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County Magistrate Jiang took a sip and nodded.

“It’s good.

It’s much better than the one sold at Yongning Hall and also looks several times better.

The name ‘Golden silk chrysanthemum’ is really appropriate.

It’s also more than enough to make tribute tea.”

Shao Yunan could not pretend to not understand County Magistrate Jiang’s meaning, so he said, “Shijing and I picked everything that can be picked from the mountain and it will be winter soon.

Even if we plant some at home, it would be too late.

We can only wait until next spring to plant some and see if we can still produce such large flowers.”

County Magistrate Jiang took another sip and stared thoughtfully at the bright yellow Golden Silk Emperor Chrysanthemum.

Suddenly a strong knock could be heard from the door outside.

“Bang bang bang!”

“Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law, come out soon! Brother Qing had an accident!”

Inside the house, Shao Yunan ran out with a jolt, no longer caring about County Magistrate Jiang inside.

When he opened the door, Shao Yunan’s expression changed to horror.

“What happened to Qing”

The person who came was Wang Xing, who was about to cry.

“Qing was pushed into the river by Wang Zaizheng.

He was no longer breathing after he was rescued.

Shijing who was just passing by is by the river, quickly come and see!” Shao Yunan’s head buzzed, but in the next second he pushed Wang Zing away and ran toward the river.

“I’ll go and have a look!” County Magistrate Jiang said to his two subordinates with a serious expression and also hurried over.

There was no particular need to search, since it was the place where most of the villagers nearby gathered after the incident happened.

Even from a distance, Shao Yunan could hear someone crying while someone else shouted, “Yunan is coming, Yunan is coming.”

“Yunan…” Fourth aunt Wang cried as she came out of the crowd.

The crowd automatically moved aside and then Shao Yunan saw Wang Qing lying motionlessly and lifelessly on the ground, with Wang Nizi lying on top of him and crying.

“Get out of the way! Don’t gather there!” Shao Yunan rushed over and pulled Wang Nizi up, before pushing her into fourth aunt Wang’s arms.

His voice trembled as he asked, “How long has it been since Wang Qing was rescued”

Wang Nizi cried, “Little father! Save brother! Save my brother!”

“How long since he was rescued!” Shao Yunan peeled off Wang Qing’s clothes, his voice changing.

Someone finally replied, “It’s been less than a cup of tea.” That means less than five minutes! “Get out of the way! Don’t crowd around!”

Shao Yunan yelled at the onlooking villagers that quickly took several steps backwards.

Then Shao Yunan raised Wang Qing’s chin and pressed his chest with both hands as he sent air into his opened mouth, shocking everyone around.

Even Wang Nizi forgot to cry as she watched her little father do such a strange thing to her brother.

“Brother Qing, breathe, breathe.

You can’t give up! You can’t give up!”

Shao Yunan gave Wang Qing artificial respiration while calling him to consciousness.

“What is Shijing’s wife doing”

“I don’t know.”

County Magistrate Jiang who followed after Shao Yuanan also paid attention to his actions as he heard another roar.


Wang Nizi turned around and started crying again as she rushed over.


Wang Shijing was about to pick up Wang Nizi just like in the past, but was stopped by fourth aunt Wang.

“Shijing, don’t go there.

Yunan told us to back away, so he might have a way to save little Qing.”

Shao Yunan had no time to care about Wang Shijing, for he wanted to snatch someone from the god of death.

Wang Nizi only cried as she complained, “Dad, Wang Zaizheng pushed my brother into the water.

He said that my brother and I should die, and that grandma and second aunt should have sold us earlier.

Wuwu Wuwu… Dad…”

Wang Shijing’s one-eye turned red as he shoved Wang Nizi into Wang Zhuanghua’s arms, who was going to talk to him.

Then he ran towards his family’s house.

“Hurry up and stop Shijing, I am afraid he went crazy! Don’t let something happen again!” Fourth aunt Wang hurriedly shouted to several nearby young men.

Then Wang Zhuanghua handed Wang Nizi, who was still crying so hard that she was almost out of breath over to her and together with Wang Xing and brother Sun rushed after Shijing.

Several other young men also chased after them.

Jiang Kangning frowned and whispered to the people around him, “You also go over there.”


Shao Yunan was still giving first aid to Wang Qing, when someone who couldn’t bear watching it anymore said, “Shijing’s wife, stop torturing this child more.

Just let him go.” Shao Yunan just ignored it.

“Yunan…” Fourth Aunt Wang also felt hopeless, as her tears fell.

“15, 16, 17, 18…”

A mouthful of air was put into Wang Qing’s mouth and Shao Yunan continued to do lung compression.

Meanwhile, the mad Wang Shijing kicked open the front door of the big house with one kick.

While ignoring the screams of old lady Wang and Wang Chunxiu, he rushed into the house like a bull.

Then he found Wang Zaizheng hiding under the table and brought him out.

“Wang Shijing! You son of a bitch! Do you want to kill your mother!” Old lady Wang’s screams were stopped by Wang Shijing’s blood-shot eyes.

Then Wang Shijing took off his blindfold, with his face distorted with extreme anger making old lady Wang so frightened that she almost wet herself.

Wang Chunxiu also screamed and hid, while Wang Zhisong who had come out of the house and saw this scene immediately hid back into the house.

“Grandma, grandma save me! Grandma!”

Wang Zaizheng’s trousers became wet.

He never thought that this terrible uncle would come directly to catch him.

Wang Shijing carried Wang Zaizheng out of the house and roared, “I want you to pay for Qing’s life!”

“Grandma! Little Uncle! Little Uncle, save me! Little Uncle, help! Little Uncle, save me! “

“I want you to pay for Qing’s life!”

“Brother Shijing, calm down!” Wang Xing, who, together with Wang Zhuanghua and Sun brothers, had finally caught up, said.

Together with a few other people, they tried to stop the furious Wang Shijing.

Wang Zaizheng was frightened by everything that was happening around him while Wang Dali shrank on the side.

Wang Zhisong was also too afraid to come out.

Wang Shijing brutally waved away his good brothers who tried to block him and finally carried Wang Zaizheng out of the big house.

“Brother Shijing! Calm down!”

“Go and call the head of the village, Zhao Lizheng! Call the clan patriarch!”


“Little Uncle! Grandma! Uncle! Grandma!”

Wang Shijing had only one thought in his head, that was to make Wang Zaizheng pay for his son’s life.

But more and more people appeared to stop him, while Zhao Lizheng also rushed over quickly, saying to Wang Shijing, “Shao Yunan is still trying to save Wang Qing’s life.

If you kill Wang Zaizheng now, you will become unreasonable even if you are justified.

Uncle Zhao promises you that no matter how your clan patriarch deals with this matter, uncle Zhao will try to give you justice.”

“Shijing, put down Wang Zaizheng.

You will go to jail if you kill him! Calm down! Shao Yunan is still trying to save little Qing.” The two Sun brothers, Zhao Yuande and Zhao Yuanqing, pulled Wang Zaizheng away, who was so frightened that he started to smell like feces and urine.

Wang Shijing’s one eye glowed red as he shouted in a thick voice, “Little Qing better be well otherwise you will pay for it with your own life! I want him to pay for it with his own life!” Zhao Lizheng said, “I promise to give you and little Qing justice.

Go to Yunan first, maybe he has a way.”

Wang Xing and Wang Zhuanghua who received Zhao Lizheng’s signal dragged Wang Shijing over.

Wang Shijing’s breathing was so heavy that it seemed he would suffocate at any moment.

Zhao Yuanqing took the frightened Wang Zaizheng away, while Zhao Lizheng together with his eldest son joined everyone by the river.

Shao Yunan was still giving Wang Qing artificial respiration, while many onlookers urged him to give up and stop torturing Wang Qing.

Wang Nizi had already cried so much that she didn’t have any tears left.

Just at that moment…

“Cough cough…”

“Cough cough…”

The surroundings suddenly became quiet as they stared at Wang Qing, who suddenly made a sound, in disbelief, wondering if there was something wrong with their ears.

But then Wang Qing coughed again and spat out several mouthfuls of water, making everyone jerk back.

Shao Yunan’s trembling heart finally calmed down as his hands went limp and he picked up Wang Qing, his eyes full of tears.

“Okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Shao Yun’an gave Wang Qing’s head a few kisses.

He was still scared out of his mind.

“Little Qing is alive!” He didn’t know who shouted it, but in an instant, the crowd boiled.

Wang Nizi stared blankly at her brother who was coughing in her little father’s arms and suddenly screamed, “Brother!” She struggled to get out of fourth aunt Wang’s arms and then rushed over.

“Brother! Woo… Little Father… Brother…”

Wang Qing was still coughing as Shao Yunan untied his clothes with one hand.

Then someone came over and wrapped an outer garment around Wang Qing’s body, it was Tang Genshu.

“Thank you.”

Shao Yunan tried to stand up with Wang Qing in his arms.

But his legs were still as soft as noodles.

“Shijing! Come here quickly! Brother Qing is alive! Yunan has brought Qing back to life!”

To the despairing Wang Shijing, this voice sounded almost like heavenly music.

After pausing for a moment, he rushed over.

Seeing his son coughing in Shao Yunan’s arms, he ran over and knelt down on the ground, hugging the most important people in his life tightly in his arms.


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