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The work in the field was basically finished, leaving only the watering and weeding that Tang Genshu took over.

Under the supervision of Uncle Zhou and Old Father Wang, their new house was changing day by day.

At the end of October, in just half a month at most, the new house would be finished.

Wang Shijing went daily to observe the progress of building the new house, and spent the rest of the time with Shao Yunan and the children at home or going into the mountains.

When their house was finally finished, Wang Shijing went to Zhao Lizheng to buy the mountain closest to the west of the house.

Since the matter of the Sun family making the chrysanthemum tea was already out, Zhao Lizheng called a meeting of the Zhao clan and just like the Sun clan with the chrysanthemum tea, he made the jam into a Zhao clan business. 

At the same time, Yizhang Xuan restaurant waited for the red date and hawthorn jam and the Sun clan earned quite a bit of money together with Yongning Hall, with the sale of the chrysanthemum tea.

Unfortunately the last crop of wild chrysanthemum flower blooms were already over, so the chrysanthemum tea would soon be out of stock.

Boss Feng from Yongning Hall, also did not mention further distribution for now.

The Sun clan’s chrysanthemum tea was also made using Shao Yunan’s recipe.

In the final settlement, in addition to the 100 taels paid to Shao Yunan, he also earned more than 100 taels in profit.

Patriarch Sun and Zhao Lizheng each put away 60 taels of silver for their own communities to buy a few acres of community clan land in the spring of the following year. 

In the future, the clan’s production of and the profits from chrysanthemum tea and jam would be used to fund the study for the clan’s children… as well as reward children for studying well.

All kinds of news came in waves, making the whole village explode in gossip again.

The news made the Sun and Zhao clan members overjoyed.

Those who had children all went to Wang Shijing’s house with gifts to thank them.

If Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan weren’t so generous, they didn’t know if their children would ever be able to study!

Tang Gengsheng, who was in the first batch of those to receive aid on the financial aid list, was brought over by his brother Tang Genshu and gave three kowtows to Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan as soon as he entered the door.

The two brothers already knew from Zhao Lizheng, that it was Wang Shijing who specifically mentioned to Zhao Lizheng to give Tang Gengsheng a chance.

Tang Genshu now earned enough money each month to afford Tang Gengsheng’s reading lesson, so when Tang Gengsheng went to the private school with the financial support of the Zhao and Sun clans, Tang Genshu would be able to pay for Tang Gengsheng’s schooling with Wang Shijing’s support.

The people from the two clans who did not get to participate in the business were naturally unhappy, since they were told that their character was not good enough.

But with the patriarch, clan elders, and most of the clansmen at the top, they could not show their unhappiness.

Since their children would also get support for private schooling, they weren’t completely excluded.

If the situation was not good, they wouldn’t be able to get any money and would even need to pay all the tuition themselves.

Of course, this support was not without a time limit, but these details were not something that Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing needed to worry about.

However, while the Sun and Zhao clans were happy, the Wang clan became very depressed.

Why would Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan sell the production method to the Zhao and Sun clans rather than their own clan But it was also clear, if nothing else, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan would not agree to deal with old lady Wang’s family.

Let alone Zhao Dafu’s family after what they had done. 

This time the entire Wang clan was implicated by old lady Wang and Wang Dafu’s family.

Now everyone openly and secretly scolded them.

Some people were even dissatisfied with Wang Wenhe, the clan patriarch.

If the clan patriarch had done a better job, he would be able to suppress old lady Wang’s and Wang Dafu’s family.

But now the Wang clan could only watch the Zhao and Sun clans eat meat, while they didn’t even have a mouthful of soup to drink.

Why couldn’t they even have a mouthful of soup

Wang Wenhe’s heart was depressed, while Wang Shuping who couldn’t help was also sad.

He couldn’t go to Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, since old lady Wang, who was scolded by him, became even more angry.

This was her own son, but he didn’t give her any ways to make money or even just money.

It all went to outsiders and old lady Wang could not go out to make trouble since Wang Zhisong forbade her to go. 

After thinking about it, old lady Wang sent Wang Dali and Wang Chunxiu.

Wang Chunxiu was unwilling, but old lady Wang said that if she could get the recipe, they would not have to worry about her dowry, making Wang Chunxiu feel very moved.

Unfortunately, old lady Wang’s plan was doomed to fail.

As soon as Wang Dali and Wang Chunxiu stepped into the door of Wang Shijing’s house, Shao Yunan said, “Wang Chunxiu, did you really come to seduce me”

Wang Chunxui howled, covered her face, and ran out of the house, while Wang Dali’s face instantly turned red, not knowing if he was angry or bashful.

Shao Yunan brutally drove Wang Shijing back into the house and asked Wang Dali directly, “What do you want”

Without Wang Chunxiu at the side, Wang Dali stammered and couldn’t utter a single word for a half a day, so Shao Yunan fleshed a sarcastic smile.

“My father, if there is a wedding, funeral, or marriage in the family, you should come.

Our family will show you courtesy.

But if there is not such a thing, don’t come to our door.

It was written in the separation deed.

To be clear, yours and my mother’s fingerprints are both on it.” 

“If you are illiterate, you can ask Wang Zhisong to read it to you later.

We already agreed that from now on the two families will no longer have a relationship and it’s their own business whether they live well or not.

How can you come to my house with your daughter, if there is nothing important If you don’t know, I might even think you want me to divorce Shijing and marry your daughter.”

Wang Dali was too ashamed to open his mouth at this time, so he just turned around and left at an unsteady pace.

Shao Yunan closed the door coldly, turned around and fell into a warm embrace.

“Don’t talk nonsense.

When people hear it, they might think you want to divorce me and marry a woman.”

“Pfft!” Shao Yunan raised his head from the man’s embrace.

“Shijing, I didn’t expect you to be so open-minded.

I have been with you like this, but you still think I can be like this with a woman” Wang Shijing’s one eye flashed.

“Or is it that Brother Shijing doesn’t mind marrying a woman as his wife in the future”

“Don’t talk nonsense! I only have you as a wife!” Wang Shijing got angry and bent down to carry Shao Yunan into their room, while giving him a not so gentle slap on the buttocks.

Wang Qing and Wang Nizi very understandingly hid back into their own room, not wanting to disrupt their parents.

The two people in the house soon undressed, not even a bit ashamed of doing stuff like this in broad daylight.

They were in a very passionate mood, when someone knocked on the door.

“May I ask if this is Wang Shijing’s house”

“Someone is looking for you.” Shao Yunan pushed Wang Shijing, who was breathing heavily, and Wang Shijing’s eyelids closed with impatience.

“Who is it!” He lifted his pants reluctantly.

“Excuse me, is this the home of Wang Shijing” The person knocked on the door one more time.

Wang Qing came out of the room.

“Dad, someone is looking for you.”

“I will come out soon, open the door.” Wang Qing ran over to open the courtyard door and saw an unfamiliar uncle standing outside.

From the way he dressed, he was definitely not from the village, not to mention that behind the man stood a carriage.


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