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Chapter 11: Players Descend

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Heaven and earth seemed to shake at that instant.

Qin Shujian felt his heart sink. He could faintly sense a boundless pressure spreading toward him.

This strange phenomenon forced him to walk out of the Zhongyi Hall.

In the Liangshan Stronghold, the blazing sun was shining brightly at this moment. The horizon should have been clear and sunny. However, he seemed to be able to see the faint specks of stars in the sky.

Qin Shujian witnessed this scene just as he walked out of the Zhongyi Hall.

He saw the stars hover in the sky together with the radiant sunlight. The stars occupied the entire horizon.

“The outlanders are born today. They will descend from outside this world!”

A system notification sprang up in his mind. Qin Shujian did not have the time to pay any heed to the notification.

In his field of vision, he saw the stars in the sky fall onto the world. The stars had transformed into shooting stars and were falling toward the ground.

When he saw the stars fall, Qin Shujian seemed to have witnessed something even more mysterious. The Bodyforge Manual that he had been cultivating activated itself uncontrollably.


A silent resonance.

Qin Shujian felt his body tremble. It was as if all of his meridians had been cleared. An endless stream of warm current spread throughout his limbs before finally gathering in his abdomen.

His blood gradually started to heat up.

When the warm current gathered in his abdomen, it encircled the area for a moment before scattering once again and reentering every part of his body.

At this moment, Qin Shujian felt as though the connection between every part of his body had become incredibly tight.

“You reached an epiphany when you were observing the falling stars. Your Bodyforge Manual has been enhanced to Level Five!”

“You have cultivated your Bodyforge Manual to perfection and activated a passive skill-Will-Directed Power!”

“Will-Directed Power: Your power will move as you will it. You can kill others with a formless attack with the flick of your finger!”

At this moment, the strange phenomenon of falling stars was gradually coming to a halt.

“Bodyforge Manual Perfected, Will-Directed Power” Qin Shujian was shocked when he looked at the system notifications.

He would never have expected that he would achieve the Bodyforge Manual Level Five that he had always been thinking about at the moment the Players descended onto this world.

This was also the first time he managed to obtain results from his cultivation without using Life Value.

As Qin Shujian thought about the Will-Directed Power that the system told him about, he closed his eyes slightly and sensed the minute changes to his body.

A few seconds later, he opened his eyes and looked toward a decent-sized rock at the side.

Then, with the mere flick of a finger, a bolt of energy shot out of the tip of his finger and hit the rock.

There was a soft thud. A tiny hole appeared on the rock.

Qin Shujian reached an understanding when he saw that.

“When I attacked in the past, my body required a little time to adjust before I could erupt with all of my power. However, now that I have perfected the Bodyforge Manual, my power exists in every part of my body. I can use my full power in any part of my body as long as I think about it.”

A situation like this was extremely beneficial to Qin Shujian.

No matter how quickly he could adjust the power in his body, there would always be a delay between his thoughts and actions.

In a battle between experts, this gap in time was enough to determine the victor, to determine who lived and who died.

It was also for this reason that Qin Shujian knew just how vital that passive skill was.

At this moment, Qin Shujian checked his attributes once again.

Name: Qin Shujian

Identity: Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain

Affiliation: Liangshan Stronghold

Stage: Martial-Entry Level Six (You are within the Liangshan Strongholds territory, Stage 1)

Cultivated Techniques: Bodyforge Manual Perfected (Will-Directed Power) (Mortal Tier Low Grade), Black Tiger Blade Technique (Pinnacle) (Mortal Tier Mid Grade)

Life Value:

Equipment: Ninth-grade Lethal Weapon Tiger Head Blade, Ninth-grade Armor Tiger Hide Clothing Set (Tiger Hide Coat, Tiger Hide Trousers, Tiger Hide Belt, Tiger Hide Boots)

Behind Bodyforge Manual Perfected was the ability of “Will-Directed Power.”

With the boost he got in Liangshan, his stage got brought up to Martial-Entry Level Six.

“Men!” Qin Shujian shouted after he collected himself.

Wang Tiezhu rushed over after he heard Qin Shujian and said respectfully, “Stronghold Chieftain!”

“Bring along a few men and find out how many outlanders there are in Liangshan. Also, see if there are any changes in the area around our territory.”

“Roger that.”


The concentrated rain of stars fell onto a medium-sized village and transformed into humans dressed in burlap clothes.

There were both men and women!

There were both young and old people!


The situation instantly became chaotic.

“Gasp! What a realistic game. I dont think any other game in the country can beat this game in terms of realism!”

Lu Shoujia pinched his arm. The clear sensation of pain welled up in his mind. He could not help but gasp.

As he breathed, the faint refreshing air entered his nostrils and revitalized his senses.

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Quickly, Lu Shoujia calmed himself down.

He immediately checked his attributes.

Half a minute later, Lu Shoujia exited from his attribute panel with tightly knitted brows. “There isnt a common level system, nor is there an experience bar. There arent even any attributes that would usually be in the game Ive played in the past.”

“Martial-Entry Level Zero must be the leveling system of this world.”

“However, there isnt an experience bar. Could it be that we cant defeat monsters to level up in this world Or has the experience bar been hidden”

Lu Shoujia was a little lost.

The game creator had not released any information before this game was available to the public for beta testing.


Thus, the people who entered the game were utterly lost regarding what they should do, himself included.

However, Lu Shoujia had many years of experience playing games. He quickly suppressed the doubt in his heart and turned to look at his new environment, seeing that he had landed in a village.

According to his estimates, this place should be the starter village.

Starter villages would usually contain a tutorial and a few missions for starting players.

These tutorials and missions would not be presented in an obvious manner. It required the player to activate the sequence themselves.

In Lu Shoujias field of vision, many other players had left their original spot.

Some of them were attempting to chat with the passing villagers, while others tried to leave the villages perimeter.

Lu Shoujia thought for a moment and then walked toward a guard standing at the village entrance.

Several players had already surrounded the guard. They were babbling nonsense and attempting to activate a mission or trying to obtain any useful pieces of information.

“Hello. How can I help you” Lu Shoujia effortfully squeezed himself until he was in front of the guard and asked a typical question.

The guard looked at him and then shook his head and replied, “You are too weak. You cannot help me.”

There was no surprise.

The reply he got from the guard was the same as what the other players got.

Lu Shoujia did not feel dejected. Instead, he continued to ask, “Then how should I improve my strength, and how would I be able to help you after I do that”

The guard froze for a moment after he heard that.

At the same time, Lu Shoujia had silently retreated from the group of players.

That was because he obtained a system notification just now.

“The guard of the village, Chen Ermu, seems to have a problem. You wish to help him solve his problem, but unfortunately, you are not strong enough!”

“Your passion has touched Chen Ermu. He says that there is a chance for you to improve your strength in the training hall in the village. You can go look for him again after you become strong enough!”

“Mission: Take the first step forward!”

“Requirement: Level up to Martial-Entry Level One. There is no punishment if you fail. Do you accept”

Lu Shoujia accepted the mission without hesitation after he saw the message.

He then walked deeper into the village in search of the training hall that the mission spoke of.



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