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Shao Yunan said, “Two big brothers, just wait for a while.

I will talk to Fourth Uncle and Fourth Aunt about something and then take you to my house.”

“There is no hurry, no hurry.”

Both of them looked a little nervous.

Shao Yunan called Fourth Uncle and Fourth Aunt to the kitchen, mentioned Shopkeeper Xu’s proposal to them, and then told them what he proposed to uncle Duoqiu and uncle Yinzi.

After listening to it, both fourth Uncle and Fourth Aunt were in favor of the idea.

They didn’t want to cooperate with Yizhang Xuan restaurant to sell skewers.

Shao Yunan also told them that when the cabbage is collected, they should buy some oil cloth and wrap the cabbage in it, before putting it in the cellar.

This way the cabbage could be kept for a long time.

If there was an empty room in their house, they should directly build a kang and get some flat pottery pots or directly make a few rectangular wooden boxes to grow vegetables at home.

Even if they don’t grow well, they would still be fresh vegetables.

Whether they eat or make bunches of skewers to make money since it was cold the cost of the dish would also naturally go up.

Shao Yunan also asked fourth aunt to tell Uncle Duoqiu to plant some cilantro.

Some people liked to add cilantro to their meat bun to add more taste.

Fourth uncle and fourth aunt really wanted to know how Shao Yunan’s head worked, to have so many good ideas.

After finishing with fourth uncle and fourth aunt, Shao Yunan took the two Guo brothers home.

On the way, Shao Yunan said, “Our new house is not completely finished yet, so you will sleep in my daughter’s and son’s room at first.

You will have your own rooms after we move into the new house.”

Guo Ziyu hurriedly said, “Little brother Shao, don’t be so polite.

If it wasn’t for you, we brothers would still be begging.”

“Just call me Yunan.

I am also fated to be with you guys.

What you guys told me back then helped me a lot.

Shijing and I have two children, the eldest is called Wang Qing and he is six years old this year.

The daughter is four years old.

Her nickname is Nizi and her adult name will be given in a couple of days.”

” Okay.” Before they could walk home, someone shouted, “Yunan.” Shao Yunan smiled.

“Shijing, why aren’t you home”

“It’s dark, so I came to pick you up.

Qing and Nizi ate at Brother Shuping’s place.”

“Big brother Guo and little brother Guo have also eaten, so let’s both eat something casually.”

“Okay.” Wang Shijing walked over and naturally held Shao Yunan’s hand, the roads in their village were not easy to walk and since it was already dark his wife could fall.

The Guo brothers walked behind the two and soon they arrived at home.

Seeing the short fence and dilapidated outside of the house, the two Guo brothers kind of knew why Shao Yunan said he was building a new house.

As soon as they pushed the door, the two children ran out.

“Little father.”

“How was it at the patriarch’s house today” Wang Qing.

“Pretty good.

I was studying with Congbo and Wang Yan, and Nizi was playing with Wang Yiting.”

“As long as it’s good.” Shao Yunan pointed to the two people behind him.

“This is Uncle Guo Ziyu and Uncle Guo Zimu.

They are brothers and they will work in our family from now on.

Both uncles can read and write.

If you don’t know any words you can ask them.”

“… alright.” The two children looked at Guo Zimu in puzzlement.

Shao Yunan said, “In the future, you should call them Big Uncle Guo and Little Uncle Guo.

“ He then looked at the two, ‘Is that okay”

Guo Ziyu, “Yes, it’s okay to call us anything.” The two children immediately politely shouted, “Big uncle Guo” and “little uncle Guo.” Shao Yunan let Wang Shijing take the two children into the house, then he took Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu to the kitchen, scooped a basin of water as he spoke to Guo Zimu.

“There are no outsiders so you can wash your face.

You can’t go around with dirty face from now on.”

Guo Zimu bit his lips, went up, took the cloth towel Shao Yunan gave him, and washed his face.

As the dirt receded from Guo Zimu’s face, the surprise in Shao Yunan’s eyes became more and more obvious.

When Guo Zimu used the second basin of water to wash his face clean, Shao Yunan subconsciously murmured, “This is simply a face that can bring disaster.”

Guo Zimu lowered his head sadly, while Guo Ziyu hugged his brother.

Shao Yunan patted his forehead and said, “Come in.

I now know what you mean by causing trouble.

You tell me who you’re hiding from and I’m trying to figure out what to do.

The county magistrate is my righteous brother, he also said to ask you guys, if he needs to step in, he will step in.” Guo Zimu looked up in astonishment, while Guo Ziyu was also shocked.

Shao Yunan poured out the water in the basin and added, “Come inside.”

Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu froze as they followed Shao Yunan into the house.

The three people inside the house looked up at the same time.

The two children opened their mouths wide and looked dumbfounded, while Wang Shijing was also surprised.

But he quickly returned to normal and even patted the two children.

“Don’t stare at others, don’t you know how to behave”

The two children hurriedly returned to their senses and closed their mouths, but they could not help glancing at Guo Zimu’s face some more.

Was this even a person He simply looked too good! “Sit down.” Shao Yunan poured a cup of hot water for each of them.

Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu sat by the side of the bed, holding their cups.

Guo Ziyu was very handsome, but Guo Zimu was simply a siren, a national attraction! This was a face that could cause serious competition in the prosperous world, let alone in the chaotic world.

Since in the past few years the Great Sate of Yan definitely could be called a mess, it was no wonder that the two brothers were driven to desperation.

Shao Yunan asked, “Where are you guys from” Guo Ziyu tightened his hands and only after a long time he finally spoke.

“We are from Qingzhou County.

There was only our mother in our family.

My mother supported us by doing embroidery work for others and paid for my education.

But who would have thought that a bully would take a fancy on Zimu That man was passing through Qingzhou County and after seeing Zimu, wanted to marry him as a concubine.” 

“That man already had two wives and three concubines and I don’t even know how many concubines he had before that.

Our family didn’t want to do it, but that man came straight to our door to kidnap Zimu.

My mother and I went to the Yamen to complain, but the county magistrate not only did not plead for my family, but said that my mother and I were trying to take advantage of this opportunity to ask for more money, indiscriminately beating me and my mother each with 50 big board.

That night, my mother had a heart attack due to anger and was injured, so I carried her home since she almost died.”

At this point, Guo Ziyu’s face was filled with deep hatred, as Guo Zimu bowed his head, tears dripping down his face as he clutched his brother clothes.

“I went to the man’s house to look for my younger brother, but was beaten up by his house slaves.

Only then did I learned that this man was the county magistrate of Jinzhou Prefecture’s uncle.

He was a famous bully in Jinzhou Prefecture and I do not know how many evil things he had done to men and women.

Thanks to Zimu blackmailing him with a suit he didn’t succeed.

Later, Zimu knocked him out while he was drunk and ran away.

Zimu and I took my mother out of Qingzhou County overnight, but on the way my mother…”

Guo Ziyu choked up while Guo Zimu cried soundlessly.

“It’s all because of me, I caused my mother’s death and caused my brother’s leg injury.” Guo Ziyu took a deep breath and said, “Zimu and I found a place to bury my mother secretly and then we wanted to go to the capital to sue him in the imperial court.

But that bully sent someone to chase us, so my brother and I hid everywhere and almost got caught by him several times.

It was hard for us to go to the capital, not to mention to sue him in the imperial court as we had difficulty with keeping our lives.

With no hope of revenge, we left the capital and wandered all the way here.

Finally becoming beggars.”

Guo Zimu cried as he spoke.

“My brother had gotten into the examination.

If it were not for me, my brother might have been a scholar now.

Because of my face, my brother and I can’t go to work for others.

It’s all my fault that I dragged my brother down and harmed our mother.”

“It’s not your fault.” Guo Ziyu put his arm around his brother.

Shao Yunan’s expression tensed.

“What does this have to do with you It can only be said that this world is too dark.

If you are afraid of getting into trouble, I will go buy you a hat tomorrow.

I heard that the emperor is in the process of reorganizing the government, how many years have passed since this incident”

Guo Ziyu, “It’s been seven years.” 

Shao Yunan said, “Tomorrow I will go to my elder brother and ask him to help inquire about the situation in Jinzhou Province.

What is that bully’s name and what is that county magistrate’s name”

Guo Zimu gritted his teeth and said: “The bully’s name is Yang Tianwei and the county magistrate’s name is Rong Yue.”

Wang Shijing said, “This is Yongxiu County, Cainan Province.

Even if that Rong Yue is still the governor of Jinzhou Province, his hands cannot reach so far.

His Majesty is a wise ruler who is determined to rectify the government.

If they dare to do anything in the Cainan Prefecture, they will come to a point of no return.

You can stay in peace.”

Guo Zimu looked up and burst into tears.

“Thank you, thank you.” Guo Ziyu also stood up with red eyes and was about to salute when he was stopped by Shao Yunan.

“We’ll all be a family in the future, so don’t be so polite.

Shijing and I will be busy in the future, so the house will be in the care of the two elder brothers.”

“If there’s anything you guys want, just give an order.” Shao Yunan looked at the two children who were still staring at the bewitching beauty.

“Qing, Nizi” The two children jolted as they come back to their senses, hurriedly lowering their heads.

“Before moving, you will sleep with father and little father at night.

While the two uncles will sleep in your room.”

“Mm-hmm.” The two children nodded their heads vigorously. “When people ask, just say it’s your dad’s friend.

Don’t say much else.”

“Got it, little dad.” Wang Shijing, “Go wash up and go to bed early tonight.” The two children immediately got off the bed and ran out quickly.

Shao Yunan carried two new quilts for the two brothers and brought Wang Qing and Nizi’s quilts over.

Wang Shijing’s expression was very serious all the time, so Shao Yunan asked him secretly, “What’s wrong”

Wang Shijing said in a deep voice, “It will not be very convenient to make out at night.” Shao Yunan nearly lost his temper and kicked Wang Shijing.

“You sulky old man!” Then laid in the bed ignoring him.

Was he really old Wang Shijing touched the hair at his temple.

Then thought frankly.

With the spiritual spring and spiritual milk, he will become younger so his wife will no longer be able to call him old.


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