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Chapter 43.2 – OnTimeStory

Only Wang Shijing could listen to Shao Yunan’s remarks with a lot of modern languages and accepted his gaze as he spoke about imperial power without any fear.

Without any outsiders inside, Wang Shijing never cared what his wife did or said.

But because Shao Yunan mentioned the emperor in front of Jiang Kangning, Wang Shijing reminded him that there was an outsider present.

At this time, there were only the two husbands and the two children who slept soundly in the next room.

Wang Shijing not only accepted his wife’s strange views, but also told his wife some inside information.

“When I joined the army, I was assigned under the command of a small general.

There were many big generals in the little general’s family and the great, mighty, and powerful General is the grandfather of General Dai Xiao.

Their family is also very much trusted by the emperor, but during the last emperor’s reign, their family suffered some injustice.” 

“I heard that thanks to his Royal Highness’ attack, who is now the present emperor, their family was able to survive.

Later, his Royal Highness succeeded the throne and used their family again.

This time in ‘Huhar country’s invasion, the small general was appointed as the avant-guard general and his eldest uncle Minghui, who led the whole army, was appointed as the vanguard general.”

“It was precisely because I followed such generals that I was able to bring back the money and jewelry.

For the villagers who went under the command of the other generals, getting part of their military pay was already good.

I heard that many soldiers could not even get a penny and became bandits.

The little general also led us around to wipe out the mountain bandits and gave us the gold and silver treasures hidden by these mountain bandits.

He said that the imperial court is now poor, so we should not blame the army for being paid so little.”

Shao Yunan wrinkled his eyebrows.

“This phenomenon of drinking soldiers’ blood was very serious” Wang Shijing nodded.

“Very serious.

The court had no money, so at most they could only guarantee the general’s pay.

Someone even dared to embezzle General Dai’s military pay.

There were even some that embezzled directly from the Ministry of War, not to mention below.

Other generals also deducted some of the soldiers’ pay, but I was lucky.

General Dai not only gave us all the pay we could get, he also gave his own pay and rewards to the soldiers with disabilities, so we soldiers were willing to fight for him.”

Shao Yunan did not expect that there were really wise generals that could only be seen in history books and asked curiously, “What was the name of that young general Were you always a junior soldier when you were a soldier”

Wang Shijing said, “His name is Dai Zhanli and it seems to be written like this.” He wrote the word ‘Zhanli’ on the palm of Shao Yunan’s hand.

Shao Yunan felt like he had heard this name somewhere before, but he quickly ignored it.

Maybe the original body’s owner had heard the story of this young general somewhere.

“On the behalf of this young general, ten thousand troops were in the vanguard.

Before I returned to the village, I was a centurion.” Shao Yunan touched the injured half of Wang Shijing’s face.

“Unexpectedly you were a small leader, leading a hundred people.

How did you get this injury”

Wang Shijing said, “In the last big battle, everyone was anxious as General Dai led us to surround the other side’s general.

It was then that I was injured by one of the other side’s lieutenants.

Then I cut off his arm and stabbed him to death.”

“Then you have done meritorious service, haven’t you Why did you go back to the village Because you were hurt”

Wang Shijing said, “Not at all.

My superior, Captain Baili, was killed in that war and many of my comrades-in-arms were also killed.

After three years in the army, I was also tired and always worried about the situation at home.

I happened to be partially blind, so I proposed that I go back to my village.

General Dai allowed it, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to come back.”

“According to the law, I had to serve for ten years before I could come home.

I also didn’t take the merit and gave it to captain Baili, so that General Dai could ask for pension money for him.

He cherished us little soldiers very much, so my becoming a centurion was also thanks to him.” What he didn’t say was that if he had really accepted the military merit and got a promotion, with the temperament of his family members, he couldn’t even imagine how much they would try to use him.

For him to get separated from that family, it was best to have nothing.

“Well, you were right, if you took the credit for this, even if you were seriously injured, you probably wouldn’t be able to come back and had to stay in the army.

Besides, your family isn’t in need of money, so it was best to give it to those who needed it more.”

Wang Shijing hugged his wife tightly.

He knew that his wife would understand him.

If he accepted the military merit, he might not have been able to marry his wife, which was absolutely not possible.

Wang Shijing continued, “As you said, the court is also a mess and the emperor won’t be able to  rectify the administration of the officials overnight.”

“The situation in the army is no better than that of the court.

If I had stayed in the army, I might have been under the command of my young general and been okay.

But if I was transferred to another general… I am afraid that I might not even know how I would die.

It was better to come back and marry a good wife, so you can warm my bed.”

Shao Yunan pinched Wang Shijing’s scarred face.

“Can you be more shameless If Song hadn’t divorced you, how could you get married again I wouldn’t see you either.” Wang Shijing pulled down his wife’s hand and held it tightly.

“This assumption is not valid, you are now my wife.”

So he learned how to use it… well, it seems that this child could still be taught.

Shao Yunan changed his hand to touch the other half of Wang Shijing’s face and muttered, “The scars have faded a bit and they are not as hideous as when I first saw you.

Can you still not see with that eye” Was it necessary to directly use spiritual milk

Wang Shijing rubbed his wife’s not-so-soft hand.

“I think it’s going to be okay, there’s a little light now.”


“Well, I can feel the light and it’s especially obvious at dawn.” Shao Yunan smiled.

“Maybe it will be completely fine.”

“Well, with my wife around, it will definitely get better.”

Wang Shijing was sure that his eye condition had something to do with his wife.

Shao Yunan rolled his eyes and said, “If it gets better, what will you say to everyone”

Wang Shijing said, “I’ll just say that it’s the medicine prescribed by the military doctor.

I got injured not long before coming back, so it’s not surprising that I can see again.”

“So smart.” Pinching Wang Shijing’s face, Shao Yunan did not shy away from giving him a kiss on his injured eye.

“It will get better.”

“Mm.” Tightening his arm once again, Wang Shijing still didn’t ask anything.




There was a knock on the door outside, so Wang Shijing let Shao Yunan go and got off the bed.

Shao Yunan did not move, as Wang Shijing dressed and went out.

After a long time, he came back from outside and brought in some cold air.

Shao Yunan, who felt a little drowsy after rescuing Wang Qing, had been feeling weak, but still talked with Jiang Kangning for such a long time.

Now the weakness came up and since his bed was warm, he wanted to sleep.

Seeing him like that, Wang Shijing took off his clothes and got into the bed.

Putting his hands around Shao Yunan, he also closed his eyes and did not say that the clans came to him to tell him what they planned to do with those people.

Finding a comfortable position in Wang Shijing’s arms, Shao Yunan cooed, “Let’s eat noodles tonight.”

“Alright.” Tucking in the blanket, Wang Shijing took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and then closed his eyes as well.

The two of them cuddled together for a good sleep, as Wang Shijing was a little tired after his mental relaxation.

Not long after they woke up, Wang Qing and Nizi also woke up.

Finding that their father and little father were there, Wang Nizi jumped into her little father’s arms, hugging him and crying.

Wang Qing also had tears in his eyes, so Wang Shijing held Wang Qing over the quilt and then held Shao Yunan and Wang Nizi with his other hand.

“Not afraid, not afraid.” Shao Yunan coaxed Wang Nizi, as Wang Shijing touched his son’s forehead.

Not finding it feverish, he asked, “Is there any discomfort Is it hard on your chest” Wang Qing shook his head and opened his mouth to speak, but couldn’t.

Shao Yunan knew it was the after-effects of choking, so he handed Wang Nizi over to Wang Shijing and said, “I’ll go make some food for the child.”

“I’ll go with you.” Wang Shijing put the two children back on the bed, but Wang Nizi grabbed her father.

“Father, I want to go too.” Wang Qing also grabbed his little father.

The two children still had not yet recovered from the accident.

Wang Shijing asked Shao Yunan to stay behind, while he went to cook noodles.

Shao Yunan soothed the two children.

“Little daddy is going out just for a moment, he will be right back.”

Wang Qing hesitated for a moment and let go of his Little Dad’s hand.

Wang Nizi also let go of her little father.

Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan then went to the kitchen together and  Wang Shijing burned firewood.

“I’ll buy another water tank in the future and we will use the water in it only for our family members.

Don’t worry, Wang Qing will be fine tomorrow.” He patted Wang Shijing on his stiff shoulder, “I’ll tell you everything when we go to bed.

Put some lard in the pot when cooking the noodles and also add some greens.

Beat the egg lightly…”

Shao Yunan irresponsibly left Wang Shijing, who was frozen like a stone, behind as he went back to the room to accompany the two frightened children.

After a long time, all the flames in the stove were extinguished, as Wang Shijing moved with a stiff neck, stiffly swallowing.

Then he licked his lips as his head moved slowly like a puppet towards the water tank.

After a long time, his hands unsteadily scooped up some water to take a sip.

At that moment, Wang Shijing’s body stiffened again.

He had drunk this water before! He clearly remembered the first time he took Shao Yunan up the mountain to pick tea.

Shao Yunan had given him a taste of this water.

Hands trembling, Wang Shijing put down the water scoop, then touched his left eye, as his breathing gradually calmed down.

Shao Yunan put one arm around Wang Qing and the other around Wang Nizi, as he told stories to the two children.

The two children listened to the stories with interest, but still with a bit of fear.

It took Wang Shijing much more time than usual to cook the four bowls of noodles.

Seeing him come in with two bowls of noodles, Wang Shijing’s face was calm as he looked at the four bowls of noodles as if they were normal.

Shao Yunan nodded in his heart, his psychological tolerance was not bad.

Shao Yunan let go of the two children.

“Dinner is ready.

After eating, you can take a break and then sleep.

For today’s matter, the county magistrate has taken revenge for you.

Later when you see that family again, you shouldn’t be afraid and should try fighting them, instead of hiding.”

Wang Qing clenched his fist.

“I’m not afraid of them!” Wang Nizi sniffed and suddenly called, “Daddy, if Wang Zaizheng dares to bully me and my brother again I will bite him!”

“Oh, good.

Come, eat the noodles.” Wang Qing and Wang Nizi sat down, then Wang Nizi couldn’t help but ask, “Little Father, what happened later” Shao Yunan said very maliciously “Later… we should eat first.”

“Concentrate on eating.

After eating, little father will continue.” Wang Shijing brought in two more bowls of noodles and sat next to Shao Yunan.

One hand was placed on his lap, the heat of his palm penetrating straight through Shao Yunan’s pants, causing goosebumps to rise on his body.

Wang Shijing’s silence was abnormal, but because the two children were bent on listening to the follow-up story, they didn’t notice anything unusual about their dad and concentrated on eating noodles.

After the four people finished eating, Wang Shijing took the bowls to the kitchen and soon came back to listen to the story of “The Three White Bones” together with them.

It could be said that Wang Shijing was very strong-willed.

He remained motionless until the two children yawned and fell asleep.

Then after Shao Yunan finished washing up, he came back to the bed, but Wang Shijing still did not speak.

Without blowing out the oil lamp, Wang Shijing got into the bed and hugged the man there in his arms, then bowed his head and kissed him.


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