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From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Transformed Black Tiger Blade Technique

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“But!” Wang Cheng looked at the battle between Wei Min and Qin Shujian, then said with a stern tone, “I would suggest that we dont take action this quickly. The strength of this Boss is rare, indeed.”

“Even the Village Chief of the Starter Village might not be a match for him.”

“If we wait until the Village Chief dies at the hand of this Boss before appearing together to attack the Boss, Starter Village #10021 would become your possession, young master.”

Wang Cheng, being a member of the side branch of the family, was not as influential as Wang Renbin, who was a part of the main family.

He naturally had other plans when he saw the scene in front of him.

It would be a great contribution to the Wang family if he could help Wang Renbin obtain a Starter Village. Even a member of a side branch like him would be able to receive immense benefits.

“Snatch over the Starter Village” Wang Renbins expression suddenly showed a little awe.

Every starter village contained a good number of resources.

Snatching over a starter village would provide an advantage that none of the factions could refuse.

However, the players could not voluntarily attack the NPCs in the Starter Village.

Moreover, there were many powerful NPCs in the Starter Village. There was no way for the players to topple a starter village at their current level easily.

Furthermore, this was just the conjecture of many players. No one had truly tried to prove their conjecture and see if they could truly snatch over a starter village and make it a part of their faction.

Thus, even Wang Renbin had not thought about the situation from that angle.

He finally came to his senses when he heard Wang Chengs reminder.

Thats right.

Even though this was just a conjecture, it would be immensely important for the Wang family if it was true.

The players couldnt attack the NPCs of the Starter Village.

However, if the Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain killed the Village Chief in front of them, and they came out to kill the Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain after, not only would they obtain the Starter Village, but they would also receive the reward dropped from a significant Boss.

This was killing two birds with one stone, no matter how they looked at it.

Wang Renbin now felt a little worried about whether or not the Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain could kill the Village Chief.

On the battlefield, Qin Shujian was displaying his strength to the highest degree. He was using the Black Tiger Blade Technique to its full power. Along with his strength at Martial Entry-Level Eight, the Black Tiger Blade Technique felt even more powerful than if the techniques creator was using it.

An expert who had reached this level could observe the situation all around him with his sight and hearing.

The sudden appearance of Wang Cheng and the rest of the players had shocked Qin Shujian originally.

However, the players were not as important for the time being.

What was more important was to finish off the elder in front of him. That was his main task at hand.

Fierce Tiger Descending the Mountain!

Shocking a Hundred-mile Radius!

Fierce Tiger Looking Back!

The muscles on both of Qin Shujians arms bulged as he gripped onto his blade. His aura changed drastically. Each of his strokes felt harrowing as if it could sever the winds and waves.

Faced with Qin Shujians offense, Wei Mins expression turned grave. The long blade in his hands released a ray of cold, frightening light as it crashed heavily against Qin Shujians blade.

Boom! Boom!

Sparks flew with every collision.

Bales of powerful force were reflected through the Tiger Head Blade. Qin Shujian felt his arms become numb and painful.

But, Qin Shujian had no intention of backing down.

Bodyforge Manual Level Seven!

Eternal Youth Technique Level Six!

He had utilized these two layered techniques to their extreme.

The raging blood and qi in his body circulated without end. His pulsing strength poured out of his body and gathered into his arms continuously.

The two blades collided again.

The residual force spread throughout the surroundings.

There was an imperceptible tremble in Wei Mins arms. He also took his first step in retreat.

There was only a look of shock in his eyes.

The other party was only at false Martial Entry-Level Eight. There was a significant difference between Qin Shujian and himself, an expert at Martial Entry-Level Eight.

However, currently, Wei Min felt immense pressure coming from Qin Shujians body.

It nearly made him think that he was the one at false Level Eight, while Qin Shujian was truly at Martial Entry-Level Eight.

However, Wei Min didnt have the time to overthink the situation.

Qin Shujian had completely seized the initiative when Wei Min took that step in retreat.

Qin Shujian was cleaving his blade fiercely toward him with immense force, one stroke after the other.

There was no gap in time between each of his attacks.

Wei Min had no other choice. All he could do was raise his blade and Qin Shujians attack head-on.


Boom! Boom!


However, with every collision, Wei Mins arm would tremble slightly, while Qin Shujians momentum would become even greater.

At this moment, Qin Shujian seemed to have completely become one with the Black Tiger Blade Technique. The Tiger Head Blade in his hands seemed to have come alive. He disregarded everything that was happening around him. He only had Wei Min in his eyes.

However, Wei Min was still a Martial Entry-Level Eight expert.

The other party didnt yield no matter how powerful Qin Shujians attacks were.

Qin Shujian looked at his current Life Value. At this moment, his Life Value exploded from its original tens of points to over 400 points through the Mountain Bandits attacks on the NPCs and players.

Other than the Bodyforge Manual, there was a plus sign behind all his other techniques.

Following closely behind that.

Qin Shujian set his sights on the Black Tiger Blade Techniques back and tapped onto the plus sign with his will.


A giant illusory figure of a black tiger appeared out of thin air. Its harrowing roar shook everything within 100 miles.

Anyone who heard the roar of this tiger felt they were being stared at by a terrifying entity. The blood and qi in their bodies froze.


Wei Min, who faced the tiger directly, felt as though his entire body was frozen solid.

It felt as though a second had passed, but it also seemed as though an eternity had passed.

When Wei Min came to his senses, all he saw was a horrifying black tiger pouncing toward him. It instantly turned into a sharp blade of light that devoured his body whole.


The ground shook.

The mark of a blade that was several meters long appeared on the ground. It looked as though it had been deeply engraved into the ground.

Wei Min stood at his original position, motionless. Then, his body split into two down the middle as he fell heavily onto the ground.

“You have killed the Village Chief of Starter Village #10021, Wei Min!”

“The Core Token of Starter Village #10021 now has no master. You can head into the heart of the village to fight for the ownership of the token!”

Qin Shujians ice-cold gaze landed on Wei Mins corpse. He was panting heavily.

Core Token

Heart of the village

Without waiting for him to catch his breath, the players who were spectating the battle from the side swarmed forward.

Wang Cheng didnt have the time to be shocked when he saw Wei Min being killed. He immediately instructed the rest of the players to seize the opportunity to surround and attack Qin Shujian.

Wang Renbin immediately said, “Wang Cheng, get a portion of the people to head into the heart of the village for the Core Token with me. The rest of the players will remain here to surround and kill the Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain.”

He also received a system notification when Wei Min died.

Every player received the same notification at the same time.

At this moment, countless people were swarming toward the heart of the village.

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The Core Token!

They couldnt let it land in the hands of the other players.

Otherwise, they would have gained nothing from this battle.

Hearing this, Wang Cheng also realized the importance of this situation. He immediately instructed a portion of the people to follow Wang Renbin. He then led the rest of the players and prepared to kill the Martial Entry-Level Eight prominent Boss.



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