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Death Her self meeting mom and dad

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***Audreys Pov

I woke up in a very dark environment everything was dark. "Mom, dad, are you there?" I called trying to make my eyes adjust to my environment. "Anyone, please!" I yelled still looking around.

"We are here pumpkin" someone said. I turned to see my parents standing behind me. "Mom. dad. Ive missed you" I said with teary eyes. "Weve missed you too pumpkin" dad said embracing me. "Where have you guys been?" I asked with tears rushing down my face.

"Watching over you" dad said pulling away. "Why couldn you stay with me?" I questioned. "God knew what was best for us" mom said looking right at me with sad eyes. "Ive missed you guys so much" I said as tears continued to roll down my cheek.

"How have you been pumpkin?" dad asked his palm place on my cheek. "Ive been terrible, the orphanage head mistress was ruthless, she treated me really badly and poor, so I had to leave to survive" I complained bitterly.

"I fend for myself now and Ive been in an accident and my hair got cut off" I added touching my head.

"Im so sorry pumpkin, I can imagine what youve been going through" dad said with a sad face. "What about school?, how have your studies been?" mom asked.

"Thats were I got into accident, someone dropped a flower pot on my head" I said I said feeling my head. "Im so sorry " mom said with tears in the brim of her eyes.

"I wish we could be there for you, then you won be suffering the way your suffering now" mom added as she broke down in tears in dads arm. "We are so sorry" dad said embracing mom. All of a sudden dad started lightening up, as if he was fading.

"Dad what is happening to you?" I asked worried. "Its time for your mother and I to go pumpkin" dad said with his hand place on my cheek. "No not yet I haven even told you about my school yet" I said holding on to dads arm. "Im really sorry, I wish it was up to us" mom said her eyes looking away.

"Then take me with you" I said with out having to think twice. "We wish we could, but we can cut your life short you have a bright future ahead of you" mom said with hope in her tone. mom started to fading as well. "Mom, Dad please don go" I said my hand still gripped on dad arm, but they faded away..

"MOM! DAD!" I yelled. "PLEASE DONT GO!" I screamed as I fell on my knees. Immediately they faded away darkness befell around me. "MOM!, DAD! don go", I said in a low tone crying on what I think is the floor, around me was completely dark, so it was hard to see anything. My only source of light was gone.

"With out you guys in my life, everything else is cold and dark" I cried my knees on the ground. "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE ME?!!!", I screamed. "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO?!!", I yelled "DAAAAAAAD" I shouted as tears filled my eyes and began to pour out none stop. "WHY DID THE ONLY PEOPLE I HAD, HAVE TO GO SO SOON!!!" I screamed. "WHY!!...why didn you take me with you?" I said in a whisper.

"Why am I destined to nothing but misery?" I asked as I sat down. "Audrey, Audrey" I could hear my name being called out. "Mom, dad is that you?" I asked scanning the area.

I saw light shining further ahead , it was so bright. It felt so warm, I felt like it was drawing me towards it. "MOM?!, DAD?! ARE YOU THERE?!",I called walking towards the light . "I CAN SEE BRIGHT LIGHT, SHOULD I KEEP WALKING TOWARDS IT?" I shouted still walking.

•••Preston POV•••

I was fast asleep when I heard yelling. "MOM!" I heard someone call. I opened my eyes to see it was Audrey, I quickly ran to were she laid.

I felt her head, it was really hot again. "Her temperature has gone up again" I said with my hands still placed on her head.

"Why?!"she screamed. Her fever was getting more intense, she began shiver. "Audrey!, Audrey!" I called trying to wake her up. I increased the pressure I used in trying to wake her up, but no answer.

"MOM!" she screamed. "DAD!" she yelled. "PLEASE DONT GO!" she shouted tears falling from her closed eyes. "WHY DID THE ONLY PEOPLE I HAD, HAVE TO GO SO SOON?" she yelled with tears streaming from her eyes.

I felt sorry for her, I felt like i was gonna cry too, but I held myself. "Why am I destined to nothing but misery?" she let out. "So this is why she is so cold and arrogant?"I said to myself.

"Mom, dad are you there?" she called out. "I can see bright light, should I keep walking towards it?" she asked. "bright, light?", I asked my self wondering what she meant. "bright light, oh God!, no!" I said;intensifing the way I shook her,but to no avail. Her breathing started to decrease.

"Audrey don die on me now" I said while pressing her chest and doing mouth to mouth. I continued the process, then I stopped and looked at her. She let out a great breath with a sigh.

She sat up scanning round the room before bursting into tears. "Why did they have to go so soon?", she cried. "Its alright, im here you can cry it all out" I said comforting her.

"Why?,why?,why?" I heard her say in a slight whisper, when I looked down she had fallen asleep. I gently laid her down and sat beside her. quietly watching her till my eye lids became heavy. I pulled up a chair and sat beside the bed placing my head on the bed before falling asleep.

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