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Chapter 15 “Contacting the Flame”

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Ever since he had taken the helm, Duncan has had real control of the Vanished and could sense any movement on the ship.

But even so, out of caution, he ordered the goat head to keep an eye on the “cursed doll” at all times.

He’s had enough self-awareness to know he’s not an expert in the field of occultism, and a walking, talking doll was beyond his knowledge.

Alice’s actions thus far may be harmless, but if the doll lady had some sort of invisible “effect” on her surroundings Duncan most likely wouldn’t be able to see that, making the goat head more professional in this regard.

And even after that, Duncan knew he couldn’t keep tabs on everything at all times, now could he Although he’s decided to survive on this “side,” he might still have to return to the world “opposite” of the door when the situation becomes necessary.

Thinking of this point, Duncan’s eyes slightly narrowed as he glanced at the edge of the mapping table where the goat head sat.

Those obsidian-carved eyeballs showed nothing but an empty void when meeting his.

When I return “across the door,” back to my single unit apartment… Is this goat head aware of it What happens on the Vanished when I’m not around

This sudden question made Duncan get a little irritated, but under the empty gaze of the goat head, he did dare to show anything to give himself away.

Instead, he mentally focused in on Alice’s room with his mind to see what she’s doing.

Of course, he didn’t have a voyeuristic fetish—even if the other person was an “inhuman being,” it doesn’t make it right.

Plus, he didn’t actually have the ability to see what she’s doing, but rather a vague inkling sensation returning from the ship if she’s moving or doing anything to destroy the Banished.

After all, beneath the harmless, elegant and beautiful appearance was in essence, a cursed doll, a dangerous individual called “Anomaly 099” by ordinary folks of this world.

From what he found, Alice was still in the room, probably studying the furnishings and setting up a place to rest.

This brought a wave of relief to Duncan, which got interrupted again by the goat head’s voice: “Captain, what are your next arrangements If you’re bored, your loyal…”

“Shut up.” Duncan shot a glare at the goat head before pressing his hands around the edge of the table.

With his mind, he brings up the image of him holding the steering wheel above and allows the ghostly green flame to materialize.

In a blaze of flame, Duncan’s body was transformed into a spirit body again, and the overflowing fire spread along the table until it enveloped the entire room and up into the upper deck, eventually covering the masts and forming a sailing blanket.

As a large number of small and large sails flexibly adjusted their angles against the sea breeze, the huge three-masted sailing ship began to accelerate slowly on the vast open sea.

Duncan was pleased with what he’s done—then shifted his gaze down at the map chart in front of himself, which remained filled with grayish-white fog coiling around the sheet.

However, the silhouette representing the Vanished was clearly moving and pushing the murkiness away.

After a brief thought, he began to try to concentrate his attention on the mapping chart.

Then, using the green flame as an extension of himself, he promptly formed a “connection” with this map and understood something – this chart was an extraordinary item in and of itself with more features than he imagined.

As a test, he willed the image on the parchment to magnify around the Vanished and vice-versa.

This proved it was more like a visual radar screen than a mere map.

The only con was that it only showed areas explored by the Vanished beforehand while everything else continued to be a murky white.

Keeping up his façade of indifference despite the glee he held, Duncan expanded the green flame as far as he could manage.

From there, his consciousness nearly became one with the ship, sensing every segment of the hull and deck.

Maybe…… this the power of the “captain”

Duncan pondered what else he could do with this power.

First of all, I must master this green flame if I want to survive out here.

As for the “next arrangement” the goat head just mentioned…

It became obvious to Duncan what he needed to do next after glancing down at the chart.

Since I don’t know enough about the world, I must open up this map by doing some exploration.

He didn’t need to worry about being robbed anyways since the image of “Captain Duncan” was obviously some sort of world boss character in this world.

He would be lucky if a ship willingly came near him instead of him chasing the other party.

Retracting the flames back into his body, Duncan stood up from the mapping table and did his first experiment.

He was no longer in his ghostly form, but the translucent ghostly green sails of flame did not disappear like he willed it.

It appears he could pick and choose which part turns into spirit form.

As for the power source for the green flames out there, it’s also not from him, but from the Vanished itself, effectively confirming he and the ship are separate entities.

Duncan left the mapping table and focused on the door leading to his personal apartment in the other world.

He needed a quieter environment to study his newfound powers.

But before that happens, he needs someone to oversee the ship’s continued voyage while it maps the region.

Shifting his gaze down to the goat head: “You take the helm.”

“Huh” the wooded figurine appeared stunned for a split second, “But Captain, you…”

“I have something to do, don’t bother me during this time.” Duncan didn’t seem to care what the goat head would say and commanded.

From what he found, the entire Vanished was connected to the captain’s quarter like veins to a heart – including the goat head.

So, that means the goat head could also tell what’s happening on the ship like he did.

In fact, Duncan suspected the wooded figurine was some sort of “control system” for this ghost ship.

Imagine a computer on a modern ship with an AI autopilot function in case of emergencies.

Duncan was not the builder of the ship so naturally he didn’t know how the ship worked.

But this was the best guess he could make at this time.

On the other hand, the goat head did always claim to be the first/second mate and lead deckhand.

If he couldn’t provide this much assistance, then what use was he anyways Duncan might as well toss the annoying thing away and promote Alice to the position instead.

A minute later, the goat head finally responded with an annoyingly cheery voice: “Uhh, alright Captain.

You can rest assured that your loyal….”

Duncan ignored his words and waved him off.

Turning for the door back to his apartment, he casually stepped through the murky fog and closed the door behind himself, thus ending his venture for the day.




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