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The very irresponsible Shao Yunan left the mess he caused behind and went back to his own house.

His own two children still didn’t know about it.

When he returned home, Wang Qing and Wang Nizi were reading in the house.

Guo Ziyu was instructing them and Guo Zimu was washing clothes.

When he saw him come back, Guo Zimu stood up immediately.

Shao Yunan saw that his hands were frozen red and asked Wang Shijing to boil hot water and said, “We will wash our own clothes, Wang Qing and Wang Nizi’s loincloths will be washed by them.

When the family finds a woman to do the work later, it will be given to that woman to wash.”

Guo Zimu lowered his head slightly, he was already a bit introverted and after the family’s accident, he became even more introverted and did not like to show his face outside even more.

Now that his face was clean and dry after being a beggar for several years, he no longer knew how to show his face to other people.

“I don’t have much work to do.

I can do it.

I’ll leave Nizi’s loincloth to her.” Shao Yunan patted him, let him relax for a bit and said, “Wang Shijing and I are used to washing our own clothes, so there is no need for you to be polite.

Just try to make yourself at home.

Can you make noodles”

Guo Zimu nodded.

Since he was so good-looking, his mother and brother were protective of him, but his family was still poor so he could do all the work he needed to do and he was never arrogant just because he looked good.

Shao Yunan said, “I don’t know how to make noodles.

In this way, when our family needs to make noodles in the future I hope you and your brother can lend a hand.” “Alright!” Having something he could do, Guo Zimu became even more at ease. “I’m going to make some dim sum later, help me.”

“Good!” Guo Zimu raised his head slightly with the reassurance of being needed, not for his looks.

Wang Shijing boiled the water and went to chop wood.

Shao Yunan entered the two brothers’ room and Guo Zimu, who had heard him come back inside and was about to get off the bed, was stopped by Shao Yunan.

Shao Yunan went over and sat down, then he spoke to Wang Qing and Wang Nizi.

“Big uncle Guo is a scholar.

He ended up here because of an accident at home.

He might not have taken part in the examination, but if you don’t understand something just ask him.”

The two children’s gaze as they looked at big uncle Guo instantly changed to a little worship, making Guo Ziyu embarrassed.

Shao Yunan turned to Guo Ziyu.

“Big brother Guo, you and little Brother Guo should try to make yourself at home here.

When I go to the County town this afternoon I will go see my eldest brother and tell him about your situation, so he can inquire about the situation over there.” Hearing that Guo Ziyu’s expression changed as he got off the bed and saluted.

“Thank you, thank you.”

“I told you to treat this place as your own home, don’t always be so polite.” Pressing Guo Ziyu back, Shao Yunan said, “When we move, there will be a lot of things for you to do.

These two children of my family have also experienced a lot of hardships, while Wang Shijing was in the army for three years and just returned not too long ago, and only after their return did they start living a good life.

I will need to trouble Brother Guo more in the future.

Wang Qing started studying late and he will go to a private school next year.

Before that you should spend some time tutoring him.”

Guo Ziyu swore, “Don’t worry.

I might not be too talented, but I will teach him what I can.” Just now he and his brother wondered why there were so many calluses on the children’s hands.

It seemed that there was something wrong with the family.

“Little father, I will study hard.” Wang Qing also swore.

Shao Yunan rubbed his head, “You should work hard, but don’t study yourself into a nerd.

Elder Cen of the county school has a private school called White Moon Academy and he wants you to start studying there on the first day of February, next year.

From today, you will go to the Dean Cen’s house every afternoon to receive private tutoring.

A female teacher was also found for Nizi; she will follow Dean Cen’s wife to learn zither every two days.

Both of you should listen to Dean Cen and Madam Cen and not be lazy.”

Guo Ziyu looked shocked, while the two children had not yet had time to react.

After a while, Wang Qing jumped over with a shout, while Wang Nizi squealed and jumped on her little father.

“Little Father! I can learn the zither now!”

“Mm-hmm, our Nizi is going to be a talented girl.”

“Little daddy, little daddy, is that the dean of the county school who is very good at studying going to teach me”

“Yes, you have to work hard for little daddy.”

“Little father!”

Listening to his children’s screams in the courtyard, the corners of Wang Shijing’s mouth picked up slightly as he split the firewood one by one.

Guo Zimu was also very surprised.

Dean Cen Young brother Shao was able to admit his children into White Moon Academy and let Dean Cen personally teach them Guo Zimu was once again curious and puzzled about the owner of this small farmhouse.

What kind of person was he Also what kind of family was this

Wang Qing and Wang Nizi were both very happy, but for Wang Qing this news has even more extraordinarily different significance.

His young uncle was not able to enter White Moon Academy, but he could go.

It was not easy to coax the two children to be a little calmer when someone suddenly knocked on their door.

Zhao Yuande and Zhao He came with Zhao Congbo and Wang Shuping came with Wang Yan.

The hands of the two families were full of things, while Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan came in, to kowtow to Shao Yunan and were pulled up by Wang Shijing.

The two families came over to thank them and to get advice from Shao Yunan.

Since they were going to see the dean of county school, what was appropriate to bring Also this tuition, they couldn’t just pretend they didn’t have it just because Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan said they didn’t need to give it.

Shao Yunan introduced Guo Ziyu and only said that he had hired the two brothers to do the work.

Knowing that Guo Zimu did not like to see people, Shao Yunan invited the two families to his and Wang Shijing’s room.

It was true that there was no need to give money or extra things to Dean Cen, so Zhao He and Wang Shuping put the money they brought directly in front of Shao Yunan and asked him to receive it.

Shao Yunan pushed the money back and told the two families to take it easy for now as he stated his reasons.

Dean Cen was willing to accept three children because friendship is greater than money, so Shao Yunan will not give the money to the dean. 

Also, his family was not short of money.

The reason he brought up Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan was also due to the friendship between their families.

If they really felt bad about it, they should just help his family accumulate some pickles, make some pickles, and make some bacon every year.

There was also no need to give Dean Cen money, but family specialties such as the mountain products, picked food, eggs laid by their chickens, or jam they made could be sent every year to Dean Cen to express their gratitude during the holidays.

Like today’s first meeting, Zhao He could take a few bottles of hawthorn jam, red dates, and ginger jam.

Wang Shuping could also bring two chickens and a basket of eggs, while they should change the children into neat and clean clothes.

In the afternoon, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan would take the children over.

They didn’t need to go with them for now.

Zhao Yuande, the pair of husbands, and Wang Shuping were very thankful, even more than when Shao Yunan gave them the jam recipe so they could make money.

Wang Qing, Zhao Congbo, and Wang Yan studied together every day and got acquainted with each other.

This time they would also be able to go to White Moon Academy together, making all three children happy and at ease with each other.

The two families thanked him, while Shao Yunan went to the kitchen.

Although he sent gifts yesterday, today he should still bring over some gifts to pay respect to the teacher.

It doesn’t need to be expensive, but it needed to show his heart.

Shao Yunan called Guo Zimu to lend a hand, while Guo Ziyu stayed in the other room teaching the two children how to salute and behave when they met the teacher.

Shao Yunan planned to make glutinous rice mochi.

This time, he also prepared fillings such as black sesame seeds, peanuts, and goat’s milk jam, in addition to red bean paste.

The mochi wrapped in shredded coconut would look very appealing.

But since Shao Yunan could not bring coconut shreds from his space he thought of another way.

He cut potatoes into small slices and fried them before crushing them.

Mochi was made with glutinous rice flour, so Guo Zimu used a stone mill to grind it into a powder.

While Shao Yunan prepared the filling in the kitchen.

The black sesame seeds were boiled with maltose and peanut kernels were fried and crushed.

Shao Yunan thought he had to go to the county town to find out if honey was for sale, since he had a lot of honey in his space.

If so, he could mix some of the honey from his space with the one he bought.

When Guo Zimu milled the glutinous rice flour needed by Shao Yunan, Shao Yunan put the glutinous rice flour into a wooden basin and stirred it with oil and water… although adding milk would be better… After stirring it for a while he steamed it in the pot and cooled it for a bit, before dipping it into the potato chips.

Guo Zimu watched and learned carefully from the sidelines, only to find it very refreshing.

When Shao Yunan finished wrapping the mochi, he let Guo Zimu join him.

While the two were wrapping, Shao Yunan talked about mochi.

Guo Zimu had never eaten it before, so when Shao Yunan explained how to make mochi, he couldn’t help but gulp.

Such a dessert was a small matter for Shao Yunan who couldn’t make noodles, but still could make bread, snacks, and cakes.

He liked to do it himself and he had a sister-in-law who was keen on it.

When all the stuffing was used up, Shao Yunan picked up some mochi paste and fed it directly to Guo Zimu’s mouth.

“Have a taste.”


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