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2101 Test

“Brother Su, 13 Execution Guards have died.

The Great Jin Immortal Kingdom will definitely not let this go.

We cant linger here.

Lets part ways here,”

Gu Tongyou said.

In that short period of time, their injuries healed significantly and they could move freely.

“Since all of us want to leave the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom, why dont we travel together so that we can take care of one another” Qiu Siluo suggested.

Gu Tongyou shook his head gently.

“Brother Su, I had the same thought but decided against it.”

“We provoked Zither Immortal Meng Yao, a Perfected Immortal expert.

Now that her pursuit failed this time round, theres a high chance shell send out the Heaven Execution Guards next time or even come out personally!”

“Youll be implicated instead if you travel with us.”

Qiu Siluo nodded as well.

“Thats right.”

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo suddenly said, “Guys, the Heaven Execution Guard commanders have a Blood Guidance secret skill that can determine your location through the blood that youve spilled.”

“Its fine,”

Gu Tongyou waved it off.

“The Fallen Soul Flute and the Soul Reaping Zither in our hands can sever the connection to Blood Guidance.”

“Thats good,”

Su Zimo was finally relieved.

Suddenly, Gu Tongyou said, “Brother Su, take this Fallen Soul Flute with you.”

A look of reluctance flashed through Gu Tongyous eyes but he still handed the Fallen Soul Flute over.

Su Zimo was touched.

He knew that Gu Tongyou was worried that he would be found by the Blood Guidance secret skill and captured by the Execution Guards.

It was self-evident how important the Fallen Soul Flute was to Gu Tongyou.

Treasures like the Fallen Soul Flute and the Soul Reaping Zither had even alarmed Zither Immortal Meng Yao—it was clear how precious those two treasures were.

But now, Gu Tongyou wanted to hand over the Fallen Soul Flute without hesitation because he was worried about Su Zimos safety.

Su Zimo shook his head.

“Brother Gu, dont worry.

I have something on me as well such that the Blood Guidance secret skill of the Heaven Execution Guards cant sense me.”

This was the Thunder Jade Pendant given to him by the Thunder Emperor.

It was because of this jade pendant and the Trinity Auspicious Jade that Su Zimo was able to remain dormant in Astral Sect for more than 2,000 years.

Gu Tongyou said in a deep voice, “Alright, Brother Su.

Lets bid farewell here.

If were lucky enough to survive, well meet again if were fated.”

“Well meet again if fate allows it!”

Su Zimo bid farewell with cupped fists as well.

Gu Tongyou and Qiu Siluo soared into the air and left towards the west.

Su Zimo waved his hand and put away all 49 array flags.

Those array flags were now ownerless.

If they could be refined and used properly, they would be a powerful method of victory!

Although he had the Thunder Jade Pendant, out of caution, Su Zimo still condensed the Caturadhi Dao Fire and burned the corpses on the ground.

The Execution Guards were already dead.

Without Essence Qi or Essence Spirits, the Caturadhi Dao Fire alone was enough to burn the corpses clean.

Flames surged into the skies.

Just as Su Zimo was about to leave, a streak of light sped over from afar at an astonishing speed!

Su Zimos heart skipped a beat.

At that moment, it was already too late for him to activate the Trinity Auspicious Jade to change his appearance.

What was even more frightening was that the pressure released by the cultivator covered the skies and was far beyond what he could withstand!

A Heaven Immortal expert!

Furthermore, it was a high-level Heaven Immortal expert!

He had almost no means of defending against a Heaven Immortal expert.

The three awakened sacred souls in the Hell Suppression Tripod had already lost their strength and fell asleep because of the consecutive battles.

If a Heaven Immortal expert were to attack him, he would definitely die!


Su Zimos expression changed when he saw who it was.

That cultivator was Astral Rain, the Sect Master of Astral Sect!

In the blink of an eye, Astral Rain arrived and was slightly stunned when he saw Su Zimo.

He was even more shocked when he saw the fire at the side.

At that moment, the flames were raging and had yet to incinerate the many corpses.

One could still vaguely make out their figures.

Astral Rain could naturally tell that the 13 Execution Guards as well as Zuo Zhuxuan, Lin Ming and Xie Tianfeng had died here!

“Youre Su Zimo whos wanted by the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom”

When Astral Rain saw Su Zimo, he recognized the latter quickly and asked with a frown, “Why are you here Wheres Mo Ling of my sect”

Su Zimo remained silent.

He found it strange as well.

Logically speaking, Astral Rain should have attacked the moment he recognized him—why would he ask about Mo Lings location


Astral Rains gaze scanned Su Zimo a few times and noticed something unusual.

Although Su Zimos physique and appearance had changed, he was still wearing the same attire as before Mo Ling left the sect.

Su Zimo did not even have time to take off the Astral Sect Badge on his waist and throw it away.

“Su Zimo, Mo Ling… youre Mo Ling”

That speculation flashed through Astral Rains mind as he suddenly asked.

Although that speculation seemed ridiculous…

He recalled that the time when Mo Ling joined the sect was when the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom was hunting down Su Zimo.

Furthermore, it was truly strange that Mo Ling rarely showed himself after entering the sect and was in seclusion the entire time.

There was also the scene before him.

Mo Ling left Astral Sect with many Execution Guards.

Now that Mo Ling was gone, Su Zimo was standing here in Mo Lings clothes.

“Answer me!”

Suddenly, Astral Rain released a massive spirit consciousness and locked onto Su Zimo.

With a sharp expression, he asked slowly, “Are you Mo Ling or not!”

Su Zimo was still silent and tense.


Astral Rain waved his sleeves and scattered starlight that enveloped Su Zimo!

The starlight was way too strong and any single streak of it was enough to kill Su Zimo.

However, Su Zimo had just received the inheritance of the Exalted Mystic Spirit Big Dipper True Sutra.

When he was attacked by the starlight, the cultivation technique sensed it and circulated on its own.


Two large star regions appeared above Su Zimos head.

They were led by the Alkaid and Mizar stars and were surrounded by millions of stars!

The two star regions were still far from the true Big Dipper star region.

Even so, the two star regions hovered above Su Zimos head, forming a gigantic phenomenon that shone with endless starlight.

It was shocking enough.

Starlight shone brightly from Su Zimos body like a god beneath the starry skies and his aura surged!

“The Mystic Spirit Big Dipper Diagram.

Its indeed you,”

When Astral Rain saw the two star regions appear, he had a conflicted expression and did not continue attacking.

Instead, he sighed gently and dispersed the surrounding starlight.

The Mystic Spirit Big Dipper Diagram in the skies dissipated as well.

Su Zimo was puzzled.

He could not sense any killing intent from Astral Rain.

In fact, he could not even sense any hostility.

Right now, his life was worth a million Essence Spirit Stones!

If he was captured alive, the rewards would be even greater!

However, Astral Rain did not seem to have any intention of attacking him.

The scene earlier on was merely a test to confirm Su Zimos true identity.


Now that things had come to this, there was no need for Su Zimo to hide anything.

“Im Mo Ling.”

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