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Death Her self The help I'll never forget

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"Ahhh my head hurt so bad" I said as I opened my eyes, I turned to see Preston wasn there. "Youve finally woken up, good morning" Preston said holding a tray.

"Me ?" I asked looking left and right. Ahh am I still dreaming?, why was he nice all of a sudden.

"Here I made you breakfast", Preston said while handing me over a tray of food. "Why are you being nice to me all of a sudden?" I asked while sitting up, cause this felt to weird.

"You had a terrible fever last night", Preston Said with a soft voice that made me cringe. "im feeling much better, you don have to worry" I said cause I couldn handle such care.

my life has always been filled with suffering. No one to care about me or care for me. I never knew what love felt like, even if I did it was 7 years ago.

"Theres no use sympathizing with you" he said placing the food on the bed with a slight thud.

"Before I leave, the guest bathroom is the door at the ending of the corridor" he said at the door of the room. "But what clothes am I gonna wear?" I asked rudely yet skeptically.

"Hmmmmmmm" he Said waiting for a polite tone, but it never came. "God" I said placing my hands on my face. "I laid some of my clothes for you in the bathroom", he said then closed the door behind him. "Wearing the cloth of the person who despise me, oh the irony" I said looking at the food he placed on the bed.

When I was done eating, I went in search of the bathroom, I was finally able to locate it. I had finished showering when I realized they weren any towel in the bathroom.

"Oh God, what is this boys motive" I asked myself slightly embarrassed. Would I really have to call and ask for one now? I thought, swallow it Audrey its your only option.

"PRESTON!" I called. "What is it", he answered in an irritated tone. "Why aren there any towel in this bathroom" I asked still embarrassed I was calling out for him naked in this bathroom.

"Ohh, I forgot to put towels in there" he said un fazed. "Why would you forget to put in towels?" I asked wondering how dumb boys could get. I thought their stupidity had limits.

"I wasn expecting a guest, so all the towels are in the wash room" he said, I think he was closer to the door, cause the voice was much more close.

"So why did you make me take a bath if you knew there weren any towels?", I asked furiously yet embarrassed. "I forgot okay. You don have to be rude and grumpy" he said unhappy with my manner of speech.

"Why shouldn I be rude?" I asked. "im in a bathroom with no towel and nothing to cover myself up with, you planned this to get back at me, didn you?" I asked thinking this was the only option since I was rude when he offered me food.

"What do you mean I planned this?" he asked a little taken back. "Never mind, I just need a towel" I said in a pleading tone. "Please" I added calmly.

if speaking to him nicely was the only option to get a towel, then Ill have to swallow my pride to do it. this is his house who knew maybe his has a spare key to unlock this door. The thought of it gave me goose bumps.

"Wow", he said shock hint in his voice. "What?" I asked a little puzzled. "Your much nicer when you need my help" he said under his breath but I was able to help. "God save me", I whispered underneath my breath only to my hearing.

"Im coming back just gimme a minute" he said, before I heard footsteps walking away. I waited for a while before I heard a knock on the door. "I brought the towel, how will I give you?" he asked near the door.

"Just leave it by the door knob Ill take it from there, then walk away", I said after thinking it through. "Walk away?" he asked what I meant.

"Yeah walk away so I can open the door and get it" I Said wanting the conversation to end so I can get the towel. I could feel the cold penetrate my bones.

"Ohhh" he Said. "Yeah" I answered waiting to hear footsteps. When I heard his footsteps going further and further away I opened the door and took the towel.

When I was completely done dressing up I came out off the room, the house was big, so I thought why not explore.

I found a large dinning room, three living rooms, a kitchen, a game room, a laundry room, a study, four other guest room, three libraries, a balcony, the attic. There was one room left, so I thought of looking in it. I open the door, to see Preston putting on his shirt.

"oh my!", I said in a husky voice, the images replaying in my head. "Im so sorry " I said closing my eyes and immediately closing the door and ran away as fast as I could.

I went to the sitting room downstairs and sat on the couch staring at the floor rethinking the awkward incident.

Preston appeared in the living room, I was awkwardly shy to look him in the eyes "Audrey" Preston called. "Im really sorry I didn mean to invade your personal space, I was just looking round the house" I said as I used a pillow to cover my face which was abruptly turning red.

"So this girl knows how to apologize" he said in a light mummur. "What a great achievement" he added and I could feel a smile on his face. "Ohh my God grow up" I said tighten the grip I had on the pillow and he laughed. "Can I ask you a question?" I asked. "Sure what is it?" he replied.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" I asked removing the pillow from my face and finally looking up at him. "What do you mean?" he asked walking towards me.

"Why wouldn I be nice to you?" he replied placing his hands in his knicker Pocket. "You told me you would have left me under the rain just teach a lesson" I said remember the incident before I blanked out.

I strangely don remember anything after that. "I didn actually mean it like that am sorry" he said looking away from me.

"Why are you always upset or mean or just rude?" he asked leaning against the wall and crossing his arms over his chest, I looked away from him and held my arm. "Why is that your business?" I said trying not to cry.

"I just...really need to know, Ive never seen anyone that acts the way you do and its both fascinating and... annoying I guess" he Said with a light chuckle.

"Well...for years Ive been treated like nothing" I said under my breath. "I had no one to care for me, I had no one to work and pay for all my fees and expenses" I added playing with my fingers.

"Wow that most have been hard for you, Im sorry" he said standing up straight. "Thanks, what about you?" I asked curious about him. "I lost my mom when I was little" he said sadly but with a faint smile as if he was remembering something. "Im sorry" I said sincerely.

"You don have to be, its all in the past" he said with a smile. But I could see through the smile, it had pain and misery. "Is this your house" I asked trying to change the subject. "Yes it is" he replied.

"Its so big, but how? Your just in college? You don have to answer that, sorry if am crossing my boundaries" I Said trying to contain my questions but it kept pouring out.

"No, no, its alright" he said waving his hands. "My father is a business man, so I assist him cause am gonna take over soon cause Im the only child" he said saying nothing more.

"I guess Ill be going home now" I Said getting up from my chair. "Home?" he asked confused. "Yeah home, I live in a rented apartment, I work to pay the rent" I said looking at the antique designs around his house.

His house is really beautiful a shade of light cream and brown wall. so many paintings and vases. "Not anymore" he said bringing out his phone. "What do you mean?" I asked wondering what he meant. "Ill buy the apartment for you and send some cash to take care of some of your expenses" he said with a smile.

"WHAT!!No you don have to, Ill manage" I said taken back with his offer. Send me money, taking care of my expenses sounds to good to be true.

"No, I insist please", he said. "Ill make a phone call, what is your landlords number? and your account number" he asked putting on his phone. I wondered what he needed my account number for, but I still told him anyways. He made the phone call.

"There, the apartment is all yours and Ive sent you a sum of one mill. youll receive an alert" he said removing his phone from his ear and placing it. in his pocket. And I did receive an alert on my phone.

A sum of one mill. not a thousand a million. I couldn control the tears that rush down my eyes. "why are you crying?, have I done anything wrong", he asked worried.

"N-no one has ever done this for m-e, Ive been treated like trash my whole life. The money is to much. Don you have th-ings to do with it. No this can be true", I said crying in disbelieve.

"everything here is really. I have enough money in my account and more coming. you know what you can have my apartment in stakelake city and then you could rent this one if you want, Ill send you the document papers"he said with out even thinking it through.

I felt my heart wanting to jump out. And then I cried out even louder covering my mouth with my hands. I ran towards him and gave him a tight hug and he hugged me back. "thank you, thank you thank you", said still crying.

"how can I pay you?", I asked lifting my head up wiping my nose with my hand. "you can repay with kindness", he said a smile. I was confused about what he meant. "what I mean is that never stop trying and always be nice and hardworking", he said with a chuckle.

"I promised I will", I said as I hugged him back even tighter.

"Id love if you keep on smiling, its suits you better" he said with a chuckle. A blush crept on my face. "Ill be going now" I said releasing my self from his embrace also giving him my phone number.

"Would you like me to drop you off?" he asked with a smile. "No. thank you I wouldn want to burden you" I said knowing how much he has done for me. "I insist" he said while opening the front door. I just gave him an approving nod before bringing out my hanky to wipe my face.

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