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Chapter 26: Slicing Through Vegetables

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The moment the two of them came into contact.

Gong Changwus expression changed drastically. A huge, terrifying force spread from the Tiger Head Blade and was shaking his grip open. He couldnt tolerate the pressure even with both hands. The bones in his arms were instantly fractured.


His knees turned limp. Gong Changwu knelt heavily onto the ground. His arms slumped downward weakly. The brass rod that was in his hand before had fallen onto the ground and rolled off to the side.

However, in his field of vision, the Tiger Head Blade was still cleaving downward with the residual force.

Finally, his entire line of sight was occupied by a magnified blade.


Gong Changwus tall, muscular frame was cleaved into two from the middle.

Even in his final moments, Gong Changwu didnt expect himself to lose the fight so easily and pathetically.

Bodyforge Manual Level Seven!

Eternal Youth Technique Level Six!

Coupled with the boost from the Liangshan Stronghold!

Even though Qin Shujian was currently a false Martial Entry-Level Eight, he couldnt determine just how powerful his abilities had become.

A fighter at Martial Entry-Level Six, who looked undefeatable to the spectators, was nothing in Qin Shuijans eyes.

After he cleaved Gong Changwu to death with one strike, Qin Shujian turned his gaze toward Head Coach Zhang and the rest of the group.

If the master of the training hall, Gong Changwu, was a miniboss, then these Martial Entry-Level Five fighters were equivalent to elite leaders.

However, Head Coach Zhang and the rest of the group felt they were being stared at by a terrifying being when Qin Shujian looked at them. All of the hair on their body stood.

They just witnessed Gong Changwus easy defeat. His body hadnt even disappeared from the game yet. The bloody scene was so fresh.

This was especially so for Head Coach Zhang. While he felt a deep sense of grief, there was also a torrent of fear in his heart. No one understood more than he did just how powerful Gong Changwu was.

Martial-Entry Level Six and Peak Blood and Qi were nothing to be underestimated.

If a person were to truly advance past that threshold, a Martial Entry-Level Six fighter would have no problems fighting against three or four Martial Entry-Level Five fighters like himself.

However, Gong Changwu didnt even manage to attack the Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain before being defeated. The strength that Qin Shujian displayed caused the hearts of Head Coach Zhang and the rest of the group to turn cold.

Thus, when Qin Shujians gaze landed on them, Head Coach Zhang was at a momentary loss of what to do, “Retreat quick. Hurry and get the village chief to take action!”

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Since he could kill Gong Changwu with one strike, Qin Shujian must be a terrifying entity at Martial Entry-Level Seven or above.

“Village Chief” Qin Shujians heart shook slightly when he heard those words.

“Judging from the reaction of the NPCs, this Village Chief must be the most powerful fighter in Starter Village #10021!” Qin Shujian had a consideration.

He erupted from his original position when he saw Head Coach Zhang and the rest of the group retreat. His Tiger Head Blade sliced through the wind, bringing with it the deafening roar of a tiger. The roar shook everyone within ten miles.

Head Coach Zhang felt as though he had slipped into a chamber of ice. The roar of the tiger forcefully slowed down his movements.


The blade landed. A rain of blood fell.

Head Coach Zhang had not had time to reach before he was killed in one strike.

On the other side, Zhu Daming and Li Chunhua took advantage of this small gap in time and came to their senses. They witnessed the scene of Head Coach Zhang being executed. Then, they could no longer suppress the fear in their heart as they escaped into the village.

“You wish to run” Qin Shujian had a cold smile. He chased after the two of them in the next instant.

“You are about to enter Starter Village #10021!”

“You have unleashed a massacre in Starter Village #10021 and had incited the wrath of the powerful fighters in the village. You will definitely encounter powerful fighters the moment you enter Starter Village #10021!”

Two system notifications rang out at the appropriate time.

However, Qin Shujian only gave the notifications a cursory glance before tossing it to the back of his mind.

Encounter the opposing powerful fighters!

He had to face this sooner or later when he decided to attack Starter Village #10021.

The Liangshan Stronghold was protected by Zheng Fang, a Martial Entry-Level Four fighter, and several other Martial Entry-Level Three experts.

The NPCs who could pose a fatal threat to them in battle from the starter village were all eliminated.

The only thing left to be cautious about was the near-endless stream of players.

Qin Shujian had a nonchalant gaze when he saw the players swarming out of the village and trying to stop him.

Mountain Bandits could respawn if players killed them.

The only price they had to pay was a drop of one level to their stage.

He could bear such a loss.


He displayed the Black Tiger Blade Technique at its full power. Qin Shujian had transformed into a terrifying fierce tiger that lorded over the jungle. Every player that the Tiger Head Blades sharp glow passed turned into a ray of white light before scattering into the surroundings.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

He was an NPC in the players eyes, while from his perspective, the players were just piles of Life Value.

Anyone who tried to stop him must die!



The sharp glow of the blade gathered and formed as it cleaved downward continuously.

White light constantly shimmered, one after the other. Qin Shujian cleared a three-meter area around him.

For most, clearing such a large area would take a long time, but it happened instantly for Qin Shujian.

Qin Shujians expression turned colder when he saw that Zhu Daming and Li Chunhua had entered the starter village by taking advantage of the gap in time created by the obstructing players.

In the next instant, Boom!

A terrifying beam of light shot outward. It instantly created a giant string of explosions in the air.

Zhu Daming felt a deathly threat behind his body. He instinctively turned back to look, only to see that a ferocious tiger had leaped into the air and was about to devour him.

The blade of light shot past him.

Fresh blood jetted into the surroundings.

After killing Zhu Daming with one strike, Qin Shujian took advantage of the momentum and charged toward Li Chunhua.



Suddenly, a terrifying power welled up and pierced straight toward the vital point near Qin Shujians chest.

Qin Shujian had a determined gaze. He tilted his body slightly and avoided the attack. The Tiger Head Blade brought along a piercing gust of wind and was still aimed toward Li Chunhua.

“No!” She had given up when Gong Changwu, Zhu Daming, and the rest of the group had died.

Faced with Qin Shujians fatal blow, Li Chunhua forgot how to defend herself. All she did was look at the blade, distraught.


In the next instant, she ended up in the same state as the three people before her.

At the same time, a withered palm landed onto Qin Shujians shoulder. A horrifying force burst forth in that instant and directly pushed him back in retreat.

Qin Shujian took three steps back before he stabilized himself.

An intense pain spread from his left shoulder. It was clear that he had suffered from heavy trauma.

He secretly activated the power of the Eternal Youth Technique. The pain instantly subsided significantly.

He scanned the area in front of him. His gaze landed on a frail, old man.

It was a frame that seemed that it would fall when hit by a breeze. However, Qin Shujian could feel pulsing energy spreading from the body of the other party.

An expert!

An expert who was far more powerful than Gong Changwu.

Martial Entry-Level Seven

Or Martial Entry-Level Eight

Qin Shujian couldnt be certain.

However, he knew one thing. The frail elder in front of him should be the most powerful fighter in Starter Village #10021. He was the Village Chief that Head Coach Zhang and the rest of the group talked about.



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