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Chapter 112 “Rundown Street”

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The temporary calm as the two walked together did not bring any peace to Shirley’s mind; instead, it only caused more fear and depression.

The girl knew the emotion wasn’t entirely her own, but instead it was from Dog, who remained hidden in the shadow.

Dog’s scared, and as a result, his emotions are interfering with the host body in a symbiotic manner.

In order to alleviate the oppressive feeling in this silence, she muttered in a low voice: “Actually, I wouldn’t have been caught in the past for dodging my bus fare….

Dog will help me hide and get past the conductor…”

“You mean the ‘disguise’ that dark hound made for you” Duncan raised his eyebrows, remembering that Shirley had used some kind of “disguising” power during the venture into the cult den.

From the looks of things, that ability has the power to confuse one’s cognitive perception.

“It doesn’t feel reliable at all.

The last time you got caught too, and now this time, the conductor saw through it as well.”

Shirley immediately wanted to protest over the opinion but knew better than to argue.

Under normal circumstances, she and Dog’s disguise wouldn’t fail, but when near a terrifying and horrifying being like Duncan, it’s only natural something goes wrong from the immense interference.

Stuffing the resentment of being told her powers are unreliable, Shirley forces a dry laugh and nods: “Ahaha…… you’re right, you’re absolutely right….”

Duncan shook his head, not caring what thought the child had in mind.

Changing the topic again, “Why are you paying attention to the accident from eleven years ago”

Shirley suddenly fell silent as if not wanting to respond out of instinct.

Then pursing her lips, the girl realized there was no point in hiding the truth before this being from subspace.

“Actually, it’s nothing special.

I’m only trying to understand… things related to my parents…”

After speaking, she quickly added: “An existence like you must find this topic boring.

I know, mortal attachment is stupid in your eyes…”

“No, I understand,” Duncan interrupted the girl before she could go further.

“Having ties to your family is important.”

Once said, he grew more serious in his face to emphasize he was not lying: “So your parents were involved with the leak back then Or did they get drawn into the mess by being attacked by the cultists”

Shirley looked at Duncan with some surprise, not quite understanding why such a boss like him wouldn’t just eat her and show so much compassion.

Giving an honest nod: “They went missing eleven years ago… Okay, saying they’re missing is a bit pretentious, they actually died, they died in vain….

Afterward, it was only me and Dog left….”

The girl’s voice weakened into a murmur at recalling these unpleasant memories.

Thankfully Duncan had a better sense to let the atmosphere deteriorate further: “How did you and Dog meet Those suntists say you’re a follower of the Annihilation Sect.

Do all believers like you summon shadow demons”

“I’m no follower of that sect or any sect! I only believe in myself!” Shirley reflexes shouted in denial but quickly corrected her volume to a cultured and polite level again.

“Me and Dog… we met eleven years ago.”

Duncan suddenly stopped and stared into Shirley’s eyes: “Eleven years ago So…”

“It was after the so-called ‘factory leak’.” Shirley quickly stopped, lowered her head and explained, “I can’t remember the specifics, and Dog also said he can’t remember either… He may have been summoned by some annihilation disciple, but the person who summoned him must have been killed by the guardians of the Storm Church.

Then before I knew it, I was inexplicably ‘tied’ to Dog as partners…”

Shirley definitely hid a lot of details in how vague she made the story out to be.

Even so, Duncan didn’t intend to pry for more since it’s normal to be self-preserving.

In the face of an irresistible force like himself, it’s already asking a lot to have the child confide so much without torture and the like.

Duncan shook his head to dismiss the unpleasant feeling inside over the sad story and turned to look around.

According to what he noticed, aside from the fact that there are very few locals in the neighborhood, there’s a striking detail of lacking children and young adults.

“There are no kids playing on the road at all, only seniors and middle-aged folks are walking about….”

“These old districts are all like this,” Shirley took it for granted and didn’t find it depressing, “those who have the ability have all moved to the Crossroad area.

Those that remained were either too old or too poor to afford better housing.

On top of that, there’s no school in these parts, so children wouldn’t stay here unless they want to spend an hour or two commuting to the other districts every morning.”

Listening to Shirley’s thoughtful analysis, Duncan just nodded noncommittally.

He could fully relate to the situation.

Back on Earth, many parents would leave their kids in the countryside while working in the city to save on expenses.

Commuting long distances to attend school was a norm for those without financial backing.

While in thought, Duncan’s gaze suddenly noticed a gray-haired old man sitting in front of a shop closest to them.

The old timer was basking in the sun and didn’t bother to hide his intrigue at the strangers who decided to visit his neighborhood.

“Good morning,” Duncan greeted the old man after coming over, “we are from the fourth block.

Mind if we ask you a few questions… How do we get to the local church”

He didn’t really care where the church was.

That’s merely an excuse to start a conversation.

“Church The church has been closed for a while.

God knows where the nun ran to,” the old man basking in the sun sobered up a little from his laziness and straightened his back.

“It’s strange and rare to find an outsider willing to come here… What is your purpose for this visit”

“We’re here to see a friend,” Duncan said casually, “is it that rare for someone to come here Why is that”

“It’s that damn factory of course.” The old man complained indignantly, seemingly dissatisfied with the deserted state of the neighborhood.

“How many years has it been! The factory is still in that dilapidated state so it’s obvious everyone would avoid this place.

Nobody is going to take a chance on a polluted area.”

Duncan and Shirley exchanged a look with each other, surprised by the clear-cut reply.

“But I read in an old newspaper that it’s been cleaned up, did it not”

“That’s what the newspaper says… The city admin also said they will revitalize the industrial zone here as well!” The old man huffs and puffs with discontent, “And the results The city’s west side is getting worse by the day, and our factory is still in ruins… Let me tell you, this area used to be bustling with life when the factory was still running.

Our sixth district was among one of the richest neighborhoods you can find in the lower city, and now things are in the gutters…”

As soon began his rant of complaints, the old man didn’t want to stop because it’s rare to find a pair of strangers willing to listen.

Thankfully Duncan didn’t intend to sit around and wait.

“By the way, I noticed there are no children at this place….

Did all the young people move away”

“Move No one has moved from here in years, you think the rent in the other districts are that affordable” The old man shook his head, “There are no young folks around because we haven’t had any new children at all, and all the youngsters from back then have grown up….”

The old man sighed, lamenting how far his home had fallen.

“This place hasn’t had a child born for eleven years!” Shirley exclaims.

“Eleven years without a newborn!” Duncan’s eyes finally widened slightly in surprise, “You’re certain”

“Do you think I’m lying I’ve lived here for most of my life,” the old man rolled his eyes, “if I say there’s none, then there’s none.

This is all because of that factory leak… the land near it is polluted…”

Duncan didn’t speak and slowly straightened up his posture with a new light in his eyes.

He’s certain something’s off about this place now.

Next to him, Shirley was still growing warier of the place and pressed for more information about the factory.

However, the old timer seems to have run out of patience.

Waving his hand irritably, he mutters another slew of complaints while skipping around the girl’s desired answer.

“It’s time to go,” Duncan said to Shirley suddenly, distracting the cranky girl from attacking the old man due to the runaround.

“Thank you sir for talking to us.”

“Oh, you’re welcome,” the old man waved his hand, “be careful and walk slowly.”


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