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Chapter 69 “City-State Life”

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After inspecting all the test items, Duncan now has a further understanding of the bird’s transportation ability and the capacity she held.

Ai could transport several different items simultaneously, including organic, inorganic, supernatural, and ordinary things.

The type of goods would not affect the stability of her power, and the transportation process would not affect the goods’ nature.

The transportation ability also doesn’t seem to consume much of her “energy” either.

Whether it was the ritual dagger at the beginning, or a bunch of things at once, the bird was still bouncing around as ever.

Of course, this may be because the total amount of “cargo” she has transported so far was too small and didn’t hit the bottleneck.

Regardless, further testing was still in order regarding Ai’s “weight” and “volume” limit.

Duncan summarized the currently known information one by one, and only after confirming that everything was in place did he breathe a sigh of relief.

He knows that the tests done so far are still very much imperfect, and many possible variables have not been carefully considered.

Moreover, even from the perspective of “test subjects”, the samples he selected are too small to accumulate valid data.

In the future, he will select more types of different weights and volumes.

Only then could he call the data reliable.

Duncan was very cautious in this regard, and this caution wasn’t without reason – because he has a very bold plan… or idea in mind.

Since Ai could teleport items between land and the Vanished intact without limiting what type of items they are, then… wouldn’t she be able to ship people as well

Like, someone that’s not so human For example….


Duncan knows that a single person’s strength is limited.

With only his ability to walk in the spirit world to link the ship with the city-states, it would just be a matter of time before he encounters a problem of insufficient manpower.

However, if there’s a helper around, the situation would be much better.

As it so happens, Ai’s ability has given him a lot of room to work with.

Of course, Alice was not a good candidate.

This numbered anomaly called 099 – although elegant and mysterious when sitting quietly – was in essence a useless and cowardly doll that could hardly do anything right.

Remembering that his only crewmember available to him was an individual who could actually stew her own head during cooking was enough to make any man sigh in agony.

The positioning of the Vanished as a world-class enemy was truly a headache.

Let’s say he did go out and recruit more sailors.

What then The ones that would dare apply would probably be villainous crooks themselves.

You know, the type that goes pirate robbing on Monday and Wednesday, then demon sacrificing on Tuesday and Friday, and then finally guerrilla warfare with the church on weekends…

But that’s a plus in retrospect.

At least those crooks would easily mingle with the goat head, who’s constantly yapping about invading a city-state.

“…… Aigh, Alice is at least honest and obedient,” Duncan sighed and stood up, muttering to himself, “If I properly train her, she can grow up properly too… probably.”

Even if she can’t be a helper, it is good nevertheless to let that doll see the world.

After all, it won’t be good to keep her so clueless and lacking in common sense.

After sorting out his thoughts, Duncan began to pack up the things he had brought with him – he would not return them to the Vanished for the time being,

There aren’t many places to hide things on the second floor of the antique shop, and Nina was always there to clean up his room.

So having some random items around would surely be suspicious, especially when one of them was a century-old cannonball.

But after a short contemplation, Duncan found some suitable places to hide them.

The sun talisman could be kept on his body, the salted fish would go directly into the kitchen, and the cannonball and dagger were even easier to dispose of.

Without delay, Duncan took the two most suspicious items downstairs and directly placed them in a corner next of the counter.

This was an antique shop, and having more or less old relics lying around and piled up couldn’t be any more normal.

Well, calling this an antique shop was a compliment since almost everything on the first floor are counterfeits….

As for the last one, the cheese he grabbed from the Vanished’s kitchen, Duncan also found a good place for it – in the trash.

After dealing with all this, Duncan patted the nonexistent dust on his hands and smiled with a very satisfied grin over the arrangement.

Then he glanced at the sky outside, where the “sun” confined by the double rune ring was hanging high in the sky.

Nina would return home later today, before which he plans to go out to learn more about the city.

It doesn’t seem like there’s any business today anyways.

Since the weather was a little cool, Duncan changed into a dark brown coat and groomed his somewhat messy hair before going out.

This was his way of making this old and tattered body look a bit more refreshed after being tormented by drugs and alcohol for so long.

Once out and walking, Duncan didn’t need to wait before the sound of flapping wings came from the second floor.

It was Ai who flew down to land on his shoulders while pressing her head triumphantly against his: “To the Erxian Bridge, then take the Chenghua Avenue…”

Duncan shot a sideway glance at this bird.

He had initially planned to keep the dove home to watch house; after all, when going outside, having a bird on his shoulder was too eye-catching and weird.

What’s more, his connection with the bird would allow him to summon the dove whenever he likes.

Of course, taking her along wouldn’t mean a thing, but now, Ai had taken the liberty of using this opening to tag along on her own accord for a car ride.

Looking at the triumphant appearance of this bird, Duncan finally smiled helplessly and sighed: “… Forget it.

Follow if you like it.”

With this arrangement, the pair took the main road opposite to the antique shop and continued until the man overheard the crisp sound of a bell ringing.

Looking over, Duncan could see a double-decker bus with a brown and blue striped paint job driving along the main tracks until it stopped next to a station not far away.

It was the common form of public transport in the city-state of Pland, a vehicle powered by a steam engine.

By spending a fare of six pesos – affordable by most lower-sector citizens of the city – one could ride the bus according to the preplanned route as long as one wished.

From what Duncan could discern according to the map displayed along the pole sign up ahead, this bus route went around the city and then eventually up into the higher sector, only stopping and making a round trip at an area called the “Crossroad”.

Duncan had an image of this “Crossroad” from the memory fragments.

This neighborhood was regarded as the “junction” of the city, the most prosperous commerce area with decent housing arrangements.

Many lower residents regarded this neighborhood as their dream goal in life, while many middle-class citizens who could not afford such an expensive upscale arrangement would also try their best to live as close as possible to that spot since it had almost everything in terms of facilities – theaters, museums, and several upscale restaurants.

Nina’s school was also near the Crossroad, and the museum she mentioned wanting to visit was also located in that area.

Duncan thought for a moment, then quickly walked to the station and got on before the bus started again.

There was hardly anyone on the bus as he chcked, only partially full with the first floor entirely devoid of passengers.

However, there was the driver in his seat and the dark blue uniformed conductor standing ready to take his fare.

The young woman had simple makeup and a short haircut, but that friendly smile was as genuine as it came until she noticed the dove on Duncan’s shoulder.

“Sorry, pets are not allowed on board.

It’s the rule,” the young woman said uncomfortably, pointing up to the bird on Duncan’s shoulder, “including doves.”

Duncan looked at Ai, who flapped her wings innocently and tilted her head to look at him.

“Go to the roof of the car.”

“Coo, coo.” Ai flapped her wings and flew out of the car, “cooing” all the while in protest.

The young conductor lady appeared almost speechless at this weird display of man and bird communicating together.

“Is it okay now” Duncan waved at the conductor, who seemed to be in a daze over his actions and pointed to the roof.

“You shouldn’t mind a bird riding on the car roof, right”

Only then did the conductor react: “Ah… Yes…… The fare is six pesos for a pass.”

Duncan reached into his pocket and pulled two coins for the blue ticket, then found a window seat and sat quietly to enjoy his first car ride in the world.

Accompanying the vibration and mechanical friction was the engine starting up, followed by the ringing of the bell in the front for the time of departure.

The scenery gradually receded outside the window as Duncan comfortably leaned back in his seat.

Steam is a good thing, civilized society is a good thing, scientific and technological progress is a good thing….

If I get a chance, I must get myself a seating like this as well on the Vanished.

The old wooden chairs are not comfortable at all.

Oh right, I mustn’t forget a boiler.

It’s just not right doing without a hot shower.

As soon as his thoughts were spreading into other areas, the guy suddenly felt a short rumble in the car as it came to a crawl, eventually to a stop.

“You coming on There are seats still!” The young conductor pushed open the window near the front and shouted outside.

Duncan was startled and chuckled dumbly at himself.

Apparently he’s still a stranger to this world because he had forgotten how lively life could be in a typical city.



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