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Chapter 4758: Becoming A Dao Lord

“Zzz…” Shen Juntian started burning at the tip of his fingers.

It didnt take long before his entire body was engulfed in flame.

During this burning process, ringing noises could be heard from the myriad dao.

“Boom!” The dao of cultivator also erupted and was sucked in by Shen Juntian.

“Shit!” Experts and ancestors immediately activated their cultivation mantra in order to control their dao power.

Unfortunately, they have lost control completely and their power rushed toward Juntian.

They screamed and struggled, unable to stop the absorption.

Some have cultivated for thousands of years.

Normally, they had full control over their grand dao and could use it freely without any limitation.

This was no longer the case.

Shen Juntian turned into the center of the world and the myriad dao - an all-devouring maelstrom.

At this moment, his new increased state made everyone feel as if he was a dao lord when he clearly wasnt.

“Boom!” His grand dao blood and chaos true energy surged up into the air like a hurricane.

His body started burning along with these power sources.

Once ablaze, his dao blood started burning the sky and even the stars above.

“Dont do this!” Pagoda Monarch cried out.

This was no different than committing suicide - killing oneself while hoping to take the enemy down as well.

“Stop, please stop, Young Noble… this battle doesnt matter.” A few princesses and saintesses started crying and shouting.

“Zzz.” Every inch of his flesh was burning, even the bones.

His body fueled the sinflame like oil, causing it to grow and eventually replace his dao flame.

The world shook violently as he turned into something resembling a volcano.

The sparks flew up into the air and destroyed one star after another.

Alas, the process caused him to scream in pain since his true fate was being burned as well.

Nonetheless, he still endured and pressed onward.

Once igniting the true fate, the sinflame became the brightest thing in existence.

Other colors and shades ceased to exist.

The blastwave contained an absolute suppression, forcing even ancestors down to their knees.

This wasnt due to overwhelming force but rather, a type of submission due to status.

“A dao lord!” Someone roared.

This was correct.

He had gained the power of a dao lord.

Others had often sensed it before but normally, only originating from dao lord weapons, treasures, or a remnant intent.

Now, this was an original source of power - something completely different.

In other words, this was the authentic soup.

Anything else was only an inferior product diluted with water.

The original power of a dao lord loomed over the myriad dao and the world resonated in submission.

This included the rest of Eight Desolaces, not just the Primordial Union.

“A new dao lord already” One master became alarmed.

Those who have never lived in a generation with a dao lord became confused and completely overwhelmed by this aura.

As for the undying cultivators, they felt the same way but realized its source.

Slumber existences from distant lands opened their eyes and looked at the sky.

“Why is there a dao lord already in this generation Its too early.” One of them stated.

“No, this is incomplete.

Did the dao lord have dao flaws during the ascension” Another carefully sensed it and noticed something else.

Some of these existences have even fought dao lords before and understood this original power.

Thus, they could sense an innate imperfection.

“Who is it” They wondered.

This was the question in everyones mind all over Eight Desolaces.

Did they have a new dao lord

Back in the Primordial Union, the crowd thought that Shen Juntian had ascended.

“Did he just comprehend the mysteries of the dao just now and obtain a dao fruit” One of them asked.

“No, he hasnt proven his dao yet.” An ancient ancestor shook his head: “This is his method to enter the door of the path of the dao lord.

He has one foot inside right now.”

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