the bleeding, and then he picked her up. "Why is he helping her, after her behavior towards him earlier?" I asked myself a little bit jealous by his actions.

"I really want this girl to die" I thought in anger. I hurried up to were she was before Preston took her away

"OH MY GOD!! What happened?" I asked in shock after seeing her, not to create any suspicion.

"She really has lost a lot of blood, shes probably gonna die" I thought with an invisible grin.

"Someone dropped a plant vase on her head, Im not sure if someone did but a vase did fall on her head" Preston said with Audrey in his arms.

"Theres no time to waste, she is losing a lot of blood" a guy said trying to hurry Preston. He rushed to a black porche, placed a cloth on the seat and placed her on top of it.

He hurried into the car, Clifford, Ryley, Susan, there all college students, Prestons friends. They got into the car with him. "All these trouble for an arrogant brat", I mumbled.

•••Prestons POV•••

"This girl is loosing a lot of blood", I said worriedly my hand steering the wheel. "she gonna be fine" Ryley said while applying pressure on the injured area. "We just have to pray" Susan said with Audreys legs on her lap rubbing her feet. "We are by your side every step of the way" Clifford Said placing his hands on mine.

I wonder who would stoop so low to drop a vase on someones head or did it fall on his own. so much trouble for an arrogant girl. The pressure weight on me because I was to supervise them if anything were to happen to her it will be on me.

We reached the hospital on time, I picked Audrey from the car and hurried her in. "Are they any doctors around!" Ryley yelled looking around. "This girls losing a lot of blood!" Susan yelled going to one of the counters checking for a doctor.

"Whats to be the problem?" a doctor asked rushing towards us. "Our friend here has been badly injured on the head and she is loosing blood by the second" Clifford said to the doctor.

"Oh God, nurse take her to the ICU, she has lost so much blood" he said ushering a stretcher. I just leaned by the wall watching everything happened.

"she has lost a lot of blood ,we need a donor" the nurse said. "Preston, aren you O positive?", Susan asked in a worried tone. "yes I am" I answered.

"We don have much time nurse, please take him", Ryley Said knowing I was the only hope.

"Right this way please" the nurse said. I hesitated at first but still followed her. They weren even letting me decide first. "don worry will fill in the necessary details", Clifford said before I felt for the other room.

We were pacing back and front waiting for the doctor. Then the door opened the door walking out. "How is she?" Clifford asked worry hint in his voice "Shell be fine, but her head injury was deep" he said pulling down his face mask. "We had to cut her hair, in order to perform her treatment" he added.

"You cut her hair?" Susan asked in shock. "Yes we had too, her hair wouldn allow us to sew the deep cut" he answered.

"May we go in and see her?" Ryley asked. "Yes you can, the patient needs enough rest and shell be fine, but she needs this medicine" he said give the paper to Clifford.

We all entered into the room, "I don think shell wake up anytime soon" Ryley said her hand still on the door. "She needs intensive care", she added.

"Preston is better you stay because she knows you better and I need to get this drugs" Clifford said placing his hand on my shoulder.

"Do I really have to?" I asked turning to him. Clifford gave me a concern and stern look at the same time.

"awwwwwn thats so sweet" Susan Said squealing lightly. I looked at her with anger and an irritated look, she stopped whatever she was doing.

"Well bring food and drinks for you and some clothes cause who knows when she will wake up" Clifford said and ushered everyone else out.

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