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Shao Yunan was ‘plowed’ by Wang Shijing every night for three days, so he didn’t go out for three days and everyone in the village thought he was frightened by the events of that day.

Wang Shijing also said that the children and his wife needed rest and declined the villagers who wanted to visit them.

After this, Wang Qing studied harder and harder, and Wang Nizi also showed some changes.

These changes were not a bad thing in Shao Yunan’s eyes, so he didn’t talk to them about it.

During the day Wang Shijing would make an excuse to go out and then Shao Yunan would send him to work in the space, while Shao Yunan would stay outside.

Wang Shijing attached great importance to these forty acres of land.

By the standards of this place, they were not only so fertile that Wang Shijing had never seen anything like it before, but they could also be irrigated with spiritual spring water.

According to Shao Yunan, no matter what was planted on this land, it would never be bad.

Shao Yunan also said straight away that he wanted to grow tea and grapes.

Wang Shijing set aside thirty acres to grow tea and grapes, and seven of the remaining ten acres to grow food and vegetables, while the rest could be used flexibly.

He also planted some ordinary yellow chrysanthemums, golden chrysanthemums, red sour fruits, and other things.

Shao Yunan had a lot of seeds in his storage, so he could plant some rare fruits and vegetables from it.

There were also solar-powered plowing machines and planters in the space, which became Wang Shijing’s favorite items.

His wife was really a modern man from another world, thousands of years later! Wang Shijing felt that he didn’t deserve his wife or anything that had happened to him.

But he still wanted to know everything about his wife’s earlier world, so even without Shao Yunan’s urging, Wang Shijing was full of drive.

When Wang Shijing was busy in the space, Shao Yunan was in the kitchen frying black sesame seeds.

Before frying, he had already cleaned the black sesame seeds and was frying them when a knock on the door could be heard.

Then Shao Yunan called, “Qing, come here for a moment.”

Wang Qing quickly came over and Shao Yunan said, “Come and help little father fry.

Little father will check who came.

Fry it till it’s dry and fragrant.”


Shao Yunan handed the spoon to Wang Qing and told him to be careful not to get burned.

Then he quickly went out of the kitchen to open the door.

As soon as he opened the door, Shao Yunan wrinkled his eyebrows, as if he had seen a dead cockroach at the bottom of the pot of his leftover soup.

“What’s the matter Didn’t Wang Shuping bring you the message” The people at the door were Wang Dali, Wang Zhisong, and Wang Chunxiu.

Wang Zhisong, whose eyelids were still bruised and the corners of his mouth were broken, shrank back and lowered his head.

“Big, sister-in-law, we’d like to meet my big brother.”

“Sister-in-law, we were wrong.

Please forgive us.” Wang Chunxiu was crying.

Wang Dali’s lips moved for a long time before he finally spoke, “We’ve come to see little Qing.” But Shao Yunan was only annoyed with these people.

“Shijing went out and I thought Shijing had already made it clear.

Originally, our two families did not need to deal with each other after the separation, but time after time you’ve come to our door.” 

“Now Shijing also sent 20 taels of silver over and you already accepted it, but you still come calling big brother and sister-in-law.

After so many things have happened, can a few words of forgiveness erase it completely Besides, after that day’s incident, not to mention that Qing and I do not feel well, but did you still want to come in Don’t be ridiculous.

Who would believe it You go back and live your own lives from now on.”

“Sister-in-law!” Wang Zhisong knelt down with a bang and Wang Chunxiu also knelt down.

Wang Dali, whose knees were weak, also wanted to kneel down but Shao Yunan held him and yelled, “What are you doing You’re here to torment us, aren’t you Wang Zhisong, did you ask your father to kneel to me to compromise my life What are you planning”

Some of the neighbors came out and some of the other families who saw the commotion also came out.

Shao Yunan really wanted to slap these three undead cockroaches.

“Stand up, both of you or do you want another thirty slaps”

Wang Zhisong hurriedly stood up with a jolt and also dragged Wang Chunxiu up with him.

Shao Yunan pointed with his hand and said with a cold expression, “I am telling you directly.

Forgiveness is not possible, so don’t even try.

If you wanted to apologize, you should have done that earlier.

I already warned you that time at the county school.

Wang Zhisong, you are just stupid.

When things get to this point, it’s all your own fault.

If you have come to ask for forgiveness, please go back.”

Wang Zhisong looked at his father with tearful eyes.

Wang Dali’s lips trembled as he uttered in a low voice, “Shijing, Shijing’s family, me and my wife, bad, you, forgive Zhisong, this time.

It’s all our fault.

Zhisong is, child student, student…”

Wang Zhisong pinched his clothes.

“Sister-in-law, please plead with the county magistrate to not remove my child student status, so I can continue to study in the country school.

I will certainly restrain my family and take good care of my mother and Zaizheng.

Please.” After saying that he was going to kneel again.

Shao Yunan looked at him coldly.

As soon as Wang Zhisong clenched his teeth and knelt down, Shao Yunan said coldly, “Alright, I’ll plead for you.” Wang Zhisong raised his head in surprise and even Wang Chenxiu stopped crying.

“I will plead for you, but you need to control your family.

As long as you can do what is written in the deed from now on, both sides no longer have anything to do with each other.

You want to take the exam, take it.

As long as you do not mess with my family, it will all depend on your own ability.

I, Shao Yunan, will definitely not trip you up behind your back, but if you are still unable to do this, then sorry.”

“Can! I can! Thank you sister-in-law! Thank you sister-in-law!” Wang Zhisong hurriedly kowtowed.

“You also do not need to call me sister-in-law.

Your family has long disowned your big brother.

From now on, when we see each other you can call me by name.

Our family ties were severed after your mother said she was going to sell Nizi and after your nephew wanted to kill Qing and Nizi.”

No longer looking at the shaking Wang Dali, the pale Wang Zhisong and the disbelieving Wang Chunxiu, Shao Yunan nonchalantly closed the courtyard door.

Wang Dali’s body trembled badly as he looked at the closed courtyard door.

Wang Zhisong after standing up, held him and biting his lips, pulled his father and sister away and went home.

Some people who saw this scene with their own eyes shook their heads and sighed.

They were originally a family, but they came to this point… Some people said that Shao Yunan had good intentions, but some still doubted it.

Even if Wang Zhisong could keep his status as a child student, he will be greatly humiliated by the country magistrate.

Would he be able to take the examination in the future But no one dared to say it was Shao Yunan’s fault.

If someone accidentally spread it to other people’s ears, they could be next… Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, who had the county magistrate as a backer, were absolutely not people they dared to mess with.

Shao Yunan went back to the kitchen to replace Wang Qing.

Wang Qing tightened his little face and asked, “Little father, are you really going to plead with the county magistrate”

Shao Yunan said, “Yes, I will plead.

Otherwise, they will come to our door every day and pretend to be pitiful.

Once or twice is fine, but after a few more times, people will say that your little father is cold-hearted.

Even Wang Dali’s old man was going to kneel down for me.

But even with or without the status of a child student, it doesn’t make much difference.” 


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