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Wang Shijing, in a gloomy mood, pushed open the door of his dilapidated yard and looked at the light coming from the house.

While thinking of his two children, the depression in his heart instantly dissipated a lot.

Closing the door, he stood for a while in place, before going to wash his hands.

Only then, did he push open the door and enter the house.

Entering the house, he smelled the aroma of food. 

“You’re back, let’s eat.

Qing and Nizi have already eaten at Uncle Zhao Lizheng’s house, so you and I can just eat something.”

“Okay.” Wang Shijing went over to the kang bed.

Wang Qing got out of bed and said, “Father, I’ll serve you soup.”

Shao Yunan cooked a pot of mushroom and cabbage soup with sliced meat and the buns they had bought in the county town before their return.

But Shao Yunan stopped Wang Qing.

“Wait, wait for your father to calm down before eating.

If he eats in this mood.

he might get sick.”

Wang Qing and Wang Nizi immediately looked at their father.

Shao Yunan thought one oil lamp was too dark, so he lit the second oil lamp in the house.

The two children may not see that Wang Shijing was burning with anger, but Shao Yunan could see it clearly. 

Shao Yunan said, “Qing go and boil water so you and Nizi can wash up first, then you can go to bed early tonight.”


Wang Qing carried his sister off the bed and led her out by holding her hand.

As soon as the door closed, Shao Yunan pushed the bowl of water he hadn’t drunk yet, in front of Wang Shijing and asked, “Did Zhao Lizheng and the patriarch blame you”

Wang Shijing drank the bowl of water in one gulp, wiped his mouth, and said, “Uncle Zhao didn’t blame me.

When I went there, Uncle Sun was also there.

As the Sun clan patriarch.

he also didn’t say anything.”

“So what did Wang Wenhe say” Wang Shijing’s expression suddenly became gloomy, so Shao Yunan said, “Don’t be angry.

It’s normal for him to be unhappy.

They are still counting on Wang Zhisong to earn clan merit.”

Shao Yunan has the memory of the original body owner, so he easily forgave him for having a sense of immersion and identification with this ancient clan.

In modern society, even if there are places where clans still existed, it was mostly due to nostalgia. 

Wang Shijing was silent for a while before he said, “Shao Yunan, tomorrow I will go to Zhao Lizheng and write deed of separation.

We will divorce and then you can marry me again.

In this way, you won’t have to be held back by the Wang clan because of me.” 

Due to this first sentence, Shao Yunan was so surprised that the bun in his mouth almost fell out, but when Wang Shijing said the next sentence, the bun really fell as Shao Yunan choked on his own saliva. 

Wang Shijing hurriedly moved over to pat him on the back.

Shao Yunan, coughing and laughing, was a little sad.

This honest man even thought of such a ‘bad trick.’ Shao Yunan really wanted to hold his face and nibble on him, saying.

“How can you be so cute” To be honest, Wang Shijing’s performance time after time changed Shao Yunan’s expectation of him. 

Finally, Shao Yunan wiped the corners of his eyes and smiled as he said, “I have all your money, what would you use as a dowry” Wang Shijing suddenly became a little embarrassed.

Of course, he doesn’t understand the word ‘embarrassed’ so Shao Yunan continued to tease him, “I married you and become a little father for Wang Qing and Wang Nizi.

Besides…” Shao Yunan lustfully measured Wang Shijing… “If I marry you, I will need to call you my wife in the future…” He stopped talking at this point, Wang Shijing definitely already understood.

Wouldn’t he have to be the wife at night 

Wang Shijing cleared his throat awkwardly and suddenly felt impulsive.

Shao Yunan took off his blindfold and threw it aside as he patted his chest saying, “That Wang Wenhe acted old-fashioned, so It was hard for him to not get angry.

Don’t worry, I’m not even afraid of the county magistrate, so how can I be afraid of him At the worst, we will go to the county town and buy a house there, moving out of the village.

As long as we have enough money, any clan law is bull**.

If you earn thousands of taels of silver a year and directly donate money to get an official position, we would see who still would dare to say such nonsense.

When the time comes, not to mention saying you were wrong, it will be too late to carry favor with you.”

Wang Shijing’s heart thumped: “Ten thousand taels of silver” Shao Yunan gave him a rare and strange look.

“Even if not tens of thousands of taels, we will definitely earn thousands of taels.

You can wait until you become a big boss in the future, well, we will work hard first to earn money, while raising Wang Qing and Nizi to become outstanding.

So in the future, Wang Qing can become a big official and Nizi a noble lady.

Don’t you think they will want to curry favor with us then” 

“Can Wang Zhisong compare to you Even if he gets the first position, he will be rejected sooner or later.

Do you really think that in this world it is so easy for poor students to mix in You can’t just be in first position during the examination.

Without background, other officials’ support, luck, and charisma, there are many talented students from poor families, so why would people let him become an official in power With his virtue and vision, it would already be nice if he is able to get out of Xiushui village.” 

If other people told Wang Shijing something like this, Wang Shijing would only think he was daydreaming.

But Shao Yunan’s words made his heart thump, feeling that what he said might come true. 

“All right, don’t be angry.

You can also be regarded as someone who has gone out to see the world.

With this kind of life in the village, what is said is as good as nonsense said by a frog at the bottom of the well.

Wang Wenhe understanding or not, will not affect our life.

There is soup in the pot for you, eat it quickly.

We will have to dry out the tea soon, or it will affect the taste.

It should be dealt with right away.

Wang Shijing was not angry at all.

He just felt that his whole body was full of energy, so he got off the Kang bed and went outside.

At this time, there was a sudden knocking at the door, making Shao Yunan a bit annoyed.

Who is it at this hour

Wang Qing, who was in the kitchen, ran out first to open the door.

Opening the door, he looked at the people outside and his first reaction was to turn around and run deeper inside the house without even shouting.

Bumping into them, he shouted in horror, “Dad! Grandpa and little aunt are here!” Holy **! Shao Yunan almost lifted the table with him. 

“Big brother, are you home Why is little Qing shouting when he sees someone” With a slightly bossy tone, a female voice sounded as the sound of footsteps came from outside the house.

At this time Wang Shijing found his own blindfold and put it on.

Shao Yunan asked Wang Qing to go back to washing up and taking good care of Wang Nizi.

After the door was pushed open, Wang Qing shouted in a low voice reluctantly, “Grandpa, little aunt.” Then he ran out to hide.

When Wang Nizi heard it was grandpa and little aunt who came, she was so scared that she hid in the kitchen and didn’t dare to come out.

Wang Dali’s face was sullen, while Wang Shijing’s sister, Wang Chunxiu also had an unhappy expression.

As soon as the two entered the room, Shao Yunan put his chopsticks on the table with force, his expression even darker than the two of them.

This sound made Wang Dali and Wang Chunxiu’s bodies jolt, while Shao Yunan pretended to glare at Wang Shijing.

“Didn’t I tell you to scoop soup for me” The tone of his voice was that of a typical ‘bit*h.’

Wang Shijing silently picked up Shao Yunan’s bowl and silently went to scoop soup for him.

Wang Dali and Wang Chunxiu did not look at Shao Yunan as they said at the same time.

“Shijing (big brother).”

Wang Shijing stopped, but someone refused to follow.

“What are you waiting for The soup is getting cold! I might have a stomachache!” 

Wang Shijing opened the door and went out.

Wang Chunxiu looked at Shao Yunan angrily, but Shao Yunan just stared back.

“Who are you, coming to our house at night Are you married yet If not, hurry up and get out, don’t attract gossip.”

Wang Chunxiu’s face immediately flushed with shame.

Wang Dali was a person who could not speak well so in the face of Shao Yunan’s sharp tongue, he had no ability to fight back.

Wang Chunxiu, who couldn’t count on her own father, said blushingly, “I’m Wang Chunxiu.

Do I need to mind you when I come to my elder brother’s house”


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